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  1. ShoeLessRob

    Madrigal to the IL/Delmonico Optioned

    Not sure how our team is going to stay in the playoff picture after demoting our clean up hitter.
  2. ShoeLessRob

    Roster size

    Let’s be real, Delmonico is going to find a way to stay on that roster.
  3. ShoeLessRob

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    There’s your starting RF. Rally Nicky.
  4. ShoeLessRob

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    Rally Nicky.
  5. ShoeLessRob

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    Absolutely no excuse to have Edwin hitting so high in the order, sit him for a few.
  6. ShoeLessRob

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    Madrigal now has more hits than Delmonico.
  7. ShoeLessRob

    Hitler reacts to Manny Machado signing

    Just trying to add a little humor when every other topic or thread started is about the Sox moving towns, becoming a Cubs fan, or etc. If the Mods want to delete, go ahead. 😁
  8. Haven’t posted in a longgggg time, but am always lurking. I’m as disappointed as everyone else with these turn of events and the front office debacle. These Hitler reaction videos always give me a good laugh and helped me get over the Bears playoff game (search Hitler reacts to Cody Parkey kick). I put one together and tried to cater to the Soxtalk viewer. NSFW and make sure the captions/subtitles are on.
  9. ShoeLessRob


  10. ShoeLessRob

    Kiss of Death? KW denies coach firings are imminent

    kiss of death eh?
  11. ShoeLessRob

    PTC Tuesday May 3rd, 2011

    Omar if he starts, otherwise CQ