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  1. DaveBrown85

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Frank ready for game 4. He missed most of game 3 after falling asleep on the couch
  2. DaveBrown85

    Rays @ Sox, 6/14 7:10 ct

    It’s 2021. That’s what people do. Joy and happiness not allowed
  3. DaveBrown85

    5/11/21 Minnesota Twins @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    You mean catchers interference and a walk?
  4. DaveBrown85

    Sox vs Stros

    QUOTE (Heads22 @ Sep 21, 2017 -> 09:08 PM) I would like to emphasize the fact that Volstad is in no way good. unrelated to the game...i like your avatar
  5. DaveBrown85

    Carlos Sanchez is now Yolmer Sanchez

    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Feb 15, 2017 -> 04:19 PM) Should have changed it to Pablo, would have gained more 'batting skill' ratings backyard baseball reference. I like it
  6. DaveBrown85

    Going to Royals game on 4/20/16

    QUOTE (Alexeihyeess @ Apr 10, 2016 -> 12:19 AM) Ive stayed at the Drury Inn there.. good accomodations and an easy walk to the park. Kaufmann is a great place to see a game, almost cant go wrong but I recommend something that gives you a view looking out towads the OF. Even with I-70 its a great view. excellent. Thanks a lot. Ended up in secton 310 row A
  7. DaveBrown85

    Going to Royals game on 4/20/16

    Looking to go to the Royals game on my way out to see my grandma in western kansas. Looking to go to the game on april 20th versus the Tigers. I have a few questions. 1)Anyone stay at any of the hotels close to the stadium and pretty easy to walk to and from. 2)Anyone know good places to sit in the ballpark
  8. DaveBrown85

    Best / Worst 2015

    QUOTE (bmags @ Oct 4, 2015 -> 06:15 PM) Leaving aside the anxiety over the future of the franchise, let's chat about the actual year. The baseball that we will not watch for 6 more months. Best Trayce Thompson - Last year it felt like you just got used to Trayce underperforming but being mentioned as a prospect due to name recognition. He had a great start though and was the single best thing about this season to me. The one player I could see having fun. Jose Abreu home run via Bradley flipping over fence Carlos Sanchez D Saladino walk up music Quintana Quintana Quintana Quintana Quintana best pitcher in baseballllllll hype mannnnn Worst Opening Day After 3 terrible games to start the season you couldn't have played a more demoralizing way in front of a packed crowd. One game doesn't mean anything in baseball, but that game seemed to have meant something. The rest of the first half followed suit. Adam LaRoche It was hard to watch him play. I don't have a single nice memory of him this year. He was abysmal. This One of the few times our offense showed up. Yankees series We had just won a bunch to get back in it. We were coming home. Let's do this. We are down 12-2 in the third. I leave and go watch from a nearby bar and sulk. Truly miserable. Jeff Samardjiza All of it. what was saladinos walk up music
  9. DaveBrown85

    9/16 Athletics at White Sox

    QUOTE (Mike F. @ Sep 16, 2015 -> 07:02 PM) I wouldn't be opposed to gutting the entire organization from top to bottom except for Hawk, Sale, and Rodon. Sale is one the best in the game, so he can stay, Rodon has a ton of potential, and Hawk is an all-time legend that should be in the booth for however long he wants to. Everyone else can F off and I wouldn't care. An all time legend? Well, at least we both want Jake Arrieta to get rocked.
  10. DaveBrown85

    9/16 Athletics at White Sox

    QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 16, 2015 -> 05:42 PM) Nothing like a diehard Cubs fan announcing the Sox game. Well im rooting hard that Jake Arrieta gets rocked tonight.
  11. DaveBrown85

    Sox giving away "Stretch" Sale Figures on Oct 3

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 10, 2015 -> 07:50 PM) Oakland is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, that was a test to see if you actually knew the area or were just making a a joke I didn't get. Oh, I am just going there to see my brother/PNC park
  12. DaveBrown85

    Sox giving away "Stretch" Sale Figures on Oct 3

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 10, 2015 -> 06:05 PM) Um, hi from Oakland. No, it says you're from Pittsburgh. But in reality. Do you think the White Sox think this will make more people come?
  13. DaveBrown85

    Sox giving away "Stretch" Sale Figures on Oct 3

    that'd be a cool thing to have but I'll be in Pittsburgh at the Reds vs Pirates game getting my 2016 magnetic schedule.
  14. DaveBrown85


    I have't like him ever since he plunked Konerko. Didn't like the trade when it happened. This might be the first thing that I was completely annoyed by something Kaplan said. I guess Muhsin Muhammad was right when he said Chicago is where receivers go to die
  15. DaveBrown85

    8/29 vs Seattle Mariners

    QUOTE (DaveBrown85 @ Aug 29, 2015 -> 06:06 PM) is hawk going to be there tonight? I only briefly turned on the game last night, it was when they had bases loaded 1 out and they promptly got a double play, and noticed chuck swirsky was doing playing by play. hawk is not going to to be there via swirskys twitter Looking forward to another game. But get better @HawkHarrelson