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  1. PorkChopExpress

    Rodon to throw Sim Game

    QUOTE (joejoedairy @ May 12, 2017 -> 12:00 PM) Any reports on how this went? I'm sure they'll just say he felt fine afterward. Rodon pitched well, but took the loss due to a lack of run support.
  2. PorkChopExpress

    Sox sign Justin Morneau

    QUOTE (WhiteSoxLifer @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 09:57 PM) Morneau 1-3 with 2 walks sofar tonight Put his locker next to Anderson's. Maybe it's contagious.
  3. PorkChopExpress

    Your 2017 Manager

    If Robin goes, and I'm not advocating that, but if he does, I would like to see us go grab Gardenhire. I guess he's special assistant to the GM in Minnesota, so maybe he's not available, but if he wanted to manage again, I would like to see the Sox give him a shot.
  4. PorkChopExpress


    I think the media and fans focus too much on "roles" in the clubhouse, i.e., leader, contributor, cancer, etc. To me, team chemistry is about players being themselves and fitting together naturally, like pieces of a puzzle, and not trying to fill a role by being something they are not. In this case, it sounds like there was a problem, and Navarro, doing what he naturally does, brought out his soccer ball, and it was the right thing to do at the time to diffuse the problem -- chemistry. This team appears to have chemistry, and that's something special, which is exciting. It should make for a nice summer for the fans.
  5. PorkChopExpress

    3/14 ST game threads

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Mar 14, 2016 -> 02:10 PM) Nuts ! Was hoping to see Avi in the lineup today since he's 0-12 lifetime against Ventura . Figured I might get a better gauge of Avi's new stance against someone he hasn't had success against in the past. Not that one game would mean much or the small sample size of the past AB's but just as a curiosity. Don't Lawrie and Ventura have some issues with each other?
  6. PorkChopExpress

    Cespedes Re-signs with the Mets

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jan 20, 2016 -> 02:12 PM) Interestingly enough -- the Rockies just DFA'd Kyle Parker, which could be signalling a move on their part. Perhaps we could be trading for a Rockies OF instead. Can't wait to see the Sox announce the trade with CO ... for Kyle Parker. There's your new OF.
  7. PorkChopExpress

    Hahn on the Score at 9:30AM

    QUOTE (Lillian @ Dec 17, 2015 -> 01:51 PM) It isn't so much a matter of having that high OBP behind Abreu, as it is having another high OBP in the heart of the order. At this point, Abreu is the only high OBP hitter, in the 3 through 5 spots. Frazier cannot be expected to fulfill that need. Even with all of his power, he has not been a high on base guy. La Roche we all know can't be counted on, and shouldn't even sniff the middle of the order. Laurie's OBP has not been good, so far. I actually prefer Melky batting more in the middle of the order, versus RHP, but his OBP is not that great either. I think this team needs a big bat, with an OBP of at least .340 to .350 to hit with Abreu and Frazier, in the heart of the order. That would make the offense very formidable and this team would be serious contenders. It probably wouldn't matter how much offense they would get from the bottom 3RD of the order, if they can score runs from the first 6 guys in the lineup. Eaton gets on base a lot, but after him, the only high OBP hitter on this roster is Jose. I'm afraid that will leave us all pretty frustrated. Upton. Boom.
  8. PorkChopExpress

    SoxNet: After Lawrie and Frazier, what's next?

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Dec 17, 2015 -> 10:12 AM) Sign Upton and possibly resign Alexei Can we please drop the "bring back Alexei" stuff? Unless Saladino is shipped off in a trade, the Sox are fine with him at SS next year. Alexei doesn't make or break the Sox chances at the playoffs next year. Signing him would be a fart in the wind. The Sox potential as a contender hinges on which Cabrera/LaRoche we see next year, whether Garcia finally puts it together, or replacing Cabrera/LaRoche/Garcia with one or more impact bats.
  9. PorkChopExpress

    Heyman: Justin Upton to the Tigers

    QUOTE (ChiSoxFanMike @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 07:36 PM) Imagine the hoopla and chaos that would ensue if the Sox signed both Upton AND Cespedes At least half of Soxtalk would have a problem with it.
  10. PorkChopExpress

    Sox Acquire All-Star 3B Todd Frazier from Reds in 3 team deal

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 12:56 PM) Agreed. Fulmer, Anderson, and Adams are still here. Great. Just enough for CarGo.
  11. PorkChopExpress

    Sox Acquire All-Star 3B Todd Frazier from Reds in 3 team deal

    QUOTE (reiks12 @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 12:38 PM) Too bad we couldn't send Avi to the Dodgers instead of Trayce Kenny must still think Avi is a 300/30/100 guy Or everyone else knows he is not.
  12. QUOTE (striker @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 10:55 AM) You guys are talking about a team that just gave up a 3WAR player and two of their top 4 prospects, including the #1 draft pick for SHELBY MILLER, who has had one year of success. You are giving AZ too much credit if you ask me. Peralta is 28 and has had one good year. You can't even argue WAR either because from a WAR perspective Miller = Inciarte. If you are talking value, Inciarte > Miller because he has more years of control. Shelby Miller is 25 years old. He has had three solid years, not just one good year. He is arb eligible for the first time in 2016 and isn't a FA until 2019. He is also a pitcher, which some teams value a bit higher than position players. He was drafted by St. Louis in the first round, which has value right there ( ). He had a lot of value. AZ may have overpaid, but not by that much, and we don't know what others were offering for Miller, so who's to say the market didn't determine the cost. What would you have asked for from them for Quintana?
  13. Not sure if this belongs here since the thread is for viable trade candidates, but what about signing guys like Austin Jackson or Gerardo Parra? And I'm still on the CarGo bandwagon. You're going to pay out the ears and be locked in long term and lose a draft pick for Upton and Gordon (maybe not quite as long term for Gordon). You're going to pay out the ears and be locked in long term for Cespedes. Those guys are all looking at $20+ million per year. CarGo will cost you some of your better prospects, so that nullifies keeping a draft pick, but you're only on the hook for $17 million next year and $20 million in 2017. That's below market value for a guy like him. Imagine what he'd be getting if he were a FA right now.
  14. QUOTE (striker @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 10:33 AM) AZ is in win now mode and needs bullpen help. The closer market is hot right now so I'd offer Robertson and Garcia for Lamb, Peralta and a top 5 prospect. We'd have to replace Robertson but we'd also free up $13m that could be used to dump Laroche and sign Upton or Cespedes. More like Robertson, Garcia and a top 5 prospect (and probably more) for Lamb and Peralta. Lamb is young, good and under team control until 2021. He's not even arb eligible until 2018. Peralta is a stud and also under team control until 2021 and not arb eligible until 2018. Robertson may still have value, but how much is debatable. Garcia has no value right now other than as a prospect. If you want Lamb and Peralta, you're deal will involve Quintana.
  15. QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 10:01 AM) I like the Name Lamb idea. What does AZ need that the Sox could send their way in a trade if Lamb is available? Closer? Ziegler seemed to have a pretty decent year for them last year as the closer, but it seemed to be more of a career year, and he's 36. If you're someone that wants to get rid of Robertson's contract, maybe they'd be a target. They just created a solid rotation, so why not lock down the bullpen, too? If you don't want to give up on Robertson yet (and I don't), maybe work a package around Nate Jones. 2B? They could probably use an upgrade at 2B, but I'm not sure we have anything that qualifies as such.