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  1. Don't forget you have today's game thread 😃

  2. ShoeLessRob

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    I’m out, check back around all star break.
  3. ShoeLessRob

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    No stats or record can tell me otherwise, this is one of the worst teams is baseball.
  4. ShoeLessRob

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    Team is trash. Fuck them cocksuckers.
  5. ShoeLessRob

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    Can’t believe I paid money to watch these minor league teams play.
  6. ShoeLessRob

    LaRussa anthem story making national headlines

    I can see this dude sitting in the dugout fuming over something like this, not paying attention to the shit show on the field that is his team.
  7. ShoeLessRob

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    How many beers do I need to consume in order to semi enjoy this game?
  8. Stroman (2-4, 4.71 ERA) vs Cease (4-2, 4.24 ERA). I’ll be at this shit show.
  9. ShoeLessRob

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Old man can pound sand.
  10. Nothing from this team leads me to believe Devers would have turned into the player he is today if he came to our organization.
  11. ShoeLessRob

    Do the White Sox Make the Playoffs?

    And no, they will not make the playoffs.
  12. ShoeLessRob

    Do the White Sox Make the Playoffs?

    Can he hit?
  13. ShoeLessRob

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Like drinking and driving?
  14. ShoeLessRob

    5/28 - Cubs @ Sox

    Team is complete trash.
  15. ShoeLessRob

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    This big baby needs to drink more milk.