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  1. sox4lifeinPA

    Trip to Chicago (June 2012)

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Oct 20, 2011 -> 05:17 PM) Ok. So there are obviously parts of the city you need to see, and parts that are better left alone, especially if traveling during the weekend. For example, anything south of the Chicago River is pretty much worthless west of michigan. Therefor dont stay at the Palmer House or something crappy like that. Stay in River North of in the Viagra triangle. My picks would be the Conrad (Hilton) on Rush or something near there. If you want a river view there are alot of options, I would just make sure you are near Mich ave and preferably a little further north. The reason why is that the loop is completely dead at night and on the weekends. Like nothing going on at all. There is no need to go south of Wacker into the city unless you are going to take a ride up the Sears tower. As for nightlife and food, you have come to the right place. There are a myriad of larger more popular and expensive places in the touristy area of River North and up into the Viagra Rush/Division area. The Triangle is very lively and is a must see if only to grab a drink somewhere like the Elysian Hotel. If you want to grab a lunch in Grant Park you can always check out the Park Grill, but I actually prefer going up north into Lincoln Park and checking out some the places there including the Uber Romantic North Pond $$$$ http://www.yelp.com/biz/north-pond-chicago...rk%20restaurant I'm sure if its nice you will be just walking around and will find something you really like anyway, but I can always give some particular suggestions. I prefer smaller intimate dining places in Chicago like Blue 13 or West Town Tavern, but you may want to be more mainstream and try out Topo or something of that nature and thats not a bad idea. If you continue up past division street you will start getting into the Old Town area near Wells streets which is a good walking neighborhood. On Division you have several old spots that were famous in movies like Mother's and Butch McGuires. Those are popular nightspots that have a ton of Chicago history. On North Ave there are still plenty of places and if you keep going north you get into LP and Lakeview which is extremely rich with places to check out. Phew. SO probably cannot fit too much info into one post. If you DO stay in River North or Gold Coast area, I would recommend a few restaurants to check out: Frontera Grill_obviously Blue 13-One of my favs, its a little west on ontario, but small, intimate with a rock and roll attitude and fine dining For steak dont miss Chicago Cut on the river. The Purple Pig is a great spot off of Michigan Chicago Q for BBQ Big fan of Gilt bar for drinks as well as Public House for people watching Graham Elliot for the slightly strange but famous chef experience GT fish for atmosphere and seafood Sunda for sushi All the good italian places IMO arent located near there. I can give you some more info on that. If it looks like I have way too many suggestions its because I do. I eat out 3-5 nights a week and I am the go to guy for everyone I know to ask about places in particular areas. So once it gets closer I can help you narrow down choices. Sorry for the long post. Great stuff, thanks!
  2. sox4lifeinPA

    Trip to Chicago (June 2012)

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Oct 20, 2011 -> 11:35 AM) You read areas of the country, I mean areas of chicago. I'll give you a full write up later on today when I have time. I'll give you what I would do with a 4 day trip and you can pick and choose what you like. Never been to Chicago. Thanks for the write up. I'll read it now!
  3. sox4lifeinPA

    Apple Expands iPhone Release

    Small Regional Cell Phone Company Next to Sell iPhone4S NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- C Spire, a wireless carrier you've probably never heard of, announced Wednesday that it will become the fourth U.S. wireless provider to sell the iPhone 4S. The regional carrier formerly known as Cellular South serves just under 900,000 customers, mostly in Mississippi. "If Apple can get the iPhone into rural areas, that's a plus for them," said Tole Hart, analyst at Yankee Group. "It would add to their customer base, but it would also be a good story to be in rural areas, showing how iPhones can help people save lives, and so on." So there's a 22% poverty rate in Mississippi, the highest in the US. Why exactly would Apple choose MS as their test site, unless they plan to discount the cost of the phone and the internet service? Anyone else see a problem with this?
  4. sox4lifeinPA

    Catch All Anything Thread

    Sitting in MBA class... wanting to poke my eyes out.
  5. sox4lifeinPA

    Trip to Chicago (June 2012)

    1. Where are you staying where do you recommend? 2. What do you like to do on vacation? Walk around? See sights? sight see, shop, landmarks, food, quintessential Chicago things 3. What kind of restaurants do you like? Quiet, popular, energetic etc? Lunches would be nice to do near the lake front beach or at a quieter shop. Dinners can be trendy, energetic, popular. 4. What areas of the city have you already been to? (New York, Philly, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, etc) 5. Will you have a car? (rental)
  6. sox4lifeinPA

    Trip to Chicago (June 2012)

  7. sox4lifeinPA

    Trip to Chicago (June 2012)

    Chicago friends, Me and Mrs PA are planning a trip to Chicago for our 5th anniversary. Give me your recommendations for what we should do (aside from a visit to The Cell) while we're in town for a 4 day trip? thanks! PA
  8. sox4lifeinPA

    Who is your guy for the GOP nomination?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 20, 2011 -> 04:38 PM) Remind me to never spam again! Group: Admin Posts: 82,316 Joined: March 26, 2003 From: Michigan City, IN Member No.: 298 Too late...
  9. sox4lifeinPA

    Quietly so no one sees . . .

    BigSqwert is the best
  10. sox4lifeinPA

    Who is your guy for the GOP nomination?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 20, 2011 -> 04:31 PM) Holy s***, what hole did you crawl out of? your facebook spam convinced me to take a look... Some things never change
  11. sox4lifeinPA

    Quietly so no one sees . . .

    whats up guys?
  12. sox4lifeinPA

    Who is your guy for the GOP nomination?

    long time no post Ron Paul is my vote, Perry will probably win
  13. sox4lifeinPA

    2005 Sox Best World Series Team of the Decade?

    Got the A&E World Series DVD set for Christmas and read this article the other day. I can't believe they didn't mention the 4 straight complete games. It's great to relive this awesome season.
  14. sox4lifeinPA

    Black Friday Hot Deal Thread

    any reason I should wait until after black friday to get my tv? I'm going LG 32" 32LG30. Solid reviews and I think I can get it for less than 500. I'm concerned that sales for BF are going to suck and in response retailers are going to cut major prices. thoughts?