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  1. I watched on delay. What a great game. San Fran defense was atrocious all series. Great pitching and bats still have no power.
  2. So tomorrow Anderson will be off so Leury can leadoff.
  3. Harry Chappas


    Went to bed after the 3rd that's where I am at with this team. Good to see Pollock do well. He should leadoff or bat second. Moncada is toast. Win one of next two and it's a nice end to a killer schedule. Let the day begin.
  4. Went to bed after the third. Nice start to the morning. Grab one of next two and it ain't a bad trip.
  5. He will gut it out. His manager believes in him. I'm out, long day early morning and I don't care enough to watch this mess.
  6. Minnesota is a better organization than the White Sox been that way since the Twins came be. Sox had no chance v that bullpen.
  7. He saw 6 pitches, great at bat results be damned. Drunken fool
  8. What options are there? Hell look at what the Dodgers have for depth. $10M is not breaking anything.
  9. At some point does the randomness of batting order and off days impact production?
  10. Pollock wasn't going to get anything to hit with the pitcher coming up next.
  11. They struggle against every starting pitcher.