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  1. Maverick0984

    Illini night hat

    What's weird is it doesn't look like season ticket holders can take advantage unless you just buy an additional ticket like any regular ol' Joe. Kinda sucks.
  2. Maverick0984

    Buehrle back in four years?

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Jul 27, 2012 -> 12:28 PM) Boers and Bernstein would say Erin has a man face. Add it to the list of why their are idiots.
  3. Maverick0984

    4/30 GT White Sox @ Yankees - 6:05pm CDT - WCIU

  4. Maverick0984

    4/30 GT White Sox @ Yankees - 6:05pm CDT - WCIU

    QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ Apr 30, 2010 -> 07:36 PM) Who the hell is 29? He looks like a cartoon character! Their backup catcher. I agree and noticed it as well, the helmet looks huge on him. Looks like a child.
  5. Maverick0984

    White Sox @ Rangers

    When is the Omar Visquel experiment over?
  6. Maverick0984

    4/12 GT: Sox @ Blue Jays, Peavy vs. Tallet

    Wow, classless Jays fans continue with a "You suck Rios" chant. Good thing he left the Jays willingly for more money and wasn't released or anything.
  7. Did anyone else notice it said "First home run of career" ? Who the heck is running the show? Cubs fans?
  8. QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Jun 1, 2009 -> 12:53 PM) Orlando Cabrera makes his return tonight. I for one hope he gets a nice round of applause his first AB. All the clubhouse stuff aside, he helped the Sox win a division last year and always, always played very hard. But I don't think it's going to go that way - maybe a fifty-fifty thing. Meh, only a single year. I'll watch him a little differently than other players, but clapping? I'd probably require a little more commitment than a stopgap for his next assignment.
  9. Maverick0984

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ May 21, 2009 -> 11:04 AM) Who wouldn't move across the country for Portillos and Lou Maggiano's? haha, what?
  10. Maverick0984

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    About a dozen people have posted that the trade is "done" and we're waiting for Peavy to agree, we get it....stop posting the same info
  11. Maverick0984

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ May 21, 2009 -> 08:49 AM) I actually think that's fair. Giles is just now starting to hit, and his numbers will experience some severe inflation in the Cell. Best case scenario for Poreda and Richard's combined numbers could be Peavy, and Getz remains something of an enigma. AND Dye? That would be redonkulous.
  12. Maverick0984

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    QUOTE (IowaSoxFan @ May 21, 2009 -> 08:45 AM) I think this deal would be made with the long term in mind. Giles would be a placeholder in RF for the season and bat lead off. Peavy would solidify the top of the starting rotation with Buerhle and Danks and mean that we only are relying on the minors for one starter next season from Marquez, Hudson, and whomever else. I can see KW signing Abreu in the offseason to fill the gap in RF when Giles moves on/retires. So the deal sounds like Dye, Poreda, Richard, and Getz? Peavy and Giles ?? That sounds awful to me...
  13. Maverick0984

    Congrats Dye and Paulie

    QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Apr 13, 2009 -> 01:06 PM) First time in MLB history teammates have hit "century" (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700) homeruns in the same game. Much less, back-to-back.
  14. Maverick0984

    Joe Crede video tribute from last night?

    QUOTE (Whitewashed in '05 @ Apr 11, 2009 -> 10:21 PM) The fact that he's with the Twins has already set in with me, but some moments in that video made it sting like when I first found out he signed with them. I was so happy to see that Indians walkoff as its one of my favorite regular season moments ever. Some of my other favorite moments in that video were the shots of him taking the team picture with the trophy and ofcourse the ending with Hawk put the great finishing touches. They gave him a louder ovation when they were announcing the lineups at the stadium when he was stretching than when he came up to bat. I can't wait for him to go to a different team so he can be in a different jersey, which if he stays healthy and has a good season, will happen. During stretching there wasn't a whole lot of people in the stadium yet :-/
  15. Maverick0984

    Joe Crede, you are awesome

    I was at Friday night's game, his first back as a Twin. They did a little montage before the game during warmups and said "Thanks for 9 seasons and a WS championship." The guy was blushing and clearly embarrassed (in a good way). My sister next to me teared up. Standing ovation. The whole ball of wax. Unfortunately it was pregame, and super cold, so stadium wasn't too full. After his first at-bat though, no more ovations :x.