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  1. My opinion shouldn’t bother you but your statement that they have more data than me so I shouldn’t be anything but thrilled with anything they do is curious, because you do criticize the Blackhawks and they probably have more data than you. So I guess Tony is the only one with less data that should ever be able to question anything.
  2. The White Sox haven’t won longer than the Blackhawks. In fact the 3 Cups the Blackhawks won last decade equals the amount of championships the White Sox have won ever. And they have had success with extensions. But that doesn’t mean sign everyone to one. Eventually, some don’t work out, This one doesn’t make much sense to me.
  3. Didn’t ask for and don’t need your help. BTW, the Blackhawks are probably working with more data than you, so maybe you should listen to yourself and realize everything they do is correct.
  4. This is the second post comparing an Aaron Bummer extension with a Sale and Q extension. It is ridiculous it was mentioned once. I really doubt Bummers value rose with this extension considering he had 5 years of control left anyway. This is the largest extension ever given to a pre-arb non closer in MLB history,
  5. They saved if everything goes perfectly and Bummer becomes a lockdown closer on a contender. But he grabs his elbow in June, it screws up 2 arb years and probably eliminates him from ever being the closer. I think it was at least a year premature. Let’s see if he can repeat his performance. The Sox are no strangers to having elite LH relievers.Damaso Marte for a year or two was probably the best LH reliever in the AL. Then he fell apart. Matt Thornton was maybe the best 8th inning lefty in baseball. Remember when they tried to hand him the 9th? Bummer was terrific last year. But aren’t relievers supposed to be inconsistent from year to year? What makes him different? 2017 and 2018 gave no indication he was anything special. He didn’t make the 2019 team out of spring training. I didn’t see anyone calling for an Aaron Bummer extension anywhere. Overall, it’s not a lot of money. But it is unnecessarily spent money, just like the money for Alonzo and Jay, and Keppinger, and Teahan. The list goes on and on. maybe he is an exception. I hope he is as great as is apparently expected. I just have my doubts giving non stars 5 year extensions when they are under control for 5 years and have 1 more career save than me. But I do congratulate him. Being guaranteed $16 million at his age is life changing.
  6. Since being a smart ass is so important, is Colome LH?
  7. Dick Allen

    KW says "no Puig"

    I was always under the impression Abreu wasn't a Puig fan. He has said all the nice things, but even when Puig was with the Dodgers and they were in spring training in the same complex he spent zero time with him, and it isn't like these guys don't have any free time in AZ
  8. Dick Allen

    KW says "no Puig"

    You just know KW would love to say "The man is an idiot".
  9. Dick Allen

    KW says "no Puig"

    We’re big fans but he’s not a fit is probably as diplomatic as KW can be.
  10. Maybe less. And if he gets hurt, a lot less. This insignificant sum he supposedly is guaranteed is probably less than the savings if he was tremendous the next 5 seasons going through arb, which would then make the savings also insignificant.
  11. Aaron Bummer was already controlled for the next 5 seasons.
  12. He is a LHP with a league average K rate. How many successful closers the last 30 years can you say that about? John Franco off the top of my head is one. I can’t think of another. So the reality is he is going to be a 7th or 8th inning guy. Paying him through his arb years for this to be a bargain is going to mean he was awesome.
  13. Considering he isn’t a free agent until after the 2024 season, the volatility of pitchers health in general, and performance inconsistencies of relief pitchers in particular, I think most reasonable people would think therr possibly, maybe, perhaps, could be one or two.
  14. Does seem weird, but we do know that sending pool money to pay buyouts has happened more than once, so apparently the threshold for an amount being significant is still a lot lower for the White Sox than most MLB teams.
  15. We don’t know if it stopped them from doing anything because the payroll was so low for most of the duration of the contract. We do know they would have rather give up signing an international free agent than pay Nate his buyout. There are already whispers JR put the kibosh on a Holt signing due to finances, and it is not like he required much quarantee
  16. Despite appearing in over 60 games the previous 2 seasons, Bummer didn’t make the Opening Day roster of the rebuilding 2019 White Sox. He had a great season when he was called up. But to say he is in line to be the future closer is crazy.
  17. Right but the Sox already had control of Bummer at reduced from free agency costs for several seasons. Many of the same things that have been said about Bummer where said about Fry a year ago. I don’t think you would like this contract for Fry. And relievers who don’t pickup saves are not very expensive in arbitration.
  18. Totally unnecessary.
  19. Dick Allen

    KW says "no Puig"

    I understand that line of thinking and it might make sense, but.......is Puig really a decent fi? There are a lot of people who have trashed Mazara, but at worst, he is a good platoon player. He has a career .800 OPS vs. RHP in his age 20-24 seasons. As bad as they want to make him, even if he is what he is, he is a very useful platoon guy, and with the new 3 batter rule, managers are going to have an easier time keeping him from facing LHP if necessary. Puig hasn’t hit righties all that well the last 3 years. I think they could find someone in a trade if necessary if a major player goes down for significant time. It wont piss me off if they sign Puig, but he really hasn’t been much in a few years, and thinking he will accept being a part timer and not disrupt anything especially if he is riding a lot of pine I think is a reach. If there was a clear path to 150 starts for the guy and he could only blame himself if it didn’t happen, I would be all for bringing him in.
  20. Dick Allen

    Sox Payroll Redux. Why did the Spending Stop ?

    Again, if this is true, it makes you wonder what the roster would have looked like if they were successful getting Machado or Wheeler.
  21. Dick Allen

    Sox Payroll Redux. Why did the Spending Stop ?

    If this is true, it makes you wonder about ticket sales. I always figured right around here was best case scenario for this season. Despite the ridiculous profit losing was making them, you knew JR wasn’t going to suddenly risk all of it. He still wants to make a profit. Breaking even is fine for a season, but losing cash, even if overall the bank account is bloated has never been acceptable, and never will be. It is one reason why sustained winning is going to be difficult. Look at the Red Sox and the Cubs. They hit a wall financially. The Sox will too, only far lower. Better win when you can because if these guys are as good as advertised they will have to be paid, and will be trade bait in a couple of years. i think JR would consider selling the team if they won again and he realized he couldn’t or wouldn’t fund a run at a couple more.
  22. Dick Allen

    Less Bunting?!

    I think the 3 batter rule may make him better. He seemed so stuck on L/L, R/R matchups. His bullpen usage has been questioned every year he has managed. Better players also helps.
  23. Dick Allen


    Am I missing something here? Is this the best of the worst contest. We know White Sox fans don't show up unless they think they are going to win the WS. Braves fans didn't even show up for playoff games.
  24. Dick Allen

    KW says "no Puig"

    He isn't technically a White Sox employee. The Sox have veto rights with him, but his paycheck doesn't have White Sox anywhere on it.