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  1. https://www.sbnation.com/2015/7/1/8841355/andy-hawkins-no-hitter-yankees-white-sox One of my favorite newspaper headlines ever is from that game - "A Bitter No-Hitter"
  2. pcullotta

    4th Place

  3. pcullotta

    The Adam Dunn Batting Average Poll

    What really scares me about him right now is that recently I've seen him hit fly balls that haven't left the park. Reminds me of last year when he would be on a pitch, swing hard, and not have enough to clear the fences. It would be very reassuring to see him blast a few soon.
  4. pcullotta

    Gordon Beckham vs. Joe Crede

    QUOTE (lasttriptotulsa @ May 31, 2012 -> 12:08 PM) To be fair, Crede really had developed into a solid ballplayer the latter half of '05 and through '06. After his initial back problems he was never the same. He even won the silver slugger in '06. That's true, and I don't think Gordon will ever be able to have a 30 HR, 94 RBI season but it would be nice to be wrong.
  5. pcullotta

    Gordon Beckham vs. Joe Crede

    "Develop" into a career .254 hitter? The only offensive things Crede had going for him were the HR's and RBI's. If Beckham can't provide those, .254 isn't really worth much to me.
  6. pcullotta

    The Beckham Dilemma

    It's really easy to compare him to Brian Anderson at this point. BA got to 862 plate appearances with the Sox before everyone realized he was never going to hit. Beckham is already up to 1,514. That's hard for me to believe but he's gone up to the plate 1,514 times and still looks lost. He's not just going to figure it out. He's a bad hitter. That's about it.
  7. pcullotta

    Alex Rios

    Brian Anderson. The most disappointing White Sox player ever to me. Beckham and Dunn could take that spot over though.
  8. pcullotta

    Sox versus Twins 12:10 pm Afternoon Delight

    Beckham is not a very good baseball player
  9. pcullotta

    All In My Ass

    I'm out. I remember being very excited when they were 7-4. A quick 7 game losing streak from that point killed the optimism and it just gets worse every day. This is easily the earliest point in a season when I have already gotten tired of baseball. To Hell with them.
  10. pcullotta

    Carlos Quentin

    Ha! I guess I could see it a little bit.
  11. pcullotta

    alexei and beckham

    I do not want Beckham in the number 2 spot. At his best, isn't Gordon a run producer? Wouldn't that be wasted in the 2 spot where our guys are usually asked to take pitches and sacrifice outs? In the Ozzie era, Iguchi was prob'ly our best 2 hitter. I see Beckham as having the chance to be a much better hitter and RBI man than the Gooch. ------------ AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB HBP SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS Batting #2 336 49 76 20 1 10 40 39 6 68 5 1 .226 .315 .381 .696 Batting #7 60 10 18 2 0 4 8 5 1 11 1 2 .300 .364 .533 .897 Batting #8 107 13 36 10 0 0 20 8 2 18 2 2 .336 .390 .430 .820 Batting #9 301 43 84 21 2 9 43 25 4 57 3 5 .279 .339 .452 .791
  12. pcullotta

    The Official "Paul Konerko for MVP" Thread

    What is really annoying me during all the MVP talk is the love for Robinson Cano. Avg - .319 Cano, .324 Konerko HR - 27 Cano, 36 Konerko RBI - 98 Cano, 104 Konerko OBP - .380 Cano, .402 Konerko SLG - .543 Cano, .602 Konerko OPS - .923 Cano, 1.004 Konerko
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    QUOTE (Vance Law @ Sep 1, 2010 -> 02:06 PM) Josh Hamilton disagrees Paulie has more HR's and RBI's. I don't think a lot of media folk are noticing that Konerko isn't hitting .280.
  14. pcullotta

    Beckham appreciation thread

    QUOTE (C_LEE45 @ Aug 26, 2010 -> 10:34 AM) Any chances Ozzie puts him back in the 2 hole? I hope he never goes back to the two hole. Last year, he was second on the team in Avg with RISP (ahead of Konderko, Dye, Ramirez, AJ.) He is a run producer. I truly believe batting him second earlier in the year caused him to change his approach. He was trying to move guys along and not drive the ball. Then he started tinkering with his swing (as he stated during a few interviews) and it took him quite a while to get back to hitting the ball hard.
  15. pcullotta

    Alexei Best All Around SS in baseball?

    To all of those saying Hanley Ramirez, what does he do that much better then Alexei? Even with his awful start, Alexei has the higher batting average. Doubles are pretty much a wash at 18 to 17, HR's are close at 14 to 11, and I don't think RBI's are very far off (56 to 43) considering Hanley is batting third every day and Alexei has been hitting eighth. Defensively, it isn't even close at this point. Alexei is one of the best defensive SS's in the game while Hanley is one of the worst. So again, outside of being a much more well known player, why take Hanley over Alexei?