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  1. Dick Allen

    Who would still want Maddon?

    Jim O’Donnell in the Daily Heald thinks not only Maddon, but Theo will also be hitting the road.
  2. Dick Allen

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    Cooper has been among the least criticized coaches from horrible teams in history. And beer muscles? Isn't he the guy who goes on radio after a few and blasts those that don't accept losing? Obviously we can't know all that is involved day to day, minute to minute with the team. Maybe Cooo can point us to whose job it is to win, and we can finally rip on the correct person.
  3. Dick Allen

    Who would still want Maddon?

    Maddon speaks fluent Spanish. And I don’t know why he wouldn’t fit culturally. He was nails with a young Cubs and young Rays teams. it won’t happen for obvious reasons, and I also doubt he would do it to Ricky again. But he would be a great fit.
  4. Dick Allen

    Who would still want Maddon?

    I’d take Maddon if he was available. Back when the Sox had Bevington, they went after Jim Leyland when he became a free agent. But he went to Miami in part because of how the Sox treated his buddy Lamont, who was a pretty good manager himself. I am not a Renteria guy, but he is nowhere near the same bad Bevington was. Still, if they have a shot at Maddon, they would be fools not to take it. His act will grow old, but not for a while. He would be a huge upgrade, and show the fan base you finally mean business. But the problem is Joe Maddon doesn’t like his pitchers throwing cutters.Don Cooper would love if every one of his pitchers threw cutters.Something would have to give that JR, RH, and KW won’t let give.
  5. Dick Allen

    Machado do-over

    Machado is better than him at 3B. If Machado was signed, Moncada most likely would have been at 2B this year, perhaps moving to accommodate Madrigal next year. I doubt they would move him again. But assuming Madrigal is really good, I bet Yoan would be better as a RF than anyone they eventually sign.
  6. Dick Allen

    Machado do-over

    There is no question he is not performing well enough at home. But that doesn't mean the Sox dodged a bullet.
  7. Dick Allen

    Machado do-over

    He's doing pretty well on the road. His home numbers are driving him down. He's doing a lot worse there than he should. I wish the Sox had him. It's hard to pick up a talent like that at that age for only money, something they should have plenty. This team still needs a lot to go right. Considering the teams Rick Hahn has generally managed have never produced worse than the overall #11 pick, and with Sale, Eaton and Q to trade, you would think the depth would be a bit better. They should be at the point the 40 man could be difficult. But they still are loaded with guys who won't do jack and no one will remember they were even around 2 years from now.
  8. Dick Allen

    Machado do-over

    That is because he has been brutal at home. I think Guaranteed Rate would be a good place for him to hit. But I have thought that for just about everyone.,
  9. Dick Allen

    Machado do-over

    If he didn't flop and was a star, I'd rather have Moncada in RF than any of the free agents this year. The White Sox need a lot of offense. This isn't 2005 anymore.
  10. Dick Allen

    Machado do-over

    Machado at 3B and Moncada at 2B or the OF seems a lot better choice than what they have.
  11. Moncada is putting up an fWAR that the Boy Wonder put up with regularity. Hopefully it will become common for him as well. I think TA will come back to the pack a bit offensively moving forward, but do think he will figure out using good fundamentals, even if it's boring, is the way to go with routine plays, and save the flare for the spectacular, which will probably more than offset his drop in offense.
  12. Dick Allen

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    No need to extend him. Let's see what he's got next season, then talk contract. His framing still sucks but everything else is pretty, pretty good.
  13. Also, a 3B and SS aren't considered a DP combination.
  14. Dick Allen

    White Sox final win total

    PECOTA had them at 70 wins and Vegas at 74.5 before the season started. Looks like they are right at where projected.