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  1. Harry Chappas

    Fire Ricky

    That is my belief as I watch this week. I believe there is a spring training type handling to the pitching staff where there are slotted guys and that's who is going under the guise of not caring about these games and being fresh for the playoffs. I also think taht is bullshit as it is a 60 games season and a bullpen is not taxed at this point. That is the only rationale I can think of as to why some of these moves are being made as I pointed out. Those moves I pointed to do not give any credence to my point of building for the future and as such I feel Renteria is about to lose this team. Robert, Moncada, Cease, Dunning, Lopez...them struggling may be needed to learn and build.....If Edwin is a leader keeping him in there could be something to appease the psyche of the team.......now if Rodan is highly thought of as a teammate, is the situation that he was put in, putting him in a position to succeed good for anything?
  2. Harry Chappas

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Engel's role this year is what we learned McCaan is capable of moving forward. Neither are starters but both have great value.
  3. Harry Chappas

    Fire Ricky

    Start the inning with him then.
  4. Harry Chappas

    Fire Ricky

    I saw their best player get kicked out of a game in the 9th inning when he was going to come to bat to extend a lead and in doing so cost his team the DH spot which while not costing them anything, it could have. Grandal and the bad hand had to bat for him. I also saw a pitcher have to explain why he was placed in a difficult position after not having pitched in over 6 weeks because the manager is looking to try out some new things. I saw a team that has been busting their ass and the last three days were put in position to fail...McCann has been struggling and Engel ahs been playing well yet there was McCann hitting for Engel...if you are going by your gut, hit Robert for Engel.....maybe Robert had played, I am trying to block out the last three games. We see the stupidity you think the players don't and are not impacted?
  5. Harry Chappas

    Fire Ricky

    The idea that Cooper and Renteria just fly by the seat of their pants and use no analytics is incredible. I still think the bullpen usage since they clinched ahs been scripted like spring training. I am also tired of hearing how the bullpen arms are worn out. The bullpen can get worn out over a long season not over a 60 season.....60 games in you begin to talk about how the bullpen will be worn out at this rate.
  6. Team that wins this weekend has the momentum for playoffs.
  7. My guess is the bullpen is scripted to get guyscinnings and stay fresh like spring training......that is all I van think.
  8. Who beat the cubs 3 times. I still think we win the divison after this managerial debacle.......
  9. Id rather play the cubs then the reds
  10. Now Anderson can't hit.....Darvish may no hit them tomorrow and K 15+ and I am not even joking in the least bit.
  11. If he is healthy....again big if but there is no risk......he is better than any other option and why not bring him back? To me it would be foolish to write him off when they do not have to...maybe he is a bullpen piece for the rest of his career. That is great asset to have from the left side.
  12. If Cease struggles next outing he cannot pitch in playoffs with how Lopez has looked recently. Sad to say.
  13. First series may not have a game 3.
  14. I take it lefties hit Plesac at a high....much much higher clip. I don't mind Dyson or Mazara but why both and Yolmer....really?
  15. I so want Hard Carl to start tomorrow and game 3 of playoffs (if necessary) and kick ass! I still think the Schomburg opportunity is allowing for injured pitchers especially veterans to be in a controlled environment for a longer period of time as opposed to the regular season where the rehab time in minors is limited.