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  1. MHizzle85

    2016 HR Contest!!!

    Eaton (3): MHizzle85 Rollins (3): Abreu (1): Condor13 Frazier (1): Melky (3): Avi (3): Lawrie (3): Catcher (3): Jackson (3):
  2. MHizzle85

    2016 HR Contest!!!

    Eaton (3): LTBF Rollins (3): Abreu (1): Jose Abreu Frazier (1): MHizzle85 Melky (3): Avi (3): brett05 Lawrie (3): Condor13 Avila (3): Jackson (3):
  3. MHizzle85

    2016 HR Contest!!!

    Eaton (3): Rollins (3): brett05, Abreu (1): ElrockinMT, LTBF, MHizzle85 Frazier (1): Melky (3): Avi (3): Condor13, Lawrie (3): Jose Abreu Jackson (3): Avila (3):
  4. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Feb 26, 2016 -> 12:28 PM) They put out the NXT takeover logo today so I decided to go check what the tickets are at on stubhub...cheapest is going for $356. Yeesh. NXT's easily become the hottest ticket IMO. I remember seeing tickets for 4x the price when they hit Chicago last month.
  5. QUOTE (SoxFan562004 @ Feb 26, 2016 -> 08:45 AM) Also, with Cena out rehabbing, Reigns has been doing the charity appearances and the like that Cena use to do. But also, it's VKM being stubborn. Honestly though, with proven popularity of non-traditional guys, but Vince's continued push of Reigns and his reported love of Braun Strowman, nothing will change. I just hope at this point they keep people like Styles, Cesaro, eventual call ups like Balor, Nakamura, etc... in upper mid-card or mid-card feuds, I'd much rather have that then them jobbing to HHH, Reigns, Cena and Orton. VKM has this idea that the "face" of the company has to be the good looking guy. When in all reality, all someone needs to be the face of the company is to be over with the crowd.
  6. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Feb 23, 2016 -> 03:42 PM) Does he sell a ton of merch? Honest question, I've never read that before. Either way, I think this is just VKM being stubborn more than anything else. In other news, why the hell wasn't KO on the show last night? It's not Cena level apparently, but it's a decent amount. He also apparently gets decent pops at house shows. Also, VKM is just stubborn.
  7. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Feb 23, 2016 -> 08:17 AM) Agreed. I like watching the guy's matches but he sucks at every other part of pro wrestling. His promos and acting are just so god awful that I can't get behind him. This is like if they tried to shove Rocky Maivia down our throats when he first debuted. The fans aren't wanting to be apart of the show, they're just letting the powers that be know that this isn't what they want. They could easily turn him heel, but he sells merch so they won't. They're going to try to "stack the deck" against him at WM, hoping that fans will see the light. They wont. We'll find out how it sounds to hear almost 100,000 people boo a guy after winning the title.
  8. QUOTE (scs787 @ Feb 21, 2016 -> 05:13 PM) Something else perhaps noteworthy is Joe Rogan has since ripped Punk. Said him fighting in UFC would be ridiculous. Probably not something a UFC commentator should be saying about a guy set to fight in the UFC. Rogan said the same about Brock in the UFC. Wouldn't read too much into that.
  9. MHizzle85

    2015-2016 NBA Thread

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Feb 15, 2016 -> 07:52 PM) Apparently there are still rumors that Bulls are going after DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento's not trading Cousins. Divac & the rest of the front office see him as the cornerstone of the franchise. You're more likely to see Karl get fired first.
  10. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Feb 16, 2016 -> 08:50 AM) By the sounds of it, it's not his last mania. Vince said no to Owens, taker isn't dumb enough to face Stroman, they're not going to do styles and cena is dead, there's nothing good out there that Vince will allow to happen. Personally I'd rather keep the Wyatt family away from Brock to set up more interesting stuff and just go the 8 man tag route for Taker since there's nothing good for him to do. But who knows maybe Cena Wolverine's it up like usual and is back for mania. Rumor by the way that the E & C and new day segment on Sunday might be to introduce Enzo and Cass which I can stop complaining they're not on the main roster then. Hope it's true. Cena tweeted something along the lines of taking a riskier route to rehab that would get him back sooner. Wouldn't be surprised if it's for 'Mania.