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  1. How awful. My deepest sympathy.
  2. The problem with that is the agent also speaks to the Phillies, so based on their discussions he will know if their interest is really drying up.
  3. Ther is zero chance Manny misses Soxfest. They would even comp his room.
  4. You're right. It was pretty silent before the White Sox gave us that late Christmas present in one Jon Jay.
  5. Dick Allen

    I got white sox stuff to sell.

    Onesie, flag, hat, coin and t-shirt. You have everything but a source.
  6. It seemed legit. It might be legit. But he was talking about how the Sox are upset at leaks, and then he opened the spout. Seems a bit odd to me. And even if JR was at the inauguration, which I tend to doubt, I'm sure his cell phone is still on his person.
  7. If you read the Rick Hahn stuff, he thought it would be wrapped up by Christmas. Apparently his people must think there is another offer out there for a heck of a lot more money.
  8. First off, I doubt he was at the inauguration. JR is probably in AZ. Secondly, this guy starts posting "leaks" about Rick Hahn being upset about leaks. And posted nothing earlier. While his info seems plausible, I'm a bit skeptical regarding his inside knowledge.
  9. If they are hellbent on over $300 million and a record, it will probably be a while.
  10. My source tells me this may conclude today. Or it may not. He's never wrong.
  11. Dick Allen

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Maybe the new hitting analytics guy could have helped him, but I'm sure he was consulted before Avi was non tendered. If he ever gets his swing to a point he is putting it in the air most of the time, he is capable of huge numbers. But he is always hurt and is going to slow down, so he eventually will be strickly a DH or have to learn 1B. And they had one year of control. Made the decision easier I would imagine.
  12. If he signs with Philadelphia, wouldn't that say the Sox were outbid since neither player supposedly wants to go there?