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  1. Jimenez4MVP

    NCAA 2006

    Thats weird, ive never once gotten put on probation in 2006.. I have a few players act up, but no probation..
  2. Jimenez4MVP

    Bucs now in AJ 3 way deal?

    I think the real question is why would the Pirates want Lowell?
  3. Jimenez4MVP

    Latroy hawkins to the Whitesox??

    Over Shingo, this would be a very good move..
  4. Jimenez4MVP

    Latroy hawkins to the Whitesox??

    Why cause hes a former Cub and Twin? Everyone is screaming no when Hawkins is a very good reliever that could help our team. As long as he is not in the closers role, he will help our team out, lookin at his stats prove that. We dont need him to close, but he is lights out as a set up man.. 7- Politte 8- Hawkins 9- Hermanson That looks real good to me
  5. Jimenez4MVP

    Latroy hawkins to the Whitesox??

    In a closing situation he is not, but out of it he is very good.. but thats why I said we dont really need the set up type guy so it doesnt make sense to me..
  6. Jimenez4MVP

    Latroy hawkins to the Whitesox??

    Why? Hawkins is real good when hes not in the closers role
  7. Jimenez4MVP

    Latroy hawkins to the Whitesox??

    Hmmm, we dont really need a set up man because Politte has been outstanding, so I dont see why we would be needing him.
  8. Jimenez4MVP

    AJ Burnett News

    Thats horse s***.. So we give them basically our top 2 spects, an awesome reliever, and a solid starter AND another prospect (even if it IS low) for a good starter, a good reliever, and an old struggling 3B with a big contract?? I cant possible see this happening..
  9. Jimenez4MVP

    Eminem Retires

    50 Cent isnt a hack
  10. Jimenez4MVP

    NCAA 2006

    Ok then now I can see how you did that... but at first I was like holy crap theres no way 29 were available
  11. Jimenez4MVP

    NCAA 2006

    haha, I dont think so... 7+16=23 + the 6 inseason recruits you pulled would make 29
  12. Jimenez4MVP

    NCAA 2006

    Im gonna try your sliders Soxnbears because I am doing a dynasty with Baylor right now and after 3 games im 3-0 and here is the tale of the tape.. defeated SMU 26-23 (Close game, was fun) defeated Samford 77-21 (Destroyed them) defeated Army 48-45 (They tore my defense apart) I have one of the worst defenses but my offense is solid.. Hopefully using those sliders will improve the overall effect, because I really could not stop Army at all on defense.. Their impact RB kicked my ass, he avg. like 9.3 ypc and had 177 yards.. I really love the way they did the impact players, my impact Safety is easily the heart of my defense, he is all over the field and he makes plays.. When I need a big stop, he is always near the action.. I love it. I love how the computers impact players are actually good too so I dont stomp them every game, going against a team with 2 impact linebackers is really tough..
  13. Jimenez4MVP

    NCAA 2006

    Uhh.. how did u get 29 scholarships available?
  14. Jimenez4MVP

    GAME THREAD 7-15-05 SOX vs TRIBE

    haha ok than my bad... I just tuned in so I didnt know what happened
  15. Jimenez4MVP

    GAME THREAD 7-15-05 SOX vs TRIBE

    Come on man its 4-0... theres no reason to start the head shaking.. enjoy this