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  1. Harry Chappas

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    Uverse went up $5 a month.
  2. Harry Chappas

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    With all of the options on televison now that mind numbing "content" after about 60% of the games in not watchable.
  3. Harry Chappas

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    I'm going to lob my bomb and walk out. Bowman inherited three maybe four Hall of Famers that had not even entered their prime and now they are not even a playoff team. Stan is like Jerry Krause he stumbled into a gold mine.
  4. Harry Chappas

    Sox @ Royals | 2:05 PM CT | KTXR 1660

    Mendick moving around a lot. Madrigal getting a long look early. I wish this game was on TV.
  5. All I know is that at least we hear now about transforming the business model and incorporating the international market and technology into redefining the White Sox franchise model. In the past the White Sox seemed to live with blinders on and except nothing new. There appears to me some gravitation toward what other teams are finding success in. Well all except Don Cooper who seems to be saying he is but I for some reason do not believe he has embraced technology at all....hopefully he finds a sweet spot of middle ground of old and new school. What I really think the White Sox will do that the cubs for instance failed on is selling all out for one title.
  6. Harry Chappas

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Evan Marshall spent all of last season on Chicago White Sox.......I assume that is the Marshall listed to pitch
  7. Harry Chappas

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I love this site....where else can "fans" rip on a potential stud as being fat. I guess the team photo is photo shopped. Mercy.
  8. Harry Chappas

    Michael Kopech

    My guess is the weather and schedule is more to do with it than anything. You can control pitches and innings more in AAA than in the MLB. I would also guess that pitching in 28 degree weather is not the best thing in the world. 8 starts in a controlled environment and the Sox get the extra year.
  9. Harry Chappas

    Mlb might be changing playoff format

    So they are adding another week to the season. I guess we get eh answer as to what the owners are asking in exchange for reducing the service time issues. I thought starting March 26th was a little early. No way any team is giving away 6 home games to reduce the schedule to 150 games. Especially those that actually attract fans....although with that number dwindling who knows.
  10. Madrigal is not a service time manipulation thing. If he is worthy of a six figure contract the White Sox will be happy to pay him. His status is that nobody is certain he is ready. Jimenez and Robert are expected to get those kind of deals.
  11. Harry Chappas

    Ticket Codes

    Anyone know if there are presale codes out there?
  12. Harry Chappas

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    If it is a Colorado salary dump it makes sense. It is not a salary dump and thus makes no sense.
  13. Harry Chappas

    Let's talk about the spring training hat

    Every hat in this thread is terrible. Whoever the designer is at NEW ERA may be replaced but who knows maybe the kids like this and they buy it. I don't buy them unless its at a deep discount. I bought last year's spring training hat (which was awesome) brand new at Soxfest for $10. I get the feeling there are going to be an endless supply of these at Soxfest for free.
  14. Harry Chappas

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    Nick Madrigal has not proven he is ready. If there was nothing such as service time, there would be no debate that the would have to light he world on fire to make it out of spring training with the team. This is a lot of bluster. If he hits .600 they may take him north. If he hits well in April and most of May he will be called up if there is a need. Also the ceiling of him is about $15M a year. He will not be held back by service time. Jimenez and Robert were going to be held back for the extra year because they may ear $20or $30M plus a year if they hit their ceiling. Same with Kopech. He will be held back to properly gauge his inning workload early. If he blew his arm out in AAA 2 years ago, there would be no talk of him breaking camp with the team.
  15. Harry Chappas

    Kopech and post TJ in general

    The thing is pitching in 32 degree weather in April and May in Chicago is not a great option. I like easing him in. I understand it gets an option year back but it also makes sense.
  16. Harry Chappas

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    It is similar to Leinkugel's Summer Shanty
  17. Harry Chappas

    Where is Jake Burger?

    Hahn said he was shut down last fall and we will see what happens in spring.
  18. Harry Chappas

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    Well there is the new summer drink of choice.
  19. Harry Chappas

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    He could be 100% correct but he has no first hand knowledge of it and thus it is hearsay and needs to be taken as such. If he stated this in the interview fine but it does not appear that he did. Personally I do not care one way or the other of what happened in the 1980's. Ty Cobb used to sharpen his spikes to take guys out. Doesn't make me think any differently of the Tigers today. Joe Nossek was one of the greatest sign stealer's of all time and is famous for it.
  20. Harry Chappas

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    How can you ask how he is salty? He was not part of the organization during the time in which he is speaking so he has second hand knowledge and is speaking as if he was part of the process. It would be somewhat credible if he was int eh organization when this happened or explained how it was handed down from LaRussa to the organization and carried forward to his time. He is failing to tell this part of the story which is pretty important.
  21. Harry Chappas

    White Sox sign Andrew Romine

    leury garcia is the back up SS
  22. Harry Chappas

    Ticket Codes

    They only release certain blocks for these types of things to encourage purchasing the packages.
  23. Harry Chappas

    Ticket Codes

    Thank you sir.
  24. Harry Chappas

    Hats off to the Front Office

    They have put Mazara in a position to succeed. He is an afterthought to the common fan and has zero pressure to perform. He is also surrounded by Latin players that can have a positive impact on him. There is a lot to be said about being comfortable in life.