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  1. 2 nights ago on Kaplans show Jesse was talking about Tony's HOF credentials being out on full display when they won 5 in a row.
  2. Losing the DH doesnt matter. They won't get back to the 9 spot anyway.
  3. For a guy who chastises fans on Twitter for ever questioning the almighty LaRussa, Stone sure does secretly question him a lot.
  4. He's an upgrade to what they had. But it's not like they won a bidding war.
  5. This has 3-2 loss written all over it. But it will be a good loss for some reason.
  6. Tony has to assume the Sox offense is done for the evening
  7. Dick Allen

    Fire Rick Hahn

    No one is around to get the fax. They are at the store getting all their video converted to VHS.
  8. Dick Allen

    Momentum or Big Tease?

    Total tease. When you have to have a meeting and tell the entire team there needs to be more fire, you can temporarily get some. It's not permanent. They will lose at least 2 out of 3 this weekend, and be back to where they were when everyone got excited because they beat up an awful Detroit team, and had 2 unlikely comebacks vs. Houston.
  9. 2022 Chicago White Sox. One base ar a time.
  10. 5 singles scores 2, so 25 singles. Already have 2.
  11. God Bless my wife. She just saw the score and texted me. She asked me if they could come back.
  12. The fact that they are so in the White Sox heads speaks volumes.
  13. The only thing left for today is to have a good player get injured down 10.
  14. Maybe Vince can develop another blister to keep him away from the mound for a while.
  15. Remember when the Sox replaced Rodon with Villasquez? That was awesome .
  16. To borrow and old JR line, anyone who thinks this team can catch Cleveland is crazy
  17. Bummer or Crick to the 60 day. 40 man roster solved.
  18. Can't they just move Bummer to the 60 day?
  19. True. In the NBA though, it is different. If you get waived, and another team signs you, you get your guarantee from the team that waived you, and what you signed for. A raise for sucking so much, a team would rather pay you not to be around.
  20. non contenders aren't going to sign him , why even pick up a minimal expense. Most contenders are pretty set at SS. Andrus doesn't have many options. He'll get time now, and if he earns it, he can play 2B when TA gets back. Most other places, he's riding pine most of the time. Would probably start for a little while in Tampa, but once Franco gets back, he might get sent home.
  21. Dick Allen

    Are there any shortstops available?

    Yes but he is going to want to go to a place he will play a lot.