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  1. rafacosta

    2012-2013 NBA thread

    Who is keeping Spurs in this game? Referees. 15 FTAs for them agst only 3 for heat. Is it rigged?
  2. rafacosta

    2012-2013 NBA thread

    For all of you who are saying the Heat is getting all the calls and NBA is rigged...did you know that Duncan was not supposed to be back in the last play of regulation? And if the referees had seen it they were supposed to give the Heat a tech free throw? Most likely the game would be over right there with Heat winning it. http://oldfashioned3.sportsblog.com/post/8...tion_could.html In addition, Heat has been called for 27 more fouls than Spurs. Also, Spurs have had 34 more FTAs than the Heat where Spurs have averaged 23 FT per game while Heat 17. Some food for thought.
  3. rafacosta

    Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

    sorry...not watching this game. I will check the score later.
  4. rafacosta

    Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

    Man...pathetic hitting came all the way home. That guy just threw fastballs down the middle and these pathetic hitters couldn't catch up to it. We are really asking to lose this division.
  5. rafacosta

    Chicago White Sox @ LAA Angels

    what the hell is Viciedo doing in this lineup? RV, you still have the division in your hands. Bench his sorry ass agst RHs, at least!
  6. rafacosta

    9/19 White Sox at Royals

    QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 19, 2012 -> 11:22 PM) Question is, do you even consider playing Viciedo the next 4 games vs good righties? I wouldn't...he is dumb and doesn't learn. Is the hitting coach at least telling him to be more patient at the plate?
  7. rafacosta

    9/19 White Sox at Royals

    Viciedo is probably the dumbest hitter in baseball...Twins series he was actually being patient and got some walks but he just forgets how things work and go back to hacking.
  8. rafacosta

    9/18 White Sox at Royals

    Should I really bother to watch today's game? I've seen this movie all year long. We can't catch a break agst this s***ty KC team and when we do we often don't capitalize.
  9. rafacosta

    9/15 White Sox at Twins

    Please not Thornton. We ate screwed. Worst reliever in baseball w men on base.
  10. rafacosta

    9/14 Sox at Twins

    Rios out best hitter this year.
  11. rafacosta

    9/14 Sox at Twins

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 14, 2012 -> 11:10 PM) I can't believe you seriously think Johnson hitting 3rd is a good idea. We are just saying that between Wise and DJ hitting 3rd, we would prefer DJ. Well at least me. Rios should be hitting 3rd w Dunn out. And nobody is mad at you.
  12. rafacosta

    9/14 Sox at Twins

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 14, 2012 -> 11:02 PM) The person I was replying to, and who you backed up, wanted him hitting third. I won't be angry if he hits 8, but saying "wise is unacceptable, play Johnson" reminds me of the person who wanted Cutler traded after last night. I still think he should be hitting in place of Wise. It doesn't matter of it is 3rd or 8th. and if you think hitting DJ 3rd is dumb, it is even dumber hitting Wise there. Finally nice hit by Alexei.
  13. rafacosta

    9/14 Sox at Twins

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 14, 2012 -> 10:57 PM) He's. Had. 10. At. Bats. We are living the moment and not the past. DJ has had 10 at bats but they were good ones. Also, it doesn't hurt to try a different lineup when your hitting has been so bad.
  14. rafacosta

    9/14 Sox at Twins

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 14, 2012 -> 10:44 PM) DJ as third hitter = equally ridiculous If you are going to hit a lh in the 3rd spot, at least use DJ. He has shown to have some power and patience.
  15. rafacosta

    9/14 Sox at Twins

    Last 2 innings Sale is getting hit pretty hard.