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  1. Swingandalongonetoleft


    Was at Yellowstone National Park today and tried to keep up with the game, but cell service is hi8is out there... ;-). What a feeling to be up 1-0 in a short series. Get it done!
  2. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Wild Card playoff thread Sox at A's Game 1 - First Pitch at 2 PM CT

    Was at Yellowstone National Park today and tried to keep up with the game, but cell service is hi8is out there... ;-). What a feeling to be up 1-0 in a short series. Get it done!
  3. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Fire Ricky

    Signed. Cya, Rickster the trickster.
  4. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Sox bar

    Went to a concert at Toyota Park over Labor Day weekend just like that. You had the space for your car, and the one next to it for lawn chairs, tables, whatever. It was great, and it would be fantastic for the Sox playoff run.
  5. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Sports Media discussion

    I'm glad to hear Leila is getting a shot at the Score. She was fantastic on CSN, and I was surprised to see they let her go. I hope she sticks around in Chicago media. As for Mac, I've consumed very little sports talk over the past few years, and only recently started tuning in on the ride home from work again (may be related to the state of the White Sox). I liked the show he and Parkins had. This is a bummer in that regard, but this is also not the first time Mac has said or done something that has gotten him canned, so... I hope they get Spiegel paired up with Parkins again.
  6. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Sox vs Twins. 9/14 - 7:10

    Very nice, Engel!
  7. Swingandalongonetoleft


    That was beautiful to watch. It felt like it was automatic through the last few. That this comes in conjunction with a soaring team makes it even more special.
  8. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Did Eloy Hurt Himself???

    "Eloy Jimenez came home after the game and went to bed following a quick yogurt snack. He awoke to find himself surrounded by crocodiles in the Nile River, through no fault of his own".
  9. Swingandalongonetoleft

    White Sox Appear Headed to ESPN 1000 Next Year

    Spotty reception out in the west suburbs. They've been broadcasting on 1000 on days when the Hawks have a game, and it sucks.
  10. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2020 AL Central thread.

    A twist!
  11. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Launch Engel?

    Really glad they hung on to Engel.
  12. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Ozzie isn't very good on the Pre/Post-Game

    Sad to hear about Leila Rahimi 😞 😞
  13. Swingandalongonetoleft

    MLB COVID-19 outbreaks: None of as Sept 18

    I don't think the reaction from MLB would be different if this happened to NYY or LAD instead of MIA. They seem pretty committed to plowing forward, optics be damned. I do think it will be different if this scenario repeats itself another two or three times- especially if it happens soon. At that point, I think the 2020 season is dunzo.
  14. Swingandalongonetoleft


    This was a lot of fun to watch. I left a little early, and tried tuning in to the radio call on the way home, but couldn't. Had to go to Pat and Ron. RIP Ed.
  15. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Get the Covid Cup