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  1. Dick Allen

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    Considering he didn't say anything for over 30 years, no it doesn't matter. And how about his no denial but wasn't aware of anything at the new park? Did he participate in the cheating or was it 33 year old hearsay? And if he participated, which he said starting pitchers did, he's a cheater as well, but wants to be a hero.
  2. Dick Allen

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    This was over 30 years ago. Statute of limitations is up. C'mon Black Jack. Seems a guy is trying to make himself relevant again, and I am no fan of LaRussa. But this is ridiculous.
  3. Dick Allen

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    Most college baseball teams do not have a student coach. This is a made up position. He isn't taking anyone's spot. I;m pretty sure if someone else wanted the job, they could have two.
  4. Dick Allen

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    Can you name some student NCAA baseball coaches that went on to accomplish much in coaching? It's a ceremonial position because he is going back to finish his degree. He isn't being paid. He isn't ruining anyone's future. The guy is volunteering. He has some credibility. His title is student assistant because he is now a student, finishing up his degree. Butthurt describes you.
  5. Dick Allen

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    Any good manager would have had a team with Austin jackson, Jimmy Rollins, Brett Lawrie and Donner Navarro up the middle in the World Series mix.
  6. Dick Allen

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    I think some just have to look at facts. Yes, he did have to be talked into taking the Sox managerial job, but......there were reasons. It wasn’t that he wanted nothing to do with baseball or that he didn’t think he had anything to offer. At the time, his kids were young he wanted to be around them. He was still involved with baseball calling some college games on ESPN and had a part time role working with White Sox minor leaguers. He obviously wants to do this current thing, and I would bet knows far more about baseball than 99.999999999% of those thinking he knows very little.
  7. Dick Allen

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    It's mind boggling how much a guy who is going back to get his degree, and volunteers as an unpaid assistant at the school where he became famous, bothers some people. Your lives can't be that pathetic.
  8. Dick Allen

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    The Bulls have 1 win vs. a .500 or better team and that was beating the Clips playing without 3 guys in their rotation including Leonard, and playing the second half of a back to back. And they called themselves a playoff team. For the love of God Reinsdorfs, pull the plug on this regime.
  9. Dick Allen

    MLB cheating scandal

    Game 7, the Dodgers scored 1 run. Maybe the Astros get shutout, but that would be a reach.
  10. Dick Allen


    There is probably a better way to fill out a 40 man, but teams always need catchers, and not necessarily good ones, so having a couple extra isn't a bad thing.
  11. Dick Allen

    MLB cheating scandal

    I didn't say they would have won, but they definitely had the horses to do it. They were good enough to win a WS without doing this. Whether they would have won is anyone's guess because no one can tell you either way how each playoff game was effected.
  12. Dick Allen

    MLB cheating scandal

    If the suspension got them fired, it is way stronger than a one year ban. Teams aren't going to touch these guys. Personally, I have no idea why the Astros did what they did. They clearly were good enough to win playing straight. I have no problem with teams stealing signs the old fashioned way, but TVs, and binoculars are just wrong.
  13. Dick Allen

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    You said he was a bad choice last year, and a good choice as a back up this year. I just feel the exact opposite. He was a good choice last year, my posts on his signing will confirm it, although I did erroneously refer to him as a good framer. He's a bad choice this year. Grandal is here. There is no need to watch James regress for more than double the cash in a very limited role. Of course this goes with the caveat they could get something useful. If it's just trash, and the team can't or won't use the savings to sign another pitcher, I agree, keep him, but chances are he won't be worth his paycheck. It's a back up to one of the best in the league, and the Sox have a ton of catchers on their 40. It's a luxury not needed.
  14. Dick Allen

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    The point being the $5.4 million isn't a big deal, the Sox have a lot of money vs. the $2 million savings of McCann and Smith. If money was a factor last year, why wouldn't it be this?
  15. Dick Allen

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    Kind of strange from a guy who pointed to McCann's $2.5 million salary last year and thought because of that, Kevan Smith was the better choice. I don't think the Sox spent all the money they spent on Grandal to have him not catch as much as possible. And with Encanarcion around, DH isn't much of an option vs. LHP. This is such a limited role, while his salary isn't a ton, it's still an overpay, especially if there is at least a little regression, which seems inevitable.