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  1. Little Nell


    No to everything especially the plexi-glass extension. I don't want USCF looking like a hockey rink.
  2. Little Nell

    Trade Candidates for Kenny this offseason

    Retired to Florida many years ago and watch a lot of Rays games, pass on B.J. Upton
  3. Morel is the future at 3B. Play him everyday. He will probably be a 20 HR-80 RBI guy and hit close to .300. I'm not sure what to do do with Viciedo, you can't shut down PK with the year he is having. Maybe DH him and forget about Manny since he is not in our future.
  4. Little Nell

    Just venting

    QUOTE (scenario @ Sep 16, 2010 -> 09:51 AM) Dear KW, Next year, please try to put together a roster that looks like it could win 95 games... Rather than your usual approach of putting together a roster designed to win 85 games, and hoping that - you catch lightning in a bottle - some burned out retread reverts back to their glory days - the team plays above expectations, - and/or that other teams (particularly the Twins) under-perform With the amount of payroll you have to work with, this doesn't seem like an unfair request, does it? Regards, S You hit the nail right on the head. I guess we can't be that dissapointed because I figured the Sox for 86 wins this year.
  5. Little Nell

    Manny Should Just Retire...

    What a waste of 4 million bucks.
  6. Little Nell

    Chicago White Sox. Kansas City Royals 1:05 PM CT

    Don't have the game here in Florida, I noticed Quentin is not in the lineup again. Is he hurt?
  7. Little Nell

    I tunes

    QUOTE (Tex @ Sep 12, 2010 -> 08:31 AM) Directly from the folks at Apple http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1476 Thanks, that answered all my questions.
  8. Little Nell


    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Sep 12, 2010 -> 08:26 AM) Defensively, he's a DH. Maybe see if he can play 1B, but he's probably not going to be very good there. Offensively, if the Sox let him go I think they will rue the day they made that decision. Thats what I'm scared of, he will wind up on the Yankees and hit 50 HRs with 120 RBIs.
  9. Little Nell

    I tunes

    If I purchase songs from I-tunes is it legal after I download to my computer to burn them on a CD? I'm a little confused, some people say yes, some say no. Thanks for any input.
  10. Little Nell


    What do you think the Sox are going to do with him. Will we ever see another 2008 season from him? I'm not quite ready to give up on him even though he is a head case and without a doubt the ultimate streak player and he is no Al Kaline in right field. That leaves DH and I don't know how he would handle that and then who could we get to play RF.
  11. I was against bringing Thome back, just another slow guy clogging up the middle of the lineup. If we kept him I don't think he would have made the difference in winning the division, too many other flaws with the 2010 Sox.
  12. Little Nell

    Whats your status?

    Oct 5, will be married for 41 years, all with the same woman.
  13. Little Nell

    How old are you?

    65 in February. Medicare, here I come.
  14. Little Nell

    How many times have you been banned at WSI?

    QUOTE (PeavyTime @ Sep 11, 2010 -> 01:23 PM) I remember you. You were one of the people that actually used common sense. They ripped you apart for that tiered pricing thread. If I saw a WSI mod on the street, I would most definitely jack them in the face. Thank you, I appreciate you agreeing with me.
  15. Little Nell

    How many times have you been banned at WSI?

    Because I'm older (64) than quite a few over at WSI some have made fun of my age especially last week when I stated that I did not like tiered pricing for games. I don't understand why someone cannot accept someones different point of view without resorting to nastiness. Today someone called me a vulgar name and in my 4 years over there I have never called anyone something offensive. I think I will soon be a former member of WSI.