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  1. That inning makes you look even more idiotic, RR, if that is possible.
  2. Hah, I love Stoney.. "Oh, THERE'S Bummer, throwing in the Sox pen!"
  3. So stupid....this is asinine, how do you make these decisions, and think 'this will work'...
  4. Of course....best bullpen moves this inning, ever.
  5. Oh great, one of our only guys hitting, is now hurt on yet another awkward slide.
  6. I guess the Sox are under new ownership, property of the Cleveland Indians.
  7. They don't need extra attempts at runs, Cody....
  8. Crochet-Heuer 8th/9th in the future, sounds...pretty darn good.
  9. Nicky....you let that ball eat you alive. To be fair, it hit that grass/dirt lip, but still.