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  1. StrangeSox

    2018 catch-all

  2. StrangeSox

    2018 Travel Thread

    Mt. Rainier is gorgeous and definitely worth the drive imo, even if you just want to spend a couple of hours around Paradise (main lodge/visitor's center area) I'm sure BS can offer more recommendations, but there's a big central park area with lots of museums, restaurants, stores etc. You could always do a whale watching trip.
  3. He called Nazis marching in Charlottesville who murdered a protester "very fine people" and tried to blame "both sides." He still enjoys ~40% support. So you tell me if he and his base are really that bad.
  4. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Corps have largely either been sitting on enormous piles of cash or using the money for stock buybacks and executive bonuses rather than reinvestment or widespread wage increases.
  5. StrangeSox

    Can Illinois Survive?

    Don't know how reliable this pollster is, but this is the first IL Gov poll I've seen since the primaries
  6. trainers/comm staff not making a medical diagnosis
  7. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    it's the "Old Economy Steve" meme come to life e: if you look at the actual reasons given by both the Finnish government and the OECD, which that author just dismissed as "boring," they recommend replacing the trial universal basic income with a universal credit system instead. it's sort of the opposite of that guy's hilariously out of touch claims. https://oecdecoscope.wordpress.com/2018/02/28/why-would-a-universal-credit-be-better-than-a-basic-income-for-finland/ e2: "look I hate getting up to work hard in the coal mines!" :is a sports writer: lol
  8. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

  9. StrangeSox

    The environment thread

    Energy and Environment Pruitt to unveil controversial ‘transparency’ rule limiting what research EPA can use
  10. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

  11. StrangeSox

    Site BackOnline

    Love the new format so far
  12. Some good news about the new director at NASA, just confirmed today on a straight party line vote: he's a fervent global warming denialist though, so I'm sure he'll do plenty of damage to the important climate science work NASA does.