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  1. The Rangers line up is pathetic.
  2. Dick Allen

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    Maybe it is what is best. In 2007 the White Sox shut John Danks down after August and 135 ip. 2008 was perhaps his best seasn including a gem in game 163. I would agree and say there is a point where you have to call them up, but Kopech hasn't mastered AAA and Eloy has very little experience above A ball.
  3. Dick Allen

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    I am not ignoring their development at all. Kopech. Has a 4.02 ERA in AAA, and Jimenez has 201 plate appearances above A ball. If the plan is mid July, an extra month and a half this year and 2 weeks next year shouldn't hurt development, while improving the odds of sustainable winning.
  4. Dick Allen

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    I just think these guys are supposedly elite. The 150 games on the roster in 2019 should be enough that in 2020 they are big pieces of a contender. If it wasn’t enough, and they still needed another 50 games, I would rather sacrifice that in 2020 than sacrifice an entire season at the end of their control when they should be at their peaks
  5. Looks like rain. 48 degrees. It’s June in less than 2 weeks.
  6. Dick Allen

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    If you are calling them up in mid July, exactly what are they going to gain from playing with a cellar dweller? The games are meaningless, it’s like spring training, especially September. You are willing to give up one peak year each of Kopech and Jimenez for less than 3 months of meaningless games? And using your example, Griffey showed he didn’t need a year and a half in the major leagues to contribute.
  7. Dick Allen

    Adam Engel

    I know Engel has the reputation of having a pus arm. He actually made a couple of really good throws last night. I think I mentioned this before but when I was at a season ticket holder q and a with RH last year, Engel came up. RH mentioned they were just speaking about him right before he came to meet us. He said Renteria loved him, didn’t care if he hit at all. RH said while he loved the glove, he was going to have to improve at the plate.
  8. Dick Allen

    Adam Engel

    Cordell can’t hit either. A couple of years from now we will forget these guys even existed. I had some hopes for Engel, but after seeing him last year, realized those were pipe dreams. He got some hits in spring training and a few took the Kool aid. But it couldn’t be more apparent he cannot hit. If he was 22 or 23 I would think maybe there is a slim chance.
  9. Dick Allen

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    Payroll has something to do with it, but the White Sox have focus more on pitching as an organization for a long time. Maybe that has recently changed. One thing I did notice, when Ozzie was here, the White Sox has an above average MLB payroll every season. Since, even when signing free agents and “going for it”, their payroll has been above average once, in 2013 when they lost 99 games.
  10. Dick Allen

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    2 weeks into next season, and they get called up. It should be plenty of time for them to be ready in 2020. If it isn’t, they aren’t ready to be called up this season anyway. Kopech still has things to work on. Eloy can spend a few months in AAA. It won’t kill them. Then they have an extra year of control for when these 2 should be at their peaks, if the team is rolling then, excellent. If they need to rebuild again, an extra year of control gets you better prospects. There was a prospect a few years ago who put up this in the minors. .325/.438/.661 with 43 homers. 22 years old He wasn’t called up to his horrible team, and actually went back to AAA the next season for a couple of weeks. His team can afford huge contracts. His name is Kris Bryant, and I do not believe his growth was stunted in any way.
  11. Dick Allen

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    They shouldn’t be called up until a couple weeks into next season to get the extra year of control when the White Sox are supposed to be good. Giving up that year for both guys just to see them perform for a horrible team is worse than signing Moustakas for 1 year and giving up a second round pick. All of you tankers who think these guys need to be called up ASAP, are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Leave them down, see you next year. They will get over it.
  12. Dick Allen

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    He was much better tonight when he started throwing strikes. I don’t think he threw 3strikes in a row until the 3rd or 4th inning. I can’t understand pitchers trying to nibble on the corners the first pitch. There is such a huge difference 1-0vs. 0-1,and there are so many hitters who either won’t swing at the first pitch or require it be in a very specific spot, pitchers can get away with throwing meatballs then most of the time. And with sabermetrics and emphasis on pitches per AB, that is only going to grow. Pitchers need to use it to there advantage and get ahead in the count instead of trying to throw a perfect pitch. O-1; then they may chase your bullshit.
  13. Dick Allen

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    They have given him plenty to work with. They traded for Danks, Garcia, Garland, Peavy, Vazquez, Colon. Drafted Bepuehrle and Sale, acquires Quintana. They don’t sign big name free agent staring pitchers, because at one time they wouldn’t go more than 3 years, but to say he hasn’t had anything to work with because of it is not accurate.