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  1. Saufley

    Your Walk Up Song

    I would have to use Dick Allen's "Jesus Christ Superstar". I can still see him sauntering to the plate with that song playing in the background. The "Good Old Days"!
  2. Do you have a Walmart nearby? My wife orders on the app and we set a pickup date and time. Never leave the car, they place everything in the trunk and then they sign for the charge. Sometimes the pickup date goes 2-4 days out, but it works well.
  3. I'm thinking of the chaos in my house!
  4. Saufley

    If the season is lost, how will it affect players?

    Hope the White Sox players aren't following my routine because they'll be getting fat!
  5. Saufley

    Sox @ Giants | 2:05PM CT | KNBR 104.5FM

    Cishek as a backup plan just in case? I know it's early, but.
  6. Saufley

    Giants @ Sox (SS) | 2:05 PM CT | Whitesox.com

    They can play hard but should we all guess who's going to be the first White Sox player who gets hurt with a head first slide? I hate the head first slide! Call me "old school"!
  7. Who needs Yasiel Puig.
  8. Saufley


    Then I guess I'm a child at heart.
  9. Saufley

    MLB cheating scandal

    Told the Mets it's best if he "steps down". Is there any high road left? Don't think so!
  10. Saufley

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    The way I interpret the suspension is that in 2020 he serves it.
  11. Saufley

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    Dependable or not Cishek may be the last man standing, who is available to be signed.
  12. Saufley

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    I still can remember when he walked to the plate and they played "Jesus Christ Superstar". An amazing athlete and so fun to have watched!
  13. Saufley

    Can the 20s be the best decade in Sox history?

    I was there for the 1959 World Series so I was ecstatic for 2005!!
  14. Saufley

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    It's about time we start paying for our own players rather that others! Things could really start getting exciting on the southside!
  15. Saufley

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Really pleased watching my White Sox operate this offseason! Excited about 2020 and can't wait for the season to begin!