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    I'm a Tigers fan, and it is a good place to see other teams opinions.
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  1. Bonderman38

    Miggy Cabrera DUI

    I personally don't see that much coming out of it. It'll blow over in a few weeks, and I love having Cabrera on the Tigers. I wouldn't trade him for anyone. However, the man really has a problem. I don't want to see this possibly affecting his health even more or his longevity. Hope he gets it worked out, for good this time.
  2. Bonderman38

    Miguel Cabrera could be traded?

    QUOTE (PlaySumFnJurny @ Nov 24, 2009 -> 10:45 PM) And let's not forget that the dude got himself s***faced and jailed the last weekend of the season while his team was fighting for its playoff life; not that that's any kind of red flag or anything. DOUBLE YUCK First of all, this is incorrect. Cabrera was not arrested. http://www.freep.com/article/20091007/SPOR...e--big-mistake- Second of all, this won't happen. It's just talk that Lynn Henning started.
  3. Bonderman38

    Boston vs Detroit 8/11

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Aug 12, 2009 -> 01:08 PM) How about the total Whiff by the Det 1B? Where the hell was Laird? Laird was in the dugout. Avila, Detroit's young back-up catcher who was playin gin his 3rd career game, was a little late getting out of the crouch.
  4. Bonderman38

    2009 AL Central Thread

    Clete Thomas just homered over the center field wall for a walk off
  5. Bonderman38


    Congrats to Buerhle, and Wise for a great play.
  6. Bonderman38

    2009 AL Central Thread

    Willis isn't making his next start. Or probably any past then either. Not sure what the move is, but I'm hoping Miner will take his spot..
  7. Bonderman38

    2009 AL Central Thread

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ May 28, 2009 -> 08:00 PM) what's up w/Bonderman? Doing rehab starts. Velocity is still quite low so who knows how long it will be.
  8. Bonderman38

    2009 AL Central Thread

    Granderson saved the game with a great home run robbing catch in the bottom of the 9th..would've been a walk off. I love him.
  9. Bonderman38

    2009 AL Central Thread

    Rodney was great last night..I know it's just one game, but it was VERY encouraging.
  10. Bonderman38

    CQ for MVP and ARam for ROY

    I go with Quentin for MVP. Longoria is hoping to be back next week, so if he does well that will help him with ROY. Right now the top candidates are Longoria, Ramirez, and Galarraga(besides the fact he isn't getting much attention)..just by looking at stats..
  11. Bonderman38

    Why not the Missile for ROY?

    This really tightens the field..you could go with Ramirez, Galarraga, Ellsbury will get votes whether deserving or not..
  12. Bonderman38

    7/26 - SOX @ DET 6:05 PM CDT, CSN

    What a great pitching matchup..this should be a great game..
  13. Bonderman38

    2008 AL Central Catch-All Thread

    Tiger fans celebrate.. http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artic.../805010385/1004
  14. Bonderman38

    The "Mighty" Detroit Tigers

    Nice comeback by the Tigers today.
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