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  1. If only we had people in our minor league system who could develop them.
  2. PorkChopExpress

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    This makes me wonder whether the constantly changing lineups is directly affecting the hitting negatively. Other than TA, the players haven't really had consistent "roles" day in and day out, and have had different players hitting in front of and behind them in the order, which I would think leads to inconsistent approaches/gameplans day in and day out, which I could easily see as negatively affecting their hitting.
  3. So I guess that means KC will go deep multiple times today against Velasquez.
  4. PorkChopExpress

    Roster Moves 5/18

    I have a horrible feeling he will be traded for some ridiculous veteran reliever, or utility guy at or before the TDL. And if so, wherever he goes, he will do very well.
  5. PorkChopExpress

    How Concerned Should We Be?

    They need something like this with about 90 sections to peel off for each win:
  6. I love how the only White Sox highlight on the MLB app for this game is “Dallas Keichel’s two strikeouts.” Pathetic.
  7. PorkChopExpress

    Robert running with Abreu hitting biggest adjustment so far

    The double plays are far more frustrating. With teams knowing that Robert is a likely threat to run, it changes the pitch strategy with Abreu. All those low and away sliders and stuff should be considered riskier. Plus the pitchers (and catchers) may also make mistakes when they’re thinking about Robert. It’s a very good thing.
  8. PorkChopExpress

    Trevor Bauer receives 2 YEAR suspension from MLB

    Seriously? Free publicity? He got plenty of publicity just playing baseball. If a reporter truly reported something known to be untrue and it damaged his reputation, I hope he succeeds in holding them accountable. That type of thing goes on way too much these days where success is made on number of clicks and not integrity.
  9. If that happens they will have to get another legitimate pitcher as their 1-2 is gone for the first 1-2 months of the year.
  10. That's going to turn out to be a real nice trade. I like having Pollock on this team.
  11. PorkChopExpress

    Moncada IL, Burger up; Burr IL, Foster up

    But why would those crappy teams trade anything for him when they can just try and pick him up off waivers? Unless they had players in a similar position (no more options and not going to make the OD roster) that would fit on the White Sox roster.
  12. PorkChopExpress

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Until Tatis gets back, maybe. Then what? Rotating DH?
  13. PorkChopExpress

    OF Help at last!! White Sox acquire Haseley from Phils

    Are the Royals and Tribe better or worse than last year? Because we only went 9-10 against the Royals and 10-9 against CLE, and that 10-9 felt much worse because we struggled to hold a lead against them so often. Both of those teams seem to have an extra gear when they play us and take extra pleasure in beating us. We went 13-6 against MIN last year, but I don't see that happening again since our recent history against them would suggest otherwise. We went 12-7 against DET, and we tend to do well against them, but I think they've improved. So when people talk about the "weak" Central Division, and how we'll coast to another division title, it just feels like over-confidence. I hope you're right.
  14. PorkChopExpress

    OF Help at last!! White Sox acquire Haseley from Phils

    It feels more like we're headed to winning 85 games and losing in the ALDS (or a play-in game).