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  1. badatbest

    Who are you pulling for as the DH?

    QUOTE (soxfan3530 @ Jan 7, 2010 -> 02:11 PM) if we are considering thome why dont we consider brigning back dye? i know he wants to play the field but it seems his options are limited at best. i know he had a bad second half, but i think if he was strictly dh his body wouldnt take the beating it did last year. I love Dye, but I think this is the best time to end the Dye Era. Besides, if we got Dye back to stick him at DH, I fear Ozzie does not possess the self-control to not put him in RF 3 times a week..
  2. badatbest

    Who are you pulling for as the DH?

    Tyler Flowers article on MLB.com, tangentially related to DH news. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...sp&c_id=mlb [With the designated hitter spot currently filled by a committee of Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay and potentially Jayson Nix, the right-handed hitting Flowers also could be used from time to time at DH. Guillen has never been a proponent of having his second catcher in the same lineup with his starter, but as Flowers quipped, if anything happens, one-time top catching prospect Paul Konerko could move behind the plate. "I guess that really would be a backup plan," said Flowers of being used at DH, not Konerko being called upon as a third catcher. "But just look at the history on A.J. and how often does he get hurt. I can't remember a single time in his career where he really was hurt."]
  3. badatbest

    Who are you pulling for as the DH?

    Yeah. Sounds like Vlad will get 1yr/7mil. I'm glad KW passed. http://www.hotstove.com/2010/01/report-ran...deal/#more-3680
  4. badatbest

    Projected Sox Batting Order

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Dec 17, 2009 -> 12:09 PM) No one with Ramirez at 2? Listen to what Ozzie and KW are saying - they want Beckham down the order to knock in runs. i hate the idea of ramirez in the 2 hole. reminds me of when people thought juan uribe would be "great!" in the 2 hole. neither have ANY plate discipline and both are poor/average baserunners.
  5. badatbest

    Projected Sox Batting Order

    Pierre Bacon Quentin Konerko Jones/Flowers AJ/Flowers Rios Ramirez Teahen
  6. QUOTE (elgonzo4sox @ Dec 16, 2009 -> 12:49 AM) Quentin replaces Dye in RF. That's an upgrade, *if* TCQ is healthy. Andruw Jones replaces Dewayne Wise as a bench outfielder. That's an upgrade. Kotsay replaces Brian Anderson as a bench outfielder. Upgrade. Juan Pierre replaces Pods as a starting outfielder (RF). That should be a small upgrade. Rios replaces the centerfielder-of-the-month that we've had since Rowand left. Upgrade. Vizquel replaces Brent Lillibridge as backup infielder. Need I say more. Peavy + Garcia replace Contreras + Colon in the rotation. Major upgrade. Putz joins the pen, replacing someone. Upgrade, if Putz is healthy. The only area that's gotten weaker is DH, with the rotating-DH likely producing less output than Thome. I think Kenny is having a good offseason / late season of 2009. Also. Though this is difficult to get excited about, Teahen is probably a modest upgrade in the infield over Getz/Nix playing everyday.
  7. badatbest

    Random Sox thoughts

    QUOTE(LVSoxFan @ Aug 20, 2007 -> 08:55 AM) Richar: great glove... how long do we wait for him to learn how to hit? (see: Brian AAAnderson) You shound have just left it as Brian Anderson.
  8. badatbest

    An article to feel good about...

    about all we can do at this point is beat up on the central. in the end i doubt we'd make it, we'd just hand the yanks the wildcard on a silver platter.
  9. badatbest

    Fields' HR

    I think Fields will be above average on defense with more experience. Crede is such a monster at 3rd base though, his defense has been one of my favorite aspects of the white sox for the past few years. He is(was) so rock solid in the field, anchors(ed) their infield defense.
  10. badatbest

    Chris Young article on ESPN.com

    This story almost made me cry. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/stor...mp;lid=tab2pos1
  11. badatbest

    Where did Downy pull this one outta....

    If Tony came would Hawk leave? God that would make me happy. I cannot stand Hawk.
  12. badatbest

    Jerry Owens At-Bat Music

    Mackowiak's cracks me up. "This is why I'm hot..."
  13. badatbest

    Jerry Owens At-Bat Music

    I'm fairly certain it is Dr. Dre
  14. badatbest

    Iguchi Traded to Phillies for RP/SP Michael Dubee

    I honestly havent had any problems with KW's trades with the Philly's. The Phill's seem to get our worn out hand-me-downs, we shouldnt comlpain when we dont get the world back for them. We got something. And if anyone wants to start something about the Thome-Rowand trade. Eat it. That was a great trade. The mistake was not having a backup plan for BA/Sweeney/Owens. Mackoviac ('06) and Erstad ('07) are not back up plans for CF.
  15. badatbest

    Why do you still watch the Sox?

    QUOTE(Jimbo's Drinker @ Jul 23, 2007 -> 03:20 PM) best answer ever. might as well close the thread now