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  1. Harry Chappas

    Sports Media discussion

    I liked M&H but they seemed beyond bland...not quite as bland as Murph and Hubner (I like Hubner btw) but they were like listened to WBBM news radio. Haugh adds something more upbeat.
  2. Harry Chappas

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    With Murphy now they don't even need him as Baez is a better SS so it will all work out for them in the end.
  3. Harry Chappas

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    They play the cubs who need to win and Cleveland the next six. Nobody should gain ground on them and then 4 v the Twins. I could easily see a 2-8 finish to this season.
  4. Harry Chappas

    Palka (again)

    He has insane power. Even as a serviceable LF and the story is he is putting in a lot of work with Daryl Boston he is part of any rebuild. Wonder if there is any 1B talent there.
  5. Harry Chappas

    New Owner

    I could see JR or his estate selling his stake to Theo.
  6. Harry Chappas

    Chicago Mayoral Race Predictions

    Well the race just ended. He'll get 85% of the vote. He's 71 years old wonder how long he will want the job for.
  7. Harry Chappas

    Moncada leading MLB in OOZ strike 3s

    He leads in this category becasue he takes too many pitches with 2 strikes. He does not lead in the percentage of times an umpire blows the call. If you look at Tim Anderson above he is really getting jobbed and he has a right to say he gets screwed by the umpire. Moncada looks bad because it happens more often.
  8. Harry Chappas

    Anderson, Moncada, and the lesson of Joe Crede

    The guy was all over the place...huge clutch hits....great defense.....lot of infield pop ups
  9. Harry Chappas

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Cubs were off last Friday and Sunday...not in typical fashion and had a double header Saturday but they had two off days The one day trips to Atlanta and now Washignton are pains in the ass but with expanded rosters that mitigates it some. Why is Bryant starting in the outfield and why is wellington castillo in the outfield in a close game. Joe again looking to provide he is the smartest man in baseball.
  10. Harry Chappas

    Nate Jones activated

    He can't be slotted anywhere. There is no way you can go into a season with any faith he will even get through spring training and if he does he is day-to day for the rest of his career.
  11. Harry Chappas

    Moncada leading MLB in OOZ strike 3s

    This is where this becomes usable information to me Of the 5 players his number only looks so high because of how many 2 strike pitches he takes. Judge is getting royally screwed as is Trout and potentially players who take less called strikes. The gross number of 49 seems really high but not when compared to others and then you don't know how many were borderline and how many were of the..."it's been a strike all day" variety.
  12. Harry Chappas

    Moncada leading MLB in OOZ strike 3s

    In order to have proper context. How may strikeouts looking does he have?
  13. Harry Chappas

    Nate Jones activated

    He should be back on the DL by Friday. Why not hold him out the rest of the season, put him on the 60 Day DL and create a 40 man spot for him. Am I mistaken about how that all works?
  14. Harry Chappas

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Here are my hot takes. The Bears O line cannot run block. Seemed like very little room up the middle. How are the wide receivers gassed in the second half. That is a pretty big indictment of the coaching staff. Yet again they cannot appear to get open at all. Robinson looks slower than shit. The DBs were pathetic. I have to think they had more YAC then yards of actual passing. The second half coaching was abysmal on both sides of the ball and the play calling was mystifying. Pick up Cohen in fantasy football as he appears to be the number 1 option in this offense.
  15. Harry Chappas

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    I think health is the only box that still needs to be checked for him.