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  1. Not sure Hahn needs to be worried about his job right now...
  2. iamshack

    How awful is this team?

    QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 06:45 PM) Yep I actually didn't mind Oakland series in terms of development. Yoan looked great, as did Lopez. Basically everyone that sucked in Oakland won't be around in two years. I agree. While I do think it is important that we start winning at some point, as these are human beings and not robots, from the perspective of development, the series in Oakland was much more favorable than the games against Detroit, for instance. This team basically needs to be evaluated similarly to a minor league club. You are looking for development more so than win-loss results.
  3. iamshack

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 01:32 PM) Rick C? @_RickC 4m4 minutes ago Moncada's last 3 base hits: 110.5 mph double 110.6 mph home run 109.4 mph grand slam I am almost as excited about Moncada stealing bases as I am him crushing baseballs (almost).
  4. QUOTE (Tony @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 03:20 PM) What did they say on the broadcast last night, they gave out like 200k in free tickets? Is it like GA tonight? Yep.
  5. iamshack

    2018 NFL off-season thread

    I’d take Roquan Smith if he?€™s there. No need to make this so difficult. You may be able to even trade down a few spots and get him.
  6. iamshack


    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 11:44 AM) Also he tends to get behind in the count a lot because he's taking good pitches to hit for strikes early as well. Hopefully a lightbulb comes on in his head and he puts it all together, but he looks completely lost currently. That was the entire point of my first post. He needs to adjust to the League grooving pitches in first pitch and instead pounce on those.
  7. iamshack


    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 11:33 AM) I'm not sure that we're confusing a good eye for complete lack of pitch recognition. He might be a patient hitter, but he looks at strike 3 way too much for me to believe that. If he was taking them and they were borderline calls that were going against him, I'd tend to agree. He's taking hangers and fastballs that are excellent pitches to hit for strike 3; pitches that cross in the heart of the strike zone. That’s fair, he does take his fair share of strike 3’s. I honestly don’t know if he’s looking for one pitch and not getting it, or if he does have poor pitch recognition, as opposed to strike zone recognition. He has had his fair share of lousy calls, IMHO, but the goal is to get some more hits before he even gets to two strike counts. A lot of hitters are going to be less effective in two strike counts. First step is to start doing more damage before he gets in those counts.
  8. iamshack


    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 11:17 AM) I'm actually not trying to be horribly fatalistic about Moncada. He just looks so bad. Like worse than other Sox prospects who flopped. I mean, he looks worse than Beckham ever did. That is what is scary. It seems almost like the proverbial blind squirrel/nut analogy when he gets a hit. It seems he's slightly better than Engel, who everyone agrees isn't a major league hitter. I'm not saying he can't turn it around, but wow he looks awful currently. I couldn’t disagree more. Yoan has a the hard part down: he understands the strike zone. Many prospects, and many current Sox players, for that matter, do not understand the strike zone/see pitches nearly as well. Secondly, when he does make contact, he’s crushing balls. Clearly he has some swing and miss to his game, and that is always going to be the case. However, I think the funk he’s in is just one where he’s trying to stay true to his approach a bit too much, in the face of the League making adjustments to that approach. He’s getting behind in the count far too often, because he has a tendency to look at the first pitch. From there, he just struggles because he’s so often 0-2, 1-2. I think yesterday’s first PA was perfect. He needs to be ready to jump on that first pitch if its grooved right in the zone until the League stops doing that. Just that adjustment alone I think would have major positive consequences.
  9. Blake has awoken. Let’s go get Kahnle back
  10. iamshack

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    Well, lets ask this question...how much money do people feel they need when they retire?
  11. iamshack

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 08:36 AM) Totally this. Unless you are retiring in a short time period, you shouldn't care that the market is down in April 2018. Buy now. It WILL go up soon enough. Whether that is tomorrow, 2019, or 2025, it will go out, and it will outpace the rest of your possible investments in the long term. S & P index funds
  12. iamshack

    Schoenfield links Sox to Machado, Donaldson, Price

    QUOTE (daggins @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 03:54 PM) Probably has to do with our owner never dishing out rich contracts, combined with the general invisibility of the White Sox Schoenfield kind of sucks, and generally doesn't know anything about anything, so I wouldn't read much into this. Yeah, I am sure, but that doesn’t follow that we would be a player for Machado then. Harper is actually a much better fit for us.
  13. iamshack

    Schoenfield links Sox to Machado, Donaldson, Price

    Not sure why we are never linked to Harper.
  14. iamshack

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    You guys are all very diligentl money managers! I am very impressed and thankful to learn some of these tips. I’m admittedly terrible with money. My wife is the conservative one and sort of keeps me from misbehaving too much. We are lucky in that we both make a decent salary, have decent 401k matching and pension benefits, and have been lucky with real estate investments. Our issue is we just aren’t particularly liquid, which I intend to change over the next few months. We will sell one of our real estate properties and invest the money in something a bit less volatile and more liquid. I guess I’ve always been of the attitude that while I believe saving for retirement is important, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, and I am going to enjoy myself and the fruits of my labor while I can. I don’t EVER want to look back on my life when I’m old and peeing on myself and say “I wish I had bought that sports car...” or “I wish I had known the feeling of wearing a well-constructed suit...” or whatever the heck it may be. Doesn’t mean I try to just throw money away, but I’d rather be happy with my life having spent some money than a miserable old rich fart. I suppose it is all about finding the right balance.
  15. iamshack

    2018 MLB Draft

    For me, I’ll just take an arm since none of these bats really seems to be unquestionably elite. I still have some interest in DeSedas or Kelenic, and maybe there is an opportunity to save some money there, but if we really believe in one of the arms that available, sign me up.