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  1. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Avisail Garcia to the 10 day DL, Palka called up

    Really hope this DL stint helps Avi straighten shit out.
  2. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Site BackOnline

    Apart from the missing Cody Asche header, which I am confident will be rectified in due time, the board looks great (viewing it via phone).
  3. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    I hope it's a White Sox hat that ends up adorning Bartolo's bust in Cooperstown.
  4. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Juan, 2B

    QUOTE (soxfan49 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 10:43 AM) This is like someone posted this when Uribe was playing, their computer went down, and as soon as it got rebooted all this time later, it finally posted. Juan Uribe will always be with this team in spirit, so the original post is entirely valid as is.
  5. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    Bartolo Colon is the most interesting player I've ever seen.
  6. Swingandalongonetoleft

    4/3 Game Thread: Sox @ Blue Jays

    Was it two seasons ago that Gonzalez had that nice early season start in Toronto? Hoping for another.
  7. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Daryl Boston/Josh Donaldson whistle

    I would like the whistle to go away.
  8. Swingandalongonetoleft

    FS: Major changes to minor league rules in 2018

    Baserunners to start extra innings is the worst thing I've heard in a long time. Settling it with a game of dice in one of the dugouts would be preferable to that garbage.
  9. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2018 Films thread

    It's a 2017 movie, but I re-watched The Last Jedi (a week ago in 2018). I only saw it in theaters once, and my initial reaction was meh- didn't love it, didn't hate it. Big fan of the movie after that second (and third) time seeing it! Not sure what specifically did it- maybe it was too much to process with just one viewing? It makes The Force Awakens seem even more mediocre than it did after that initial happiness of having a new Star Wars trilogy wore off. Still not a fan of the awful space float scene, though.
  10. Swingandalongonetoleft

    New Chicago baseball Show...

    More Leila Rahimi = Good I like Ozzie, so that's neat as well.
  11. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Gun Violence in America

    QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Feb 22, 2018 -> 09:16 AM) I think most teachers are going flat out reject having to carry a gun. With every ounce of my being, I hope so. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Feb 22, 2018 -> 09:16 AM) Something tells me this will some how lead back to blaming teacher union... I think the unions will back them and then conservatives can blame them next time something happens. This is inevitable. The powers that be have already concluded that arming teachers is the answer. It's a convenient and self-serving "solution". Any debate on the issue going forward, I feel, is purely for show and nothing more.
  12. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Jose Abreu the next Jose Canseco?

    Ah, NOW spring training can officially begin.
  13. Swingandalongonetoleft

    WGN now the official radio home of the White Sox

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Feb 14, 2018 -> 12:11 PM) I like Farmio myself, although I probably listen to less than 9 total innings a year on the radio. I just didn't understand why he would be a deal breaker to begin with. Except for his view on the Canadian National Anthem, he isn't exactly controversial. Many might not like his style, but there really isn't a PBP or color guy anywhere, maybe except for the Blackhawks TV booth, that doesn't have his or her share of detractors. I can see how if you're unfamiliar with the product and you tune in, he's different enough that it that it might turn you away. If there is any truth to WGN having beef with Farmer, that's the only reason I can think of- that they're worried he'll turn off new listeners.
  14. Swingandalongonetoleft

    WGN now the official radio home of the White Sox

    Very glad to hear Farmer remains on board!
  15. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2017-2018 MLB player movement rumors and reports

    Esteban Loaiza was signed by Prison. Terms of deal TBD.