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  1. Definitely don't check out his twitter right now then! It's extremely condescending of fans that are miffed by the whole thing. I think your analysis is spot on though.
  2. Maybe he's referring to the last statement?
  3. Stoney's tweets on the subject are semi-cringe.
  4. I'm a mod on r/WhiteSox. Maybe I should sticky this post... let me ask the other mods.
  5. Just called the White Sox box office. I don't have season tickets, but I let them know if I did, this call would be to cancel them. Feelsgoodman
  6. sox just hoping it all goes away.
  7. It's in the article linked in the OG post of this thread. FTA: > When reached by ESPN on Monday night, La Russa said, "I have nothing to say," and he hung up the phone. > A White Sox spokesman said the organization was aware of the incident. > "Because this is an active case," he said, "we cannot comment further at this time." EDIT: Wait, I realize now that I am misinterpreting this. I think the "was aware" was throwing me off, but they probably just mean "is aware".
  8. Jerry knew, but didn't tell anyone? That would be an interesting twist.
  9. It's not if though. They knew. A Sox spokesman confirmed.
  10. They knew when they hired him. Why would they fire him now?