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  1. Dick Allen

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    What were the odds that a 5-0 score after 1 inning would be in the Sox favor tonight?
  2. Dick Allen

    Trust the process

    They are running promotions. This week it's 2 beers and a bleacher seat for $22.
  3. Dick Allen

    Trust the process

    The Sox are already 5 games behind their pace last year when they lost 95.
  4. Dick Allen

    Fulmer starting tonight

    This has been the way for years. The minute anyone has a good week, they need to be promoted, whether it's to high A or the major leagues. If the Sox do it and they struggle, they are idiots for "rushing" guys.
  5. Dick Allen

    2018 NFL Draft

    speaking of, never sit in the row in front of the exit aisle on American Airlines. The seat is tilted forward for more exit room. You are sitting like you are about to be shot out of a cannon.
  6. Dick Allen

    Fulmer starting tonight

    45 degrees, Fulmer on the mound. Should be a huge crowd tonight.
  7. Dick Allen

    Earth Day!

    I read that weren't using straws but did see not empty straw dispensers at the concession stands.
  8. Dick Allen

    Trust the process

    I don't think people are complaining much about a rebuild. I think they are complaining that the White Sox seem to be out of most games, with no shot of winning. But there are teams that are worse. I would hate to be a Royals fan. Think about how long they are going to suck. They don't have a heck of a lot to trade and the pieces they do have, the stock is dropping. Danny Duffy has been pretty awful. Sal Perez is starting to get hurt annually and has some mileage behind the plate.
  9. Dick Allen

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    Engel, Tilson, Cordell, none of them ever could have been substituted for Trayce in the Frazier deal. Trayce is probably better than all three, and has more upside than all 3, although he is far from surefire. But they need to let him play and get some ABs.
  10. Dick Allen

    Gonzalez DL; Beck up

    The Sox found a way to downgrade from Miguel Gonzalez. Watch GarPax. This is how you tank (even though I don't think RH is actually tanking per se for a draft pick)
  11. Dick Allen

    Trust the process

    When even Hawk doesn't think next year will be a contending year, that will tell you this process is still more toward the beginning than the end.
  12. Dick Allen

    Will Rick Renteria be managing the team in 2020?

    Anything can happen before 2020. Renteria might piss off the wrong person, or someone may see something they don't like, or someone may become available that the Sox can't live without, but right now, I would suspect anyone but RR at the helm then isn't even a consideration.
  13. Dick Allen

    Reynaldo Lopez

    The White Sox as a team, have a pretty decent walk rate, yet they have walked 39 times less in 18 games than their opponents. Unexceptable.
  14. Dick Allen

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    That's all fine and dandy, but this stuff should start the first day you report to the White Sox. I don't understand how guys make it through several years in the minors, get called up, and are as clueless as many of at least the White Sox prospects over the years, are. You learn something every day, but you should have a pretty good idea about the basics by the time you get to the major leagues, or there is a problem at the lower levels.
  15. Dick Allen

    Reynaldo Lopez

    I get it and conditions could be a very legitimate excuse, as the entire Sox staff appears to be walk happy. I just wonder why White Sox opponents aren't having the same issue.