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    Is anyone going to Winter with the Sox season ticket holder party on the 23rd? I have tickets, but have never been. Wondering what to expect.
  2. I like Jason, but he's pretty bad at getting the right call after replays.
  3. Iguchicago

    4/9 Game thread: Cleveland, 1:10pm, WGN/WLS

    Yes melk man!
  4. Iguchicago

    **Official 2014 NLCS Games thread**

    AJ would of blocked that
  5. Iguchicago

    Ferguson Riots

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Sep 24, 2014 -> 11:25 PM) Didn't watch the video, but do you expect the police to allow him to shoot first? Shoot what? It was a toy gun and it wasn't even aimed. You would think an officer would have enough training to not just immediately shoot and kill someone, because some guy lied and made a 911 call. This guy has already killed someone before and is the only one in his department to do so.
  6. Iguchicago

    9/14 vs Minnesota Twins

    Replay fails Sox again.
  7. Iguchicago

    9/9 vs Oakland A's

    Pretty good debut for Snodgress
  8. Iguchicago

    8/30 Doubleheader vs Tigers

    Adios de aza
  9. Iguchicago

    2014 Cubs Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (IlliniKrush @ Aug 20, 2014 -> 12:04 AM) Cubs have been in a rain delay for 3 hours...except it hasn't rained in a while. They had an issue calling for the tarp late, and when they did, they couldn't get it on before a ton of damage was done. It's midnight and they are still considering playing. Only the bottom of the 5th. Everyone is just standing around watching the field dry, because not a lot can be done. So bizarre. I was at the Sox game and was wondering what the hell was going on since there was clear skies at the cell.
  10. Iguchicago

    Sox @ Gigantes pt. deux

    I'm sure Deadspin is gonna have a field day with his comments.
  11. Iguchicago

    Sox @ Gigantes pt. deux

    Hawk is right "this isn't baseball"
  12. Iguchicago

    Sea Men @ Pale Hose 6:10 July 4th

    Are there really dollar dogs today? It doesn't show up on their official website.
  13. Iguchicago

    White Sox vs Tigers

    Hawk has been awesome. He's f***ing fun.
  14. How much free pizza are we talking about here?
  15. Iguchicago

    White Sox @ Astros - 5/17 - 3:10 - WGN - Game 2 of 3

    Probably not enough evidence to overturn it
  16. Iguchicago

    5/7 vs Cubs

    Boston didn't really help Marcus there. He wasn't even looking.
  17. Iguchicago

    2014 Cubs Catch-All Thread

    I can't help but laugh at that kid with his hands on his head crying his ass off.
  18. Iguchicago

    Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Sox

    That ball was absolutely dominated
  19. QUOTE (Wanne @ Apr 4, 2014 -> 05:32 PM) and the homer aholes Royal announcers of course said he went...wasn't even close. Honestly...these guys are THE WORST I've heard in quite some time. The co announcer's voice and tone has to be the most annoying I've ever heard. I don't even think the main guy likes him. He doesn't even reply to him.
  20. Iguchicago

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Where's the confirmation?
  21. Iguchicago

    GT: Chicago White Sox @ LA Dodgers

    Anyone catch the word for the ticket contest for the top of the 5th?
  22. Iguchicago

    White Sox releasing $5 upper deck ticket for TOR series

    Are there no 5 dollar seats today? The official site says 10 dollar upper reserved now, said 5 last night.