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    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread


    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    And...you’re still understating the current crisis. By a lot.

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I think we all can acknowledge that Caulfield was right from the beginning. I think we all could have taken this more seriously two months ago and, based on some posters’ comments, some more than others.

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Good point and yet another reason why antibody testing would be so very useful. Many of us are speculating we already had it without the means to actually confirm this suspicion.

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Not sure how much the tests cost but couldn’t we require bi-weekly or monthly tests to renew one’s certificate? Until a vaccine is available at least.

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-germany-covid-19-immunity-certificates-testing-social-distancing-lockdown-2020-3%3famp looking forward to officially testing my theory that I’ve already had the virus

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I think I might have already had it. In the afternoon of 3/1, I started feeling nauseous with a terrible headache, body aches and weakness while running a 101.6 temperature. I was confined to bed for 3 days. First 36 hours temp held around 101.5, the next 36 hours it held around 100. Terrible cough for two nights that literally prevented me from sleeping. Probably got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep both nights. Went to the doctor 2 days after the fever started. He said it was likely norovirus because someone in my family had it a day earlier but their symptoms lasted only 24 hours and they were vomiting. I didn’t vomit or shit during the 3 days I had a fever, just bad sharp stomach pains. In fact, I was constipated and didn’t shit until after the fever broke. The doctor didn’t even bother checking for influenza because I had just seen him 2 weeks prior with flu. He was concerned though because he sent me to a hospital for a CT scan of the stomach (to rule out appendicitis) and a chest x-ray (to rule out pneumonia). Both came back fine as well as my blood work. I just don’t think my symptoms were consistent with norovirus. I’ve had that several times before and it was always a 24 hour thing. And never had the terrible headache or cough. The other thing that was odd were the night sweats. Woke up in the middle of the night two of the nights completely drenched. Like I had just went out for a 5 mile run. I kept thinking it was because my fever finally broke but, no, it was still holding at ~100. If that was stomach flu or regular influenza it was unlike anything I’ve ever had before. The flu I had in mid- February was nowhere near as bad as this. Still have a slight nagging cough but for the most part it is going away now two weeks later.

    KW says "no Puig"

    AJ accumulated 9 fWAR over ~560 games before the Sox signed him. He was fresh off a 0.5 fWAR season with the Giants the year before and had well documented issues with players in his one season there. Puig has accumulated 18 fWAR over 861 games and was at 1.2 last season. Not sure how you can say one was “good” while the other is not. At similar points in their career, Puig has been more productive than AJ.

    Betts to Dodgers

    Probably best to revisit this discussion in another 6 months to determine who was “right.”
  10. JUSTgottaBELIEVE

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    Yea and many Royals fans were pissed when they traded Myers, Odorizzi, Montgomery, and Leonard back in 2012. But I bet those same fans were very happy in 2014 and 2015. Fans get over it if the team wins. Players come and go, especially in this age of free agency, but championships and the players that were part of champions are what people remember most fondly or at least I do. Podsednik wasn’t a White Sox for very long but I recall more enjoyable, memorable moments watching him play than I do Jose Abreu because he was integral to a championship team whereas Jose to this point has been part of very forgettable, losing teams. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kansascity.com/sports/mlb/kansas-city-royals/article188945564.html
  11. JUSTgottaBELIEVE

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    The players certainly do matter but I’m pretty sure Chiefs fans are pretty damn excited about Sunday even though one of their best players is a bad human being. Most fans I know are more excited about their team succeeding than individual players. If the team is successful, the individual side comes along with it as a natural byproduct. But again, I haven’t been a satisfied CWS fan over the past 5 years even though Jose Abreu has been a terrific story and a high performer for the team. And that’s because the TEAM has been completely lousy. I have no personal connection to a player like Moncada and if trading him makes the TEAM better I’m all for it.
  12. JUSTgottaBELIEVE

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    Yes. It was the championship that made it memorable to me. Jenks was one of my favorite players on that team and it was his first year with the team.
  13. JUSTgottaBELIEVE

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    Would you trade Luis Robert and Dylan Cease for Ketel Marte? One is a proven 4+ WAR player in his prime, the other two are unproven and only projected for 4-5 WAR combined at two positions. That is essentially the inverse of the Moncada Dodgers trade.
  14. JUSTgottaBELIEVE

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    The individual stories are a byproduct of a successful team. I haven’t been a satisfied CWS fan for the past 5 years just because Jose Abreu has been on the team and doing great things.
  15. JUSTgottaBELIEVE

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    That trade could “potentially” make the Sox a better team in 2020 even, let alone years 2021-2025. Steamer has Lux at 1.7 WAR and May at 1.3 but both are projected for part time roles with the Dodgers. Obviously they’d be full time with the Sox. Steamer has Moncada projected for 4.0.