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  1. Iguchicago


    Is anyone going to Winter with the Sox season ticket holder party on the 23rd? I have tickets, but have never been. Wondering what to expect.
  2. I like Jason, but he's pretty bad at getting the right call after replays.
  3. Iguchicago

    4/9 Game thread: Cleveland, 1:10pm, WGN/WLS

    Yes melk man!
  4. Iguchicago

    **Official 2014 NLCS Games thread**

    AJ would of blocked that
  5. Iguchicago

    Ferguson Riots

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Sep 24, 2014 -> 11:25 PM) Didn't watch the video, but do you expect the police to allow him to shoot first? Shoot what? It was a toy gun and it wasn't even aimed. You would think an officer would have enough training to not just immediately shoot and kill someone, because some guy lied and made a 911 call. This guy has already killed someone before and is the only one in his department to do so.
  6. Iguchicago

    9/14 vs Minnesota Twins

    Replay fails Sox again.
  7. Iguchicago

    9/9 vs Oakland A's

    Pretty good debut for Snodgress
  8. Iguchicago

    8/30 Doubleheader vs Tigers

    Adios de aza
  9. Iguchicago

    2014 Cubs Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (IlliniKrush @ Aug 20, 2014 -> 12:04 AM) Cubs have been in a rain delay for 3 hours...except it hasn't rained in a while. They had an issue calling for the tarp late, and when they did, they couldn't get it on before a ton of damage was done. It's midnight and they are still considering playing. Only the bottom of the 5th. Everyone is just standing around watching the field dry, because not a lot can be done. So bizarre. I was at the Sox game and was wondering what the hell was going on since there was clear skies at the cell.
  10. Iguchicago

    Sox @ Gigantes pt. deux

    I'm sure Deadspin is gonna have a field day with his comments.
  11. Iguchicago

    Sox @ Gigantes pt. deux

    Hawk is right "this isn't baseball"
  12. Iguchicago

    Sea Men @ Pale Hose 6:10 July 4th

    Are there really dollar dogs today? It doesn't show up on their official website.
  13. Iguchicago

    White Sox vs Tigers

    Hawk has been awesome. He's f***ing fun.
  14. How much free pizza are we talking about here?
  15. Iguchicago

    White Sox @ Astros - 5/17 - 3:10 - WGN - Game 2 of 3

    Probably not enough evidence to overturn it