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  1. Capn12

    Sox considering a trade, per Chuck.

    Um....please feel free to show me all of the second basemen in the league currently, who possess a 3.3% K rate. I can't fathom why folks re ready to trade away a guy who basically puts every ball in play, on a team full of strikeout guys...
  2. Capn12

    Sox considering a trade, per Chuck.

    Can we stop trying to figure out a way to trade Madrigal please? Thanks. No one else, not named Luis Robert, deserves a shot in a Chicago more, and his skillset isn’t easy to find in today’s baseball climate.
  3. Capn12

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    This is basically a move, that should be an afterthought. But I guess, due to the lack of pitching news, along with seeing other teams making the moves necessary, it brings on interesting discussion. I'm fine with Mazara, as I think he still has some upside, and is still young enough to not feel like it was a throwaway move, done just to fill a roster spot. Any other guy (Joc via trade, Castellanos or Ozuna) would have cost a HELLUVA lot more, and none of those 3 guys are true organization keepers (IMO).
  4. Capn12

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    OK...who should the Sox have gotten, to play RF, with consideration to cost vs performance? It isn't like this move is locking the organization up for years to come, with an average to below average player.
  5. Capn12

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    SoxTalk...always entertaining...after ANY trade/signing... Basically, there is one spot in the OF for the foreseeable future, I feel pretty sure that Steele Walker wasn't going to be the guy manning that spot. I don't mind the move, but we still need pitching...
  6. I have it on very good authority (from myself), that the organization has confirmed the interest of a return for Jim Parque.
  7. Capn12

    The game thread

    So.......please assure me we aren't going to let Herrera actually get to the 110 games over 2019 and 2020...this is game 43 for him...
  8. Who would you have put in? There weren't exactly a plethora of arms left.
  9. I love to pile on to Ricky, but...Herrera being ass isn't his fault.
  10. Timmy with 9 errors now in 32 games.
  11. Can't really be mad at TA there, maybe talk to the 1-4 in the order, who combined to go 1-20 with 2 Ks, and 8 LOB.
  12. Carson Fulmer....bad at baseball.
  13. Sox killer Castellanos gets his shot...this isn't going to be fun to watch.
  14. Bailed VerHagen out..sheesh.