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  1. Iguana

    Keep Jermaine in the #3 hole

    Cant say I dissagree.
  2. Iguana

    What does he know about baseball

    I thought Salisbury was a football guy? Yea, Crede is finally living up to his potential. He should be a Sox for a long time.
  3. Iguana

    poor willie

    I thought i heard they brought the celebration out to the field so Willie could participate.
  4. Iguana

    So It seems I was wrong about

    Now, Kenny, hand out some of that hard earned playoff money to Kone!
  5. Iguana

    White Sox go from cursed to first

    QUOTE(Jordan4life_2005 @ Oct 27, 2005 -> 08:54 AM) I liked this part of the article best. exactly. and Boston had the best home record in the majors. Sox simply dominiated when they had to.
  6. Iguana

    one of the worst teams...So what!

    QUOTE(brink1 @ Oct 27, 2005 -> 06:51 AM) Individually, the 2005 Sox are one of the worst teams to ever win a world series. We have no .300 hitter. No above average player 1-9 except Konerko. Great starting pitching though. Playing as a team, we beat a Red Sox team with no starting pitching. An Angels team with no Bartolo Colon, (thank God for the dropped 3rd strike win, and no ump seeing Steve Finley's bat hit AJ's glove.) And then come the Astros who were once 15 games under .500 this year. And their Ace (Rodger Clemens), much like the Angels ace gets hurt. In a year where there were no Great teams, the White Sox managed to survive and win it by playing good team ball. No doubt it was our year. WE? you talk as if your a Sox fan. Certainly doesnt seem like it in this post. If you actually watched them this year, you would know they were one of the BEST TEAMS in the last 25 years.
  7. Iguana

    Former Soxtalk troll makes appearance

    QUOTE(Wanne @ Oct 25, 2005 -> 02:13 PM) She got kicked off the Bear board for stirring up so much s***....claimed she worked at Halas Hall too and was really hot...pffffffffft. LMAO. that's where i remember her from. damn, i miss her insite...
  8. Iguana

    Neither Sox or Astors get any Love

    I figured this would happen. Kind of funny too. Sox and Houston arent exactly atop the merchandise sales. I bet MLB crapped themselves when the knew it would be a Series w/o the Yankees or the Wrong Sox.
  9. Iguana

    Steve Stone picks Sox in 6 games

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Oct 20, 2005 -> 07:42 AM) Steve Stone said on the Mike North show that he thinks the Sox will win in 6 games. Now he's a guy I would trust his baseball knowledge. I hope he's right.
  10. Iguana

    Pepsi Commercial

    QUOTE(kyyle23 @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 09:08 AM) Arod's family is Puerto Rican, arent they? My family is from France...does that make me a spokesman for france?
  11. Iguana

    Pepsi Commercial

    QUOTE(fathom @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 08:44 AM) During the NLCS game last night, I thought it was quite comical to see the Pepsi commercial where ARod and Vlad are hitting balls to the moon, etc. Wouldn't it be more appropriate if Vlad grounded out to the SS on every swing? Pepsi must really suck during the postseason with those two guys? The thing that made me laugh is that they were playing salsa or some music like that but yet, A-Rod is from NY. Not sure where vlad is from but A-Rod is from no where near Mexica/Venazula/Dominican Rep.
  12. Iguana

    Los Angeles @ Chicago - ALCS Game 1

    good time to steal 3rd with a RHB.
  13. Iguana

    Los Angeles @ Chicago - ALCS Game 1

    Anyone want to bash Crede now?
  14. QUOTE(fathom @ Sep 24, 2005 -> 06:50 PM) I'd take that "dumbass" on my team anyday. He'd make a great 4th outfielder. Yea, he's a gamer. he still should hold on to the bat. Hawk said he has a habit of losing the bat.
  15. QUOTE(WHarris1 @ Sep 24, 2005 -> 06:46 PM) I WISH I GOT THAT GAME INSTEAD OF SOME RANDOM BULLs*** No s***. i have Catch Me If You Can. wtf?