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  1. chisoxdavid

    Sox @ Cubs 1:20 WGN

    QUOTE (CanOfCorn @ Jun 17, 2009 -> 03:46 PM) Nice hit Pods... But next time, put your purse down before you swing. I dont care if he clicks his heels when he swings as long as he gets on base.
  2. chisoxdavid

    Game Thread: MIN @ CWS, 7:11pm - CSN

    Im not saying the Hawks are out of it yet but if the Sox start winnning it will sure make their exit a little easy to take.
  3. chisoxdavid

    cabrera wins twibs best defender award

    Im glad that a White Sox player won but at the same time Im confused at how he won it. Can any one explain?
  4. chisoxdavid

    Thank you, Whitesox

    Thanks for a hell of a season guys. Atleast we got the central, when is the rally?
  5. chisoxdavid

    The piece that doesn't fit

    I think he fits just fine. He can give different guys a day off during the season. I honestly think his numbers will be better next season, plus he hypes up the team. Definately not a club house cancer.
  6. Dioner Navarro is one ugly SOB.
  7. QUOTE (Kalapse @ Oct 6, 2008 -> 04:06 PM) The team that scored first in each of the first 3 games of this series has lost. I dont think this is right, didnt they score first in the second game?
  8. QUOTE (fathom @ Oct 5, 2008 -> 05:20 PM) That was cool by Aybar. Yes it was. I have no reason to hate this team they are a clean classy team.
  9. chisoxdavid

    Sunday/Monday game times

    Sunday 3:07pm Monday 4:07pm I got this from MLB.com but they keep changing the times
  10. chisoxdavid

    Chicago @ Tampa Bay - ALDS Game 1

    I feel good with Javy going in since he will be well rested. this season is almost like 05, in the fact that we didnt clinch till the last 3 games, and before that we were not playing well.
  11. chisoxdavid

    The OFFICIAL "I'm sorry" thread

    Im sor...........Oh wait I have nothing to be sorry since I never stopped believing in the Sox until they were to be officially eliminated, but would like to be sorry about thinking that Javy sucks.
  12. chisoxdavid

    Detroit @ Chicago - 1:05 PM WGN/ESPN2

    QUOTE (letsgoarow @ Sep 29, 2008 -> 01:55 PM) the tarp is on the field.....im staring at it That SOB, he lied.....
  13. chisoxdavid

    Detroit @ Chicago - 1:05 PM WGN/ESPN2

    My friend just textd me and said that the tarp is being put away.
  14. chisoxdavid

    Tribe @ Sox, 09/27, 6:05PM, CSN

    I hope these guys pick up their manginas and come ready to play.
  15. chisoxdavid

    Tribe @ Sox, 09/27, 6:05PM, CSN

    Come on get a DP and not the ones that hurt the ladies.