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  1. StrangeSox

    Site BackOnline

    Love the new format so far
  2. Some good news about the new director at NASA, just confirmed today on a straight party line vote: he's a fervent global warming denialist though, so I'm sure he'll do plenty of damage to the important climate science work NASA does.
  3. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 07:31 AM) Nikki Haley not happy. At what point will the huge conflict of interest Trump has with Russia get hammered upon? Eric said they get all the financing they need from Russia. Piss Putin off, Trump Organization goes belly up. So weird that Trump gets super angry whenever we have to do anything negative towards Russia at all and is once again undercutting any sanctions against them.
  4. Zinke had multiple birthers on his radio show throughout the years and even went on a birther show himself as recently as 2016. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cn...ther/index.html
  5. StrangeSox

    Automobile Thread

    New investigation: Tesla's safety problems start at the top. Elon Musk doesn't like yellow, signs, or the backup beeping from forklifts, former safety team members say. https://www.revealnews.org/article/tesla-sa...-off-the-books/
  6. QUOTE (Quin @ Apr 16, 2018 -> 03:24 PM) The Sean Hannity news could not be funnier
  7. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Manchin votes with Dems on more issues than not, and most importantly he'd vote for Dem leadership. Control of committees and what gets brought to the floor is immensely powerful. He is miles better than whatever Republican you'd get out of West Virginia replacing him.
  8. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    *sessions would still be the senator from Alabama
  9. StrangeSox

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    You can also look at what eg the vanguard target funds hold and just recreate that yourself
  10. StrangeSox

    2018 Travel Thread

    The USS Midway museum aircraft carrier is really cool. If you're in to outdoors stuff, Joshua Tree isn't too far out of the way from the Anaheim area.
  11. StrangeSox

    2018 Travel Thread

    The narrows is probably my favorite hike I've ever done, and also the most tiring. How far up did you go?
  12. Lmao that the framers were dumb enough give the president absolute powers of pardon
  13. Rosenstein is also definitely getting fired shortly
  14. Trump pardons scooter Libby. This sends a pretty strong signal about what he'll do with other special counsel convictions.
  15. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Apr 6, 2018 -> 12:05 PM) Everyone throws around the line "you need to be more than AGAINST TRUMP" but I haven't seen a campaign yet that actually has done that. Pritzker is probably the worst at it but even he tamped it down as it got closer. this isn't the first article to hit on this, there have been other ones highlighting how "anti-Trump" is great for energize the activists and volunteers, but running on actual issues is what's needed to get enough non-base voters to win. Trump, Trump, Trump: A Losing Strategy