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  1. Dick Allen

    The Hawk Harrelson tribute thread

    My feelings exactly. I was thinking how glad I was they did this gradually the last couple of years, instead of having him go from a full season to nothing. I am more prepared. I am going to miss him. It’s probably time, but I just wish he could have gone out with a better team.
  2. Dick Allen

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    I don’t even think Trump would be married to this guy , he really is a Bush guy after all, except for one thing, his view on indicting g POTUS.
  3. Dick Allen

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    All you need to know is lying to the FBI is a crime. The alleged victim wants an FBI investigation and to speak to them. Those pushing the confirmation want nothing to do with the FBI. It is very telling.
  4. Dick Allen

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    You aren't sending this guy to jail. You are trying to determine if he is fit for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. All these things factor in. If there is a really good likelihood this occurred, he is unqualified. Chances are, when and if they investigate, your conclusion is correct, and they won't be able to verify everything. But with something like this, making the effort to find out is important.
  5. Dick Allen

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    You can also speak to people she allegedly told previously. There are people who she told about this long before Kavanaugh became a household name and a candidate for the Supreme Court.
  6. Dick Allen

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    You are probably right, but at some point it has to turn at least a bit. Let's face it, a roster of 25 guys who have basically had their asses kissed every day of their lives because of their ability to play a game, is probably going to have its fair share of assholes. So it's understandable you aren't going to have a team filled with alter boys. But the line has to be drawn somewhere, and wife beating is a pretty good spot.
  7. Dick Allen

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    I always get a kick out of these things. Supposedly, Banister has a communication problem, yet he stuck around 4 years, and they extended him. I'm pretty sure if he managed the Red Sox, they would win over 100 games, and if he managed the Orioles, they still would be one of the worst teams of all time. I get the whole can't fire the team saying, but in the offseason, you can basically fire a good chunk. But he probably is just a guy like most, replaceable, would need another extension. IMO, the one time you can get burned with your basic manager is if he is tuned out because he is a lameduck, they probably figured that...move on to the next guy, and watch him win if they improve their roster, or lose if they keep it the same or get worse.
  8. Dick Allen

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    I do think when you are talking about Trump, it is an "us vs. them" situation. I usually vote democrat, but have voted for republicans in the past. Right now, I would never vote for a republican. That is a vote to leave Trump unchecked, because they are afraid. The guy isn't even republican and he hijacked the republican party. Anywhere but the US, I would find it fascinating. Here, it's just scary.
  9. Dick Allen

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    Right, because coming forward ruins your livelihood . These people who have made it, live quite a life. They don't want to risk it all for what could be nothing. His power would have overcome a couple of accusations and rumors. It took an army to take him down. It used to always confuse me why women who have been assaulted, women who have been beaten rarely came forward, but the me too movement has made that clear to me. I
  10. Dick Allen

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    The thing I don't get about the Trump party is what is an isn't proper behaviour, even a crime, depends on who you voted for. At least the Hollywood elites, and really I pay little attention to them for any sort of guidance, know when wrong is wrong. If Weinstein were a Trump supporter, he would have been a really great guy who had his life ruined by false comments.
  11. Dick Allen

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    Most of your stuff I agree with, but I don't really care about Hollywood. I will say, the right sure has no problem tar and feathering Weinstein (although I think he's scum), but using the criteria they use for anyone who appears to be a Trump supporter, he denies a lot of what he has been accused and his life is ruined by allegations that, if they were as bad as the victims claimed, Trump eloquently stated, they would have called the FBI right away.
  12. Dick Allen

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    So everyone is going to improve. I would love to live in that reality. In all seriousness, if that is what the team would be counting on, it's going to be a really long road to contention.
  13. Dick Allen

    Sports Media discussion

    Siera seems like a pretty cool woman, but she does seem a bit clueless about baseball when she is on the air. And in case anyone wants to think I'm suggesting I feel that way because of her gender, that wouldn't be accurate. I think Leyla is pretty awesome on the same channel.
  14. Dick Allen

    Dump Ryan Cordell

    Guys Cordell's age getting their first crack at the major leagues, generally don't have much of a baseball playing future. There are some exceptions, but it doesn't appear he is one at this time. At the very least, his 40 man spot, if needed, is a no brainer. I doubt they would lose him anyways.
  15. Dick Allen

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    I am pretty sure they know there is a really good chance there are some other women with stories to tell out there. I think it is the biggest reason Trump, for the ,most part, has bit his tongue. Another comes out, their credibility skyrockets, and all of these so called republicans look like fools trying to rush ‘this through. It wouldn’t leave enough time to confirm another candidate, and hurt them trying to keep control. For Trump, and the Trump party, it’s Kavanaugh or bust IMO.