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    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    I just finished watching all 10 episodes. The 10th episode is the final of the show so no waiting for more seasons. I agree that it is hard to get in to but I'm glad I stuck with it since it is a good show and everything is explained and tied up by the final episode. Lots of scenes in Chicago including a 2005 flashback where the actor is wearing a Sox scarf. For those of you who don't know Station Eleven is about a COVID type virus that is super contagious and far deadlier. It's not so much about the spread but what happens to a certain group of survivors. It can seem bleak at times especially considering the current circumstances but overall its an entertaining show.
  2. RichieZisk

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    Hacks on HBOMax is good. I had never heard of it until I read that one the actors won a Golden Globe. I'll give any HBO comedy that wins an award a chance. It's about a young female LA writer who's forced to write jokes for a Joan Rivers type comedian in Vegas. Fun to watch and lots of good shots of Vegas.
  3. RichieZisk

    2021 NHL Thread

    I was at the Bears Packers game a couple of weeks ago and the guy sitting behind us kept saying "If you a Packer fan then your gay!". He said it a least a dozen times and he got louder as he drank more. Nobody laughed but there was a lot of cringing. Finally a guy in a Packer jersey stood up and said "Is this gay?" and then made out with his girlfriend. The whole section applauded and the guy finally shut up.
  4. RichieZisk

    Sox playoff tickets on Sale Wed 2pm

    My refund posted overnight.
  5. RichieZisk

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    While the books are really good so far the TV show is a great standalone series. It looks they are changing and expanding on quite a few things from the books.
  6. RichieZisk

    **Water-Cooler Thread (TV stuff)**

    Foundation on Apple+ is excellent. Highly recommended for even casual sci-fi fans. I read that they want to have 8 seasons of 10 episodes. It looks pricey to produce so we shall see.
  7. RichieZisk

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    It's going to be a very cool museum and would have been nothing but good for Chicago and everyone in the Chicagoland area. https://lucasmuseum.org/
  8. RichieZisk

    Marvel Entertainment Thread

    IMHO Loki was by far the best of the Disney+ s Marvel shows. Loved the "Throg" and Thanos copter cameos. https://collider.com/loki-episode-5-easter-eggs-mcu-explained/
  9. RichieZisk

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    17 game season approved by NFL. Bears scheduled to play a 17th game vs Las Vegas. https://www.chicagobears.com/news/owners-vote-to-expand-nfl-season-to-17-games-bears-raiders-las-vegas
  10. RichieZisk

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Walgreen's had a chain of Denny's like restaurants called Wag's in the 70's and 80's.
  11. RichieZisk

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Coming 2 America was....not good. It's not Caddyshack 2 or Blues Brothers 2000 bad but it was still pretty bad. Lots of funny and talented actors in the cast but the writing and story were just not entertaining.
  12. RichieZisk

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Just got first Moderna shot today. Arm feels about the same as after a flu shot. It's the second shot that I'm worried about. Everyone I know who has had the second shot of either Pfizer or Modena has had a rough go of it. The worst seems to kick in the night of and day after the second shot.
  13. RichieZisk

    Fans at opening day? Fans at Opening Day! (confirmed)

    A friends neighbor is a long time usher and he got notice from the Sox to be ready to come back fulltime August 1st.
  14. RichieZisk

    Automobile Thread

    Look for a used engine on ebay that comes with a decent warranty or try car-part.com to see if a local salvage yard has one available. Then try to find a mechanic to install it (craigslist or facebook). If you can get the engine and installation for less than $2k then it might be worth it. Also try to find a dedicated Vibe forum. A place like that would be a great resource to see if it is worth it or not.