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  1. StrangeSox

    Market/Financial Thread

    Quick check using this calc: https://www.bankrate.com/calculators/retirement/mutual-funds-fees-calculator.aspx Invest 100k, hold 30 years, 7% ror, comparing 0.05 and 0.15 expense ratios is about $10k difference over 30 years. Not nothing, but if you don't wont to worry about "well do I have the right ratio of bonds to stocks, what about large vs small cap, or domestic versus foreign??" it could be worth it. I like this general guide called "If You Can" http://tuttle.merc.iastate.edu/Bernstein_If_You_Can.pdf
  2. StrangeSox

    Market/Financial Thread

    Both Vanguard's and Fidelity's target date funds have slightly higher expense ratios than their regular index funds, but they're still pretty low (0.14 for Fidelity, 0.15 for Vanguard). Those companies' S&P index funds are more like 0.05 or so, but if you want a "set it and forget it," their target date funds aren't too bad. And at least as of today, Fidelity's 2050 fund and Vanguard's 2055 fund only have 10% bonds, so it's not like they aren't growth-oriented this far out. Our non-401k stuff is mostly in Fidelity or Vanguard target date funds. Now the target date fund in my 401k, lol. Expense ratio north of 1.00 last I checked.
  3. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Pritzker isn't running on "I'm not Trump" in any of the ads I'm seeing? Some of the local House races are tying vulnerable candidates like Roskam to Trump, but they still focus on the tax cuts for billionaires and their never-ending quest to kick millions off of health care
  4. StrangeSox

    Midterms 2018

    Some other good electoral reform results, too: (this is why the GOP purges voter roles and blocks voter registration expansion everywhere they can)
  5. StrangeSox


    Turkish officials releasing some brutal details on what Saudi agents did to him
  6. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Double the House and vote by head [for Senate and President]
  7. StrangeSox

    Midterms 2018

    Initiatives for non-partisan districting committees are on the ballot in four states. They look poised to succeed in at least Utah and Michigan., not sure what poling shows in the other two states.
  8. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Republicans never run on idpol!
  9. StrangeSox

    Actual Values vs Party Values

    Cortez's big things are stuff like universal healthcare. Not sure that's missing the forest for the trees. And it's no different from "coming to take your money at gunpoint" for any other activity the government does, such as running detention centers for children they separate from their parents or supporting Saudi bombing in Yemen.
  10. StrangeSox

    Midterms 2018

    Rick Scott, who made his fortune off of the largest Medicare fraud in history, didn't really create a "blind trust" for his assets at all.
  11. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Conservatives don't engage in idpol, just those filthy degenerate lefties! A lot of conservative campaigns this year are centered on culture war (which is just another name for idpol) issues, including the Senate messaging on SC/judicial appointments. They're not talking about fiscal policy or even attempting to defend their tax cuts for billionaires, and they're only talking about health care to the extent that they are lying about their support for pre-existing conditions coverage.
  12. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    And they're stacking the courts with the exact same set of FedSoc judges a Jeb or Rubio or Walker would have chosen.
  13. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread

    Republican politics are mainly white grievance politics, which is it's own form of idpol
  14. StrangeSox

    2018 Democrats thread