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  1. ZoSo

    Any Northwestern Students or Alum?

    I'm starting next month. Finishing my BS, two more years. My girlfriend graduated from there in 03. I don't know, it doesn't seem all that tough to get in. 4.0 and a good ACT should get the job done I would think.
  2. ZoSo

    What Hottie don't you get?

    Bea Arthur. She's just not sexy.
  3. ZoSo

    KW speaks about the offseason

    QUOTE(Flash Tizzle @ Oct 1, 2006 -> 07:22 PM) Brian will have to hit better than 215. Even if he miraculously limits stretches of poor AB's and has an average around .250, it may not be enough for Guillen. Remember, he doesn't appear to acknowledge defense -- a strong component of Anderson's game. His AB against Nathan earlier was atrocious, and served as a reminder to anyone penciling him in for immediate improvement next season. It was as if he's never seen a ball move downward. When I witness pathetic matchups against elite pitchers -- especially within our division -- I imagine patience is growing thin. Winterball will be very important for Anderson. He'll probably have to hit .350 for Guillen's views to dramtically change. Sweeney, however, has been showered will praise and can do anything he wants; as we've seen with people who Guillen supports. No, that wasn't an encouraging site, but come on, Nathan is filthy. He can make anyone look that bad. We just have to wait and see. Anderson has to make strides in winter ball and show some more in ST. Sweeney has to win the job by totally outhitting him. Neither has happened yet.
  4. ZoSo

    KW speaks about the offseason

    QUOTE(TaylorStSox @ Oct 1, 2006 -> 04:55 PM) One thing that people forget about Uribe is that he's an impact player. He's got huge balls. He plays hard and he's not scared of s***. He's always on the attack. He'll lollygag the occasional ball, but EVERY SS in the league does. He can java script:emoticon(':bringit', 'smid_7') :bringitbe painful at the plate, but he's also talented enough to carry a team for a week at a time. In the past, he's always been good at getting strong AB's in clutch situations (3rd/less than 2 outs). IMO, he's a keeper. If we can get some speed at SS or deal for a super prospect that's hiding behind a good big leaguer, then do it. If not, he's our SS. Agreed, Taylor. And I really doubt there are any better options out there with a realistic chance of coming here. KW said without him, they wouldn't have the rings. Look at the 9th inning of Game 4. Without Uribe, we don't get out number 2 on the foul ball and we don't get get the 3rd out without Uribe's gun. If you plug in just an average SS in that inning, there's a good chance the Astros win in walkoff fashion forcing a Game 5. Just a hypothetical there, but you just can't measure the importance of defense. Uribe's always going to be streaky, but as long as Anderson hits his weight next year, we won't have the two holes at the bottom of the order and thus we won't have a problem.
  5. I don't like any of them really. I'd have to vote Pierre, but he is pretty pricey for roughly the same production as a good Pods. The only thing is he's more of a safe bet than Pods from year to year, but is that worth an extra 4 million? It might be. Switching leagues might be a good thing and help him have a career year. I like Hunter, but center field is not an issue and his salary is out of the question. Catalonotto is a likeable guy, but really what does he bring other than a nice average? If my left fielder hits seven homers, he better steal 50 bases...or hit .350, neither of which Cat comes close to. And he can't hit lefties? No thanks. Roberts is high risk and low reward. I really don't see him playing a full season and hitting close to .300 next year at his age and given his history. Not really an upgrade. In order to really upgrade the position significantly, we'd have to make a trade rather than go to the FA market.
  6. ZoSo

    The Final Day as World Champions

    The final day for the victory lap (or the death march, which ever you prefer). A sweep of the Twins, basically deciding for them who they'll have the honor of losing to, and winning 91 games would be a pretty nice consolation prize. There's no shame in winning 90+ and coming up short. Like Homer said, "the dolphins just wanted it more."
  7. My preference would be Craword Iguchi (with a great no.2 hitter signed/acquired) Pierre Podsednik is "mysteriously" left out.
  8. ZoSo

    Ryan Sweeney...

    Sweeney does look like a more polished hitter than Anderson, but two things--one, Anderson's light years better than Sweeney in CF, and two, Sweeney doesn't hit for much power. He's not the answer for CF unless he just totally outperforms Anderson....meaning Anderson hits .190 again and Sweeney sets the world on fire in spring training. In other words, only if we have no choice IMO.
  9. ZoSo

    Who Should Start In Center for 2007

    QUOTE(South Side Fireworks Man @ Sep 30, 2006 -> 03:35 PM) How many games has Carl Crawford started at CF in the Major Leagues? 13, 30, and 8 in 03, 04 and 05 respectively. He's not a center fielder at all and has much more value as a left fielder, especially on team without much need for corner power (i.e. the White Sox). Crawford, Anderson and Dye from left to right would be an excellent outfield from both sides. When it comes to Anderson, all we really need him to do is put up something close to Rowand numbers and he'd be very valuable to this team. I really don't see why he can't do that and I believe he will after having a full year under his belt. So obviously, my answer for CF is Anderson. Sweeney I think has a bright future, and one with us, but . starting in 2008 at the earliest and in either left or right
  10. ZoSo

    KW speaks about the offseason

    QUOTE(GreatScott82 @ Sep 30, 2006 -> 03:53 PM) It seems like the only moves he plans to make is to aqcuire a new left fielder and some solid bullpen arms. Ozzie's patience ran out with Anderson (after he finally started hitting, which makes no sense) that means Sweeney, Fields and Owens will likely NOT be in our OF next year. I garuntee you Ozzie will tell Kenny he wants a new leadoff hitter/left fielder with mlb experience. The names that go through my head are Chone Figgins, Coco Crisp, Juan Pierre, Alfonso Soriano and Carl Crawford. I expect one of these guys in a white sox uniform for 2007. I expect KW to give Tampa a sweet offer they cant refuse for Crawford. Like a BMac and Owens for Crawford or something along those lines. Then we will have the same 5 starters as we did in 2006 and a 'Real' leadoff hitter who can play solid defense, something we lacked in 2006. That's basically all we need. Well, that and the starting rotation to produce more in line with their career numbers. A great leadoff man is all this offense needs to be quite amazing. As it is, it's already a very good lineup. I'm a big fan of Crawford and I'd give up McCarthy to get him here even if it means we'd have somewhat of a hole in the 5th rotation spot. If KW can really shore up the bullpen and build around Jenks, Macdougal and Thornton, we can get by with having a weak link in the rotation. After all the bullpen's a factor virtually everyday whereas one starting pitcher is a factor only one out of five days.
  11. ZoSo

    KW speaks about the offseason

    I like what I've heard from KW overall and I agree with this, too. Uribe is what he is and he had a bad year with the bat, even for him. His glove is very valuable to this team and Cintron is not an every day player, period.
  12. ZoSo

    Saved By The Smell

    QUOTE(tonyho7476 @ Sep 28, 2006 -> 09:41 AM) YOu wanted it...so here it is...bang a chick in the ass, then draw a mustache on her face...with you dick. Good, wholesome fun.
  13. ZoSo

    Saved By The Smell

    QUOTE(MHizzle85 @ Sep 27, 2006 -> 11:13 PM) Yea, I know. If Screech had saved his saved by the bell money then i dont think he'd be in this situation. It's not a case of that as far as I know. His parents were pigs and blew all his money. (I think...correct me if I'm wrong on that)
  14. ZoSo

    Saved By The Smell

    What's a dirty Sanchez?
  15. ZoSo

    Light cigarettes

    Can I join this lawsuit? I could use that money. Just think how many cartons of smokes I could buy.