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    Chill out? Its just plain stupid to even vision that.. everyone hates Jimenez when he is clearly the best hitter in the lineup right now..
  2. BlackSoX30


    If you can sit there and say Jimenez is not the best hitter right now your just plain STUPID! How can you hope the ONLY guy hitting .300 goes on the DL? Your a moron, and your prediciton is gay.. All of you make me sick with your hating of Jimienez, your all stupid. Why dont you realize he is a main reason for a lot of the wins, he goes 2-4, or 1-3 like every game.. hmmmm... yeah lets hope he gets hurt you are an IDIOT
  3. BlackSoX30

    Interesting Note.....

    I didnt ask for your smart ass comment Steff... A simple yes would have done fine
  4. BlackSoX30

    Interesting Note.....

    Did you know that all 8 of Frank Thomas' HRs this year have been Solo Shots? Thats right, all 8 have been Solo HR
  5. BlackSoX30

    Jimenez bashing

    Why does everyone on here hate the ONLY player doing good so far? Jimenez is batting over .300, the only Sox player doing that.. And everyone gets on here and says he sucks and they hate him? Same with KOCH... not botch.. if your a Sox fan you wouldnt hate on our players and say they suck and you want them gone when they are the only ones producing.. Koch had a bad start, but came in and SLAMMED the door last night, you think he can be a dominate closer then all the sudden come to the Sox and suck? No, he is going to AGAIN be a dominate closer.. The last thing we need is to take away his job, he needs to be our closer, Marte is a badass yes.. He needs to be the set up man, we will be just fine! So lets try to stop talking s*** about our players, its not going to do any good..
  6. BlackSoX30


    I live in Houston and let me tell you, Lugo was not actually found guilty.. No one SAW him "attack" his wife thats what she told them.. The astros cut him without even knowing the truth, and Lugo was a better than average SS but no all star.. But like I was saying, he was never actually prooven Guilty, thats just what his wife said, no one witnessed anything
  7. I think its safe to say that Aaron Rowand needs to go.. We have no need for him, he isnt producing after the whole month. I think we need to let borchard have the job.. Even if he only bats .222 he is going to hit HR's and drive in runs that we NEED at this point. Harris or Borchard need to make thier way up SOON and if they dont, well the Sox must WANT to lose then.. This sucks... Whats wrong with this team??