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  1. Harry Chappas

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    A person in my community, I do not know him personally but do a lot of business with his company, died at age 52. Pretty healthy small business owner that was anti-vax and anti-mask. I am still mystified that people do not think this is a real thing.
  2. Harry Chappas

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Going to be a great next 10 days. White Sox baseball is in limbo and there are some great games out there. In my world of cub hatred there is a perfect storm a brewing with their three main rivals in the playoffs and the Cardinals being left for dead and now rising like a Phoenix.
  3. Harry Chappas

    Playoff odds

    Odd thing about the Padres is they kind of just fell apart. Did they have any massive injuries?
  4. Harry Chappas

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    I think Hamilton should have had that.
  5. Harry Chappas

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    My God Foster is bad.
  6. Harry Chappas

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    He may have and has done it before when not needed. Vaughn is just much better at baseball than Goodwin.
  7. Harry Chappas

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Anderson won't play so Yoan has to I think Jimenez is the DH as he needs ABs Goodwin will DH
  8. Harry Chappas


    Great to win but again no runs the last five innings of the game. I have been on edge all season but after weathering the injuries it felt inevitable since mid-June Now let's hope for the best in the playoffs.
  9. Harry Chappas

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    I was at the last three games of 2008 including the blackout game and the two playoff games. Was with my 7 year old at the Sunday playoff game. He is now 20 and a die hard. The last 10 years of White Sox baseball have been a slog. Last year was an awakening and now we are all Woke. While this site can bring you down this is a team to like and the arrow is going in the right direction. None of us are happy with the last few weeks/ months but I know I will flip the switch when there is an asterisk next to the Sox name in the standings. I recall an ABC 7 special in 1983 on the Sox, I have it on Betamax somewhere. I need to go find that.
  10. Harry Chappas

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 12:10 PM Game 1 of Doubleheader

    This lineup exacerbates not getting a bat at the deadline as Vaughn at 100% doing what he was doing at his best would make a huge difference. LFG
  11. Harry Chappas

    Probables for Sox vs. Indians

    If I was younger I would be driving east down I 80 right now at 85 MPH. I get the frustration with this team but to give up on them is insane. It isn ot just this board it is Sox fans in general. Look at the Padres or the Reds and see what it really looks like to be disappointed in your team. Same with Seattle, Oakland and one of Boston, Toronto or New York. As recently as July the cubs had a batter record than the Cardinals and yet they threw their team in the garbage.
  12. Harry Chappas

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    For some reason I like that better for the White Sox.
  13. Harry Chappas

    How about we get off the ledge.

    I posted this in the game thread yesterday. The White Sox are last in baseball in runs scored from the 7th inning on. That to me will be the downfall of this team. They do not add on runs later and thus the opponent seems to be allowed to hang in there. At some point in the late spring the Sox lead baseball in run differential when that changed so did the appearance of this team. I do not know what is going to happen but those are the things that concern me currently.
  14. Harry Chappas

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    Bullpen usage today is a joke. LaRussa does love to use every guy on his team. I'm sure Goodwin will somehow get in this game before Sheets. The White Sox are last in baseball in runs scored after the 7th inning....well tied for 29th now with the Texas Rangers. That is my main issue with this team.