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  1. When Grady Sizemore had the ball hit him in the head if that day played out differently, I believe it was fan appreciation day, the White Sox and Indians would have been tied for first with a week to go. It got very close there in late September
  2. Harry Chappas

    Jameson Taillon traded to Yankees

    I'm unaware of this. Is this the same data that San Diego produced in regard to James Shields health? Who benefits from this data if it is internally generated. Again I am unaware this policy but if anyone believes any internal data from San Diego, God help them.
  3. He admitted he did steroids the rest of he story you can believe or not but it does not matter. So you believe the innocent mistake of going on a diet and picking up something at GNC and not asking the professionals at your disposal and instead trust the GNC clerk in the dietary section?
  4. Harry Chappas

    Jameson Taillon traded to Yankees

    I think the lost year of development really helped the Padres as the 18/19 year old's became 19/20 years without having to perform and show growth. This may have hurt the White Sox as they now have to wait another year for Colas instead of six months and then hurt in the evaluation of the high school and younger Latin players they have signed who were unable to perform.
  5. What is pathetic about admitting to it? I'd rather he just do that. Look at Braun for instance and the others that blame GNC and what not.
  6. Harry Chappas

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    That is all the health care workers and front line employees live (police, fire, nurses, etc.)
  7. Harry Chappas

    Student Loan Debt

    People that graduated college prior to 1995...like ME...have no concept of student debt to that great of a magnitude as public institutions were more affordable. You could realistically put yourself through college back then. Boomers didn't need college as much and the cost again was about the same as Gen X I would guess. The 50 year old man that spent 6 years going to college cannot talk about student debt similarly to a 30 year old today.
  8. Harry Chappas

    The Wainwright Thread

    Wainwright is as good a gamble as any of the other flyers/trades that have been made recently. All he needs to do is give them innings.
  9. Harry Chappas

    The Wainwright Thread

    He has made 41 starts total over the last 5 years how can anyone complain about any move if they think he will make it into June?
  10. Harry Chappas

    Hank Aaron Passes Away, was 86.

    The Best of the Best
  11. Harry Chappas

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    You should come live in Chicago/Cook/Illinois.....there is a middle class and very well paid entrenched union culture that is run like a mafia but everyone is leaving (or talking about it) for Indiana or the south because they are being taxed to death. Regardless of the fact that there are jobs and people are well off. Crime is becoming more of an issue.
  12. Harry Chappas

    Michael Brantley to the ASTROS 2 years 32 mill per Nightengale

    Yes all that money the Phillies spent the last two years got them that much closer to the Marlins and now they have to drop another $100M+ on a free agent catcher. What has all the FA signings gotten the Angels? Let's wait until Joc or Bauer sign and then we can determine how cheap the Sox are as most of these deals are terrible deals before the ink dries.
  13. Harry Chappas

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    Go back to bleeding cubbie blue and enjoy the next rebuild.
  14. Harry Chappas

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Or Kopech, Stiever and Leury Garcia Or Kopech and Madragil Or Kopech Collins and Mendick
  15. Harry Chappas

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Think you need to add another MLB piece maybe two.