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    1st Homestand weather

    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 10:07 AM) MLBPA will never agree to that, as it puts too much pressure on pitchers. They would totally agree with it if you made the active roster size 27 to support it.
  2. harfman77

    Minor League Assignments

    Man, there are a lot of OF's in AA and high A and only so many spots for them to play once everyone is healthy. I wonder if you might see RH start buying some pieces or trying to trade for some draft picks to clear up some of the logjam. Limited AB's will hurt all of their developments, so its better to pare down then to have the most loaded OF in A+.
  3. harfman77

    Minor League Assignments

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 08:05 AM) Also, the lack of LatAm talent hitting full season ball is really discouraging. Carlos Perez is the only prospect of note on Kannapolis’ roster and he’s pretty fringey IMO. I know a lot people here give Paddy the benefit of the doubt given what he started with, but I find these results to be unacceptable. Whether it’s a scouting or development problem is up for debate, but all our LatAm signings shouldn’t be burning out in rookie ball. Something has to change here or we’re going to go back to a bottom 10 farm system as soon as our top guys graduate. They are coming along, the farm system is deeper than it has been in nearly 30 years which holds some of the guys back that would be making it into full season ball in years prior. Nunez and Reyes have upside at GF and there are a litany of guys on the AZL roster that have a fairly good ceiling. They did well identifying Tatis, who is now a top ten prospect and Adolfo is starting to click and he took the lions share of the Sox pool in the year he was signed. The problem with LatAm talent is that it is so volatile, players that sign for millions of dollars don't make it through AA, and players that sign for $30K can end up as all-stars. I think patience is warranted on that end as some of those guys will still have a chance to shoot up the charts and make an impact in the next few years.
  4. harfman77

    Should the Sox attempt to extend some of their talent?

    QUOTE (ChiSoxJon @ Mar 30, 2018 -> 11:11 AM) Maybe But if he continues to be a star player, why trade him? I know we have Jimenez and Robert as OF locks of the future with Engel/Leury both flashing starter potential and Cordell coming up soon as well But a long term OF of Avi, Robert, and Jimenez is insane Because you have options in the OF, he will be a FA just as the Sox window is opening, he is a poor defender, and he could pull back multiple pieces that could be contributors to the Sox next playoff team. The Sox are not going to be able to extend everyone so they are going to have to pick and choose, and Avi probably needs to go for the Sox to realize some sort of return on investment for him and keep payroll open to add in a spot where the Sox may need FA help in their contention window.
  5. harfman77

    Ryan Cordell

    QUOTE (ptatc @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 06:46 PM) I think part of it is that they are still rebuilding and the stellar defense will help the young pitching. Its the same reason they signed a veteran catcher with stellar defense. I think this is overlooked. The team is going to put the defense on the field to help its pitching as much as possible because it helps the young pitchers gain confidence and it helps increase the value of the guys that you may be looking to flip at the deadline.
  6. harfman77

    Is Micker Adolfo's stock rising?

    QUOTE (FT35 @ Feb 21, 2018 -> 08:10 AM) Recently I've seen Micker Adolfo's name surface more frequently in Sox coverage and it's always been VERY positive. It makes me wonder why we don't talk about him more and why he's not on more people's projected lineups in our contending years. For those of you who are up on this sort of thing...is there a bigger reason (other than injury history) why he's not mentioned more in our top prospect conversations? Seems like this guy is healthy and a beast in the making. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseb...0220-story.html https://sports.yahoo.com/chris-getz-describ...-194919118.html He has a lot of talent, but to date, has struck out way too often at the low levels he has been playing at. Traditionally that does not improve as players move to a higher level and there have been many prospects with light tower power that never advanced beyond AA because they could not adjust to advanced pitching. He is really a boom or bust prospect. If he cuts down on his K's his power will carry him to the majors, if he doesn't he ends up as Wily Mo Pena. This is really a big year for Micker, he had some success last year and finally was able to stay healthy, and given that he has missed some time he may have an opportunity to cut down on his mistakes through more AB's. If things go really well for the Sox, you have a Jimenez, Robert, Adolfo outfield in three years. But of the three, Adolfo still has the highest bust probability.
  7. harfman77

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Feb 20, 2018 -> 12:42 PM) Probably means 5 year deal with opt-out after 2 years to avoid being on the market with Machado and Donaldson and other big free agents teams will spend on. That deal would make zero sense of the Sox, you are paying a guy for two seasons that you don't anticipate being competitive and then lose a draft pick that could well be a contributor in your anticipated window of contention. If the Sox give a five year deal, there could not be an opt out. I am not all that interested in Moustakas anyway. He flashed Richard Hidalgo like power last season, but his career numbers don't seem to support that output being sustainable. I am more inclined to wait on Burger and see if he can be a solution rather than dumping a bunch of money and a pick on a guy that has been as inconsistent as they come.
  8. harfman77

    Cold Stove - Free Agents Still on the table

    I would look at someone like CarGo on a 1 year deal and see if his health can hold up a bit better alternating at DH with an eye on flipping him at the deadline. I would also check in on Jaime Garcia as another sign and flip guy. Both guys you get to hold spots through July, if they rebound, you deal them to a contender for some assets, if not you waive them in August when/if you need roster space for young guys.
  9. harfman77

    Brewers nearing trade

    I think the most realistic trade with the Sox and Brewers is a Braun salary dump by the Brewers to clear some payroll space for Darvish. Maybe something like Braun and Hiura or Diaz for Beck and Danish.
  10. harfman77

    White Sox Trade for Jose Rondon from SD

    QUOTE (Scoots @ Jan 10, 2018 -> 02:11 PM) Basically just replaced Jake Peter lol By the above accounts Rondon plays a good SS, which the Sox really lack in their system other than C Rondon. He gives you a glove first alternative if Anderson is out for any duration of time.
  11. harfman77

    Sox Sleepers

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Jan 8, 2018 -> 10:24 AM) Small sample size, but Skoug strikes out far too often for me to have faith he can handle upper minors pitching. It's not as if his defense is standout either. Not bad for where we selected him in the draft, but the flaws seem significant. Its an extremely small sample size, hes only had 65 AB's in A ball, not really even enough time to acclimated to the change from metal to wood bats adjusting to handling an entire new staff of pitchers or any of the other transitions from playing a long college season to pro ball.
  12. This is a great trade for the Sox, dumping Peter for Avilan is a good move as he is a valuable player. Taking on Sorias contract is worth it given the need for bodies in the bullpen. There is a chance that both the players can be flipped for more prospect value than Jake Peters has ever had.
  13. That was pretty anti-climatic, draft Tocci with the pick just to trade him for cash.
  14. harfman77

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Why do people keeping throwing out Fulmers name like he is a tradeable asset? He has been terrible for over a year and has no value in a trade other than as a throw in. The cost will at least be one of Giolito/Lopez/Kopech plus one of Dunning/Hansen/Cease. Acquiring Machado gets you a guaranteed comp pick and a season long negotiating window. Maybe after a season of playing with Moncada up the middle everyday he considers staying to be part of the future.
  15. harfman77

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    The Cubs could be a player here, they are allegedly already in talks on moving a SS to San Diego and if they move Schwarber, they could conceivably end up with the players that the O's are looking for plus some extra pieces to replenish their farm. Machado at SS and Baez to 2B would give them a really good shot at getting another ring before their window starts to close.