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  1. I don't mean missed as in we slacked on it, just that it didn't happen. And I agree, it was awkward to turn.
  2. Don't let the missed GIDP make this game turn a different direction...
  3. Anyone tell Joe that there are 3 outs in the half inning, and not 2? Not sure how you can get 2 like that, then look completely different.
  4. Lunging at first, with a bad hip, is a terrible idea Abreu.
  5. Boy, how sad are you, if you're a Giants fan? You just lost to LOLeury Garcia at home.
  6. Graveman is pitching like the strike zone is a vaccine appointment.
  7. 1 pitch in the zone to Luis, but plenty of swings.
  8. Worst guy to have up with RISP, no idea how he struggles so much but is great with the bases empty