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  1. Roughneck

    Cheap White Sox gear

    This is counterfeit Chinese garbage. Not only is it stealing money from the teams and players, but the jerseys look like trash and fit like they were sewn by blind people. Wrong colors, wrong fonts, bad fabrics, and crappy stitching. Also, counterfeiting ventures fund terrorism and organized crime. Buy a T-shirt at Marshall's if you really need Sox gear but don't feel like paying full price.
  2. Roughneck

    Anyone think Kimbrel would be a good idea?

    I don't know that it would ever be good bet to give a huge contract to a closer who was last seen getting rocked, as Kimbrel did last fall. The only contract I would give him would be a 1-year deal with intent to flip him. No thanks.
  3. Wait, this dude is named Sixto? Wasn't that Antonio Alfonseca's nickname?
  4. Roughneck

    Indians seemingly have given up on Lindor extension

    I read that they soured on Ortiz because he couldn't hit the other way and sacrifice. The "Twins way." The Red Sox made him huge by letting him be a dead pull hitter and, uh, getting him the right prescriptions.
  5. Roughneck

    Indians seemingly have given up on Lindor extension

    I don't know, but it makes the worrying about the Sox taking Yonder from the Indians and giving them more money to spend look more foolish. They are still going to trade Kluber and not extend Lindor. Yonder's 9 million will just stay in the owner's pocket. The Indians are going to sleepwalk to the division title this year and maybe next year if the Sox still aren't ready, but they have no intentions of winning a championship.
  6. Roughneck

    Indians seemingly have given up on Lindor extension

    The Indians signing Belle to a longterm deal before 97 would have killed them longterm, but they win the World Series with him in 1997 and possibly again in 98. Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner went from looking like first-ballot hall of famers to falling off the face of the earth after both got money, and that probably made things worse. But Cliff Lee, Sabathia, Manny, Thome. They had way too many superstar players who they couldn't keep in house.
  7. Roughneck

    Indians seemingly have given up on Lindor extension

    I don't think the Twins really compare. The Twins had a few stars. Mauer was incredible, Morneau, Santana, Liriano before his arm exploded. But they mostly just had a bunch of mediocre players who did a professional job. They got rid of Johan at the exact right moment, and they didn't lose any star players to free agency.
  8. Roughneck

    Ricketts racist emails

    All of those things are accurate and none of them are defending it. An old asshole forwarding chainmail and conspiracies is pretty much what we have. Not diminishing it to say that. It doesn't directly relate to the Cubs. The family trust purchased the team and his children run it. If these were emails directly from Tom, that would be an entirely different story. And this has literally nothing to do with Sinclair, other than "I don't like this story, and I also don't like Sinclair."
  9. Roughneck

    Ricketts racist emails

    Literally nobody is defending it here.
  10. Roughneck

    Ricketts racist emails

    Right, but he has no role currently, right? If he does, it's a problem. If not, it's a nothing story.
  11. Roughneck

    Ricketts racist emails

    It's always fun to see the Cubs crapped on, but I literally could not care less about this. This guy is the father of the Cubs owners. He has no role in the franchise. But it is fun to see the media pivot back and forth between "this was obtained via nefarious means, so we should ignore it" and "Yay leaks!" depending on the source.
  12. Roughneck

    What is the ceiling for Manny Banuelos?

    Only 1? You need to dream big.
  13. Roughneck

    What is the ceiling for Manny Banuelos?

    You are right, but Arrieta figured it out with the help of yoga and, um, "supplements." And he was Bob Gibson for about a year and a half. You don't see moves like that very often. I'd be thrilled if Banuelos could be a serviceable starter.
  14. The Sox didn't lose 97 games in 2014 or 2015, they were in a bad division with only one team to beat, and they didn't give up any top prospects for a short-term fix (Tatis wasn't a top prospect). Also, the Reds don't have any Sale/Quintana on their current roster. The Reds are going to be awful for a few more years, and even if they get a fluke year, have to deal with a division with 4 teams with winning records last year. This looks like a totally different situation.
  15. Oh, I get moving the prospects. But they're going to be awful the next two years even with Realmuto. It makes no sense for them to trade for him in an uncompetitive year just so they can trade him again a year later and get less than they gave up. That's a Billy Beane type move.