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    2020 Celebrity Death Thread

    Throat cancer. I saw them with David Lee Roth in Tinley Park in 2015. It was a great show and I thought for sure they would at least tour every couple of years especially since his son joined the band but then he was diagnosed with cancer and it kept getting worse.
  2. RichieZisk

    Market/Financial Thread

    Buyer realtor's became a lot less useful when the MLS was made available to everyone on the web. If I'm thinking of moving then I can go to realtor.com and get almost all the info that I need to know about a possible purchase even if it is in a different state. I would still need to go to the see the house in person and get an inspection but there is not much else a realtor could do for me especially if I'm pre-qualified. That said a buyers realtor did help when we sold our last house FSBO. We had almost completed the whole process without using a realtor (paid $250 to get it listed on the MLS) but it was a 110 year old house and failed the inspection so the original buyers backed out. We made the necessary repairs and put it back on the MLS with a 2.5% buyers realtor commission. It sold within a week at full price and the buyers realtor totally greased the wheels to get the buyers onboard including getting them to lower the price on their contingency sale condo. I live in the burbs now and within the past few years two of my neighbors sold FSBO. They both paid a small fee to get on the MLS. Neither of the buyers used a realtor. One buyer found their house on realtor.com and other found their house by driving around neighborhoods and saw the For Sale sign. Seller agents are best used when you want a hands off approach and lots of guidance. If not then there is not much to selling a house to a qualified buyer. There are also plenty of discount realtors like these guys who I would probably use if I was selling my house: https://lincolnwayrealty.com/#
  3. RichieZisk

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Italy has the second oldest population in the world: https://www.prb.org/which-country-has-the-oldest-population/
  4. I enjoyed both players but I really liked Adam Eaton as a player and a person. This video shows all I need to know about Adam's character: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/03/adam-eaton-blind-white-sox-fan-photo-bat-gloves-spring-training-mlb
  5. RichieZisk

    Chicago Elections

    1.5 million registered voters in Chicago but your point is still correct.
  6. RichieZisk

    Home Opener pushed to Friday

    For those of you who can't make make it trust me that you would be much angrier if you went, spent a bunch of money on concessions, still got soaked, and then find out that the game is still going to be postponed which is very likely what would have happened.
  7. RichieZisk

    Home Opener pushed to Friday

    I have not heard anything but I hope it is true. It's supposed to start raining tonight and not stop until tomorrow night so it definitely would be the right decision. What is the purpose of having that buffer day after the opener if not to use it for a situation like this? It would also help move many of those unsold opening day tickets. Do it JR!
  8. RichieZisk

    Marvel Entertainment Thread

    I have an 11 year old daughter and it all depends on the movie. Movies like Dark Knight, Taken, Insidious, Sucker Punch, and Drag Me to Hell are all rated PG-13. Do you think those are appropriate movies for a 6th grader?
  9. RichieZisk


    Paying for the first time ever in 30 years of filing a tax return. Yes I know my take home pay went up a bit but not much. Deductions went from $44k to $25.5K mostly due to the $10K cap on SALT taxes. If you own a home in a high property tax suburb then this tax is going to hurt. We will be part the 10% that will see an increase from the new tax plan. What state you live in is important. Homeowners in Cal, NY, NJ, and IL all get hit hard by this tax plan.
  10. RichieZisk

    2018 Democrats thread

    I highly doubt Hillary will run again. Biden might and would probably win the nomination but his age will definitely be an issue. Those other names mentioned will run but I think a democratic governor like John Hickenlooper of Colorado, Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, Steve Bullock of Montana, or Andre Cuomo of New York would have the best chance again Trump. Now if Oprah runs then all bets are off. Remember how ludicrous it was to think of Trump becoming president. Same goes for Oprah. People tend to trust celebrities for some reason and she is, by far, the biggest celeb available to democrats. The reason I think she won't run is because she would not want to give up her leisurely lifestyle for four years of being president. We will also probably see some of these democrats start campaigning for the 2020 presidential election as soon as early 2019.
  11. Is this game going to be played? Forecast is calling for rain starting around 7pm. Going to tailgate but don't have tickets yet and debating whether or not to pick up some cheapies on stubhub or just play it by ear.
  12. QUOTE (IowaSoxFan @ Aug 16, 2016 -> 12:30 PM) I believe so, I think that the TV money they can get in those markets that have zero summer live sports inventory is going to dwarf what they would get as the second team in Chicago, especially if CSN goes in all 162 Cubs games and relegates the SOX to CSN+ or local TV. JR owns 40% of CSN so that is not happening. If anything the Cubs will sell their share in CSN (maybe to Blackhawks?) and create a completely new channel especially if they win a WS between now and 2019. Providers will be cautious due to issues with LA Dodgers but the Cubs will still make a ton of money. It could just be me but it seems that a lot of the people who are proponents of the Sox moving do not live in Chicago and/or do not go to any games. I don't know anyone local who would even consider the Sox moving any sort of a good thing except of course the fans in the far west and north burbs who would love a close ballpark which is never going to happen.
  13. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Aug 12, 2016 -> 03:01 PM) There is zero chance they would get away with building a new stadium in the loop. It's all BS. Agreed. The bargain priced stadium deal is part of the overall value of the team. What is conceivable is the next owner pushing for a new semi-publicly funded stadium in the current location when the current lease is up but more than likely they will just want similar terms and some other types of upgrades. The State has very little leverage when it comes to the stadium. What else are they going to do with it if the Sox leave?
  14. If the team is sold then Andrew Berlin is the most likely local buyer of the team. He already owns a piece of the team (and the Cubs). He is friends with JR who held a private 50th birthday party for him at US Cellular field. He also has turned around the South Bend minor league team which are now affiliated with the Cubs. Unless there is a bidding war with some out of town or even in town investment firm (Chicago based Guggenheim Partners owns the LA Dodgers) Berlin will probably be the next owner of the White Sox which is a good thing since he seems to know what he is doing, has more money than he will ever need so he won't be in it purely for profit, and most importantly of all he is a White Sox fan. http://sportsmockery.com/2016/01/what-beco...einsdorf-66911/ http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/glen...0407-story.html