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  1. Aderal

    White Sox vs Twins 1:10 pm CSN

    if u wanna listen to the game for free go to the station WELY in the twins section on thegamelive.com
  2. Aderal

    fair weather fan

    QUOTE(Keystone @ Aug 16, 2006 -> 01:20 AM) ok, so i had a party tonight at my house and once the party started going i was persuaded to wear my cheap ass plastic white sox batting helmet. ( i go to school in ohio so needless to say, my friends who are indians fans completely destroyed it within the next ten minutes. theyre bitter as hell and kind of psycho). anyways, the topic of me being a fair weather fan came up because everyone assumes that every white sox fan is a fair weather fan. im clearly not a fair weather fan considering i went to my first sox game when i was 8. it was difficult for me to prove that i had been a fan before they were winners. We came up with naming the starting lineup from the 2000 team as the baromter for fair weather fandom. I was only able to come up with 4 position players, however, i could name the top 4 starters. Well, this post is unnecessarily long but i was just wondering what you guys think would be the ultimate test to see who is a true sox fan. man that party mustve sucked if ur online at midnight already....u should be drunk or layin the mack down on a hoe that u gon f*** later that night
  3. Aderal

    7/25 Game Thread

    QUOTE(Jake @ Jul 25, 2006 -> 09:29 PM) coop >>> jesus
  4. I thought the tupac and tron skits were funny. the first one was alright but the revenge one was only funny when he pushed that guy down the stairs..."not the stairs man"
  5. Aderal

    Gamethread 6-29-06, Sox vs. Pirates

    QUOTE(Melissa1334 @ Jun 29, 2006 -> 12:27 PM) liriano should, with the way contreras is pitching now, he shouldnt. ughhh i hate having widger,uribe,anderson, and the pitcher batting. ya especially since uribe is on a cold streak
  6. Aderal

    Official Game Thread 6/22 - Cards vs Sox 7:05

  7. I needed avg real bad, so i traded carlos lee for derek jeter straight up cuz lee seems to either be heading down or stayin around 270 and it looks like jeter is gonna have a solid year.
  8. QUOTE(greg775 @ Jun 7, 2006 -> 08:40 PM) Has thome always swung this hard in his career? How does he still have a back? I laughed.
  9. Aderal

    High-school kid is a switch-pitcher

    theres a guy pitching for creighton here in nebraska who pitches with both arms more of a location pitcher tho...cant throw above the high 80s with either arm..he's got good numbers tho...and throws diff pitches with each arm....for example he has fastball change slider for rught arm and curve fast ball change for left
  10. QUOTE(Tony82087 @ Apr 21, 2006 -> 09:36 PM) This is Marks game, let him finish it unless he tells you other wise on the mound. Basehit for Thome. Ok Grady Little
  11. if u wanna listen to game for free go to thegamelive.com and go to the tigers wtrx station