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  1. Grindersrule

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Of course “you can beat the yankees” without the big FA’s. It may never be likely, defined as greater than 50% probability, but it is definitely possible. It’s baseball, and part of the beauty is the uncertainty.
  2. Grindersrule

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I mostly just lurk, but please give it a rest. I think we all know your feelings on Abreu by now. There's no need to put the same opinion up over and over and over....
  3. Grindersrule

    The path back to .500 in our sights?

    I would say that 500 now is a great sign when we have Kopech, Cease and cash for another solid starter available. Likely huge upgrades to the pitching coming soon.
  4. Grindersrule

    3/1 vs Rangers, 2pm

    I was at that game. The home run was in the 9th inning and it was a grand slam. The injury occurred BEFORE the slam.
  5. Grindersrule

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Agreed. Don't stop believing...🎧
  6. Grindersrule

    Can Rodon become a quality mlb starter?

    Baseball reference says free agent in 2022. Starting pitching is THE KEY asset if you want to win it all. We should have a chance in 20-22. Keep him.
  7. What would Bruce cost in terms of talent? His payroll to current production ratio seems to indicate that he is worth some valuable talent to me. What do we have that could realistically get this done? Fulmer?
  8. Grindersrule

    Early Trade Speculation

    His numbers for last year and first 8 starts this year don't look to much below his career norms. It looks like walks are up but still looks like a solid pitcher. Picking him up mid year would cst the Sox around 33m for the rest of 16 and 17. I am assuming we would take the buyout instead of the option for 18. If he wouldn't cost talent, I like this idea.
  9. Grindersrule

    Early Trade Speculation

    If the Padres start falling farther back would Big game Shields be a possibility? He is due 21M for this year and next. Team option in 18 or a 2M buyout. Should still be good enough to be a 3 for us. When the Padres start to suck, Would the salary due him make him available for something under our top 2 prospects? If so and the cost is mostly cash I think this would be a nice move for the Sox.
  10. Grindersrule

    sox need to trade alexei once out of contention

    The thing is that the Sox will hopefully be IN contention for the duration in 15 / 16 and while we have internal options to replace Alexi, none are likely to contribute at his levels during those two years. I see Alexi as a key piece for the next couple years. I would rather roll with him then add prospects. If you are talking about a solid major leaguer at a position of need 2/3 SP, C, maybe I could see it helping.
  11. Grindersrule

    Game Thread 4/9: SOX @ ROX

  12. Grindersrule


    I don't post a lot but been lurking forever. Really excited about where we are right now, especially with Rock's input. This team has a chance to be real good real soon.
  13. Grindersrule

    The Official 2014 Opening Day thread

    Kauai. You were here?
  14. Grindersrule

    The Official 2014 Opening Day thread

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Mar 25, 2014 -> 06:34 PM) What island? I'd been living on Kauai and Oahu for the past year before having a baby... That brought about a move back near family.
  15. Grindersrule

    The Official 2014 Opening Day thread

    Flying in from Hawaii for first couple of games. Looking forward to a fun season. Go SOX!