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  1. I was thinking as well he might get a job with the Sox major league staff, but who knows, maybe he isn't a wiz as an instructor. I really don't think this is a very big deal.
  2. Apparently something is lacking with Omar. Since we don't have much exposure to his managerial and developmental skills, we have no idea. Maybe someone below him is better and they want to move up. Maybe they have some sort of issue with Omar's performance. Maybe he said or did something he shouldn't. Whatever it is, I wouldn't sweat he won't be with the organization anymore.
  3. Dick Allen

    New Piece of White Sox Memorabilia...

    Nicky Delmonico whiffed in those gloves.
  4. Dan O'Dowd thinks this guy may regret turning down the QO. They showed him playing LF. He makes Eloy look really good, and supposedly the guy can't throw at all.
  5. Dick Allen

    Pomeranz as RP target?

    I wouldn't give him too much based on a little more than 20 innings. The fangraphs article seemed to give all the credit to his fastball improving a tick. He's 30. Does that mean if he loses a tick, he's a gas can again? He's always struck guys out. He did have a couple of decent years starting. I just think giving him decent money for more than a year is silly.
  6. Dick Allen

    Pomeranz as RP target?

    He's the new Zach Duke.
  7. Dick Allen

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    He's either going to sign the multi year or grab the QO. Either way this is most likely ending today.
  8. Dick Allen

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    He is staying with the White Sox one way or another.
  9. Dick Allen

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    I'm pretty sure he lives in Miami. And there are a ton of Cubans there, but he wants to be and will be a White Sox.
  10. Dick Allen

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    We shop at the same grocery store. He looks 8 feet tall in person.
  11. Dick Allen

    A Realistic Offseason

    ‘‘Players want to come play for us, play for the White Sox, play on the South Side, play for [manager] Ricky [Renteria] and be part of what we’re building.’
  12. There may be nothing to this, but since they cheated, they lose the worry about yourself it's just coaching argument. There can be a lot of doubt.
  13. As they now say they are investigating withMLB, it's obvious they are guilty. So take a couple high picks and slot money away. Say next team that gets caught the punishment will be worse. I have no problem stealing signs if you get them the old fashioned way, usually a runner on 2b. In college we had a first base coach who could get them somehow, although he was wrong once with me and I almost went right into gas face first so I told him I didn't want to "know" anymore. Joe Nossek figuring out 3B signs is fine but there isn't nearly the running a more so that lessens the impact.
  14. Dick Allen

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    That's the sad part about this. There is no even temporary fix for this offense. I guess an NFL exec told Lawrence Holmes exactly what my buddy told me a while back. The league caught up to Nagy. They used to run gadget plays, and that made them look better than they were, but no more, and Mitch can't figure out the offense. What bothers me is they have some talent, and yet they look like a John Fox coached offense with Moses Moreno under center when they have the ball. It has to be the QB. Another NFL exec told David Kaplan the Bears are probably in the Super Bowl if Stafford is their QB.