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  1. Sox1422

    Soxtalk #1

    I'm sorry, but I am going to officially retire from this league. I have a baby now so I can only use what little time I have to spare for fantasy baseball to my money leagues. I'm sure it will be easy to find a replacement.
  2. Sox1422

    Food changes at the Cell this year

    Just got this email back after inquiring to Brooks: Here is a look at the beers we will be offering at our Midwest Brews locations: Minnesota - Michelob Golden Light Wisconsin - Leinenkugel (various flavors) Illinois - Goose Island's Honkers and Chicago Beer Company's Windy City Wheat Indiana - Barley Island's Bar Fly IPA Ohio - Great Lakes Brewing Company's Dortmunder Gold Michigan - Bell's Oberon (we will also have LaBatt Blue representing this area and the Canadians) I hope this makes you want to stop by even more now! They will be cold and waiting for you... Joey Nigro, General Manager Sportservice - US Cellular Field 333 W. 35TH Street Chicago, IL 60616
  3. Sox1422

    Food changes at the Cell this year

    I'm pretty excited about the change of Beers of the World. I would be shocked if they didn't have Three Floyd's. I think Bellls is a good call and wouldn't be surprised if Two Brothers got a beer in there as well. Really looking forward to trying the cheesesteak. That has to be delicious and healthy. I'll definitely give the tamales a spin as well. It's discraceful to have D'giorno's, but I never get pizza there anyway.
  4. Sox1422

    Opening Day

    Some decent seats seem to be available. Just got upperdeck box seats in 531 on whitesox.com. 4 seats together. If you don't have yours yet get on there!
  5. Sox1422


    Some beers that I have tried recently that should be on my list. Ska: Modus Hoperandi Dogfish Head: Burton Baton Lagunitas: Hop Stoopid
  6. Sox1422


    I think I only listed out about a dozen beers or so and most of them were Craft Beers.
  7. Sox1422

    Soxtalk Non-Keeper #1

    QUOTE (knightni @ Mar 11, 2010 -> 01:25 AM) The draft is set for Sat Mar 20 8:30pm Chicago time - it's on a weekend and in an evening, so hopefully more people can be there. The only event it may coincide with is a second round NCAA game and NCAA.com streams games, iirc. I would think this would make less people being there. At least I won't be able to draft a team at that time on a Saturday.
  8. Sox1422

    Happy Birthday Sox1422!

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 4, 2010 -> 08:10 PM) From the original ESPN Crew! Lol. Hell yeah! Thanks fellas!
  9. Sox1422

    Tuesday's B-game

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Mar 2, 2010 -> 07:48 PM) 3 runs 3 hits and 3 walks for Cabrera in 1 inning of work. Seems about right.
  10. Sox1422

    Mark Buehrle's Perfect American Chopper

    I thought the bike was cool, but I'm not a big fan of the scoreboard. I thought that was kind of lame. The wheels were sweet.
  11. Sox1422

    Comments Thread - 50 Fav Rock Acts

    Any chance all of the lists submitted can be posted? I would like to see some of the stuff that didn't make the list. You have permission to post mine if you want.
  12. Sox1422

    White Sox Interested In Coco Crisp

    Another A.J.
  13. Lost 97.62 to 97.66 after last nights game.