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    7/16|White Sox @ Royals|#CeaseDay|7:15 PM CT

    Would be cool if the Sox stopped running into each other on the field all the time. That would be the next milestone in the rebuild for me.
  2. Swingandalongonetoleft

    GT: Tigers (27-52) @ White Sox (39-42), July 2

    Thirded on Covey. Give him starts.
  3. Swingandalongonetoleft

    ***Day 3 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 11-40***

    I'm having a lot of difficulty finding anything on Bobson Dugnutt and Sleve McDichael.
  4. Swingandalongonetoleft

    White Sox Winner (6-1 homestand)

    The Price is Wrong, b**** was what everyone officially agreed upon.
  5. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Rumor: Cease will be called up "very soon"

    I feel more confident with Covey on the mound than Lopez at the moment. Don't know about holding true in the long run, but Covey isn't as bad as he's made out to be, and he can still certainly improve.
  6. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Game Thread : Sox (Banuelos) @Twins (Gibson) 05/25/19

    We have healthy amounts of ineptitude on this team. I feel like "two defenders collide and ball is dropped" would be on White Sox bingo if there was such a thing.
  7. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Reynaldo Lopez

    Don't really have high hopes for Lopez. Fourth or Fifth starter is my guess at best case scenario. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    I'm just as confident in Lopez being nothing more than a fourth or (more likely) fifth starter as I was in Giolito's ability to realize his potential. Obviously, both of those are still up in the air...but watching Lopez pitch is bad for your health. It's shitty when the scoreboard reads 4-1 and you know that won't last.
  9. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Dear Ricky

    Rickster the Trickster
  10. with fire and lasers
  11. Swingandalongonetoleft

    I really miss this.

    Letting go of Garcia just because was a shit decision by a shit front office.
  12. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Cubs thread 2k19

    Glad to hear that. I honestly thought he'd get a favorable reaction. Nice to be wrong.
  13. Swingandalongonetoleft

    May 3rd | Sawx @ Sox | 7:10pm CT | Sale vs ReyLo

    Shocking that Chris Sale would come to the Cell and right his ship against the Sox. In all my years as a fan, I've never seen a struggling club/player come to face the White Sox and suddenly break out of it.
  14. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Cubs thread 2k19

    So we're all in agreement that it was stupid to write this team off on April 5th, like one week into the season?
  15. Swingandalongonetoleft

    And that's a 2nd straight White Sox Walk Off Winner !!

  16. Swingandalongonetoleft

    **SPOILER THREAD * Avengers Endgame * SPOILER THREAD*

    I thought I saw Nebula at Tony Stark's memorial ceremony with the rest of the Guardians (sans Gamora).
  17. It's been years since I felt as optimistic about anything White Sox as I am with what Tim Anderson is doing so far this year.
  18. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

    Went there in 1999, but I feel like I was too young to really appreciate it. This is a punch to the gut. I thought my secretary was exaggerating about the severity, but sure enough, it's pretty much gone. During Holy Week, to boot. What a loss.
  19. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Time for a change ... Don Cooper needs to go

  20. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/12, 6:05 CT

    I don't think WGN does replays.
  21. Swingandalongonetoleft

    4/7- Sox vs Mariners, 1:10, WGN

    Or like the past 11 years of White Sox baseball.
  22. Swingandalongonetoleft

    Cubs thread 2k19

    This season is not even 10 games old. The standings, league-wide, will correct themselves over the course of the next few days/weeks. Red Sox are last in their division, while O's are in second. Mariners are leading their division, while Astros are fourth. It's fun to watch the Cubs trip over themselves, but let's be real.
  23. Swingandalongonetoleft

    And that’s a White Sox Winner!

    Happy for Giolito. Not going to point to one outing as anything super meaningful, but I've been of the opinion that he'll put it together and turn into something for the Sox, so this was good to see.
  24. Swingandalongonetoleft

    2019 Predictions

    Giolito will have a decent year. Rodon avoids the DL, also has a good year. Lopez turns out to be a back of the rotation guy. Santana doesn't make it the whole year due to either injury or ineffectiveness. Engel's bat improves, he is let go anyway. Eloy does not live up to the hype in his first year. Repeat performance from Moncada. Avi Garcia has himself a nice season for the Rays.