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  1. They are going for it folks. Every season is sacred in itself. We will think about next year when it comes. Enjoy the ride and LFG.
  2. shipps

    Sox inquiring about Kimbrel per Kaplan

    wholly shit.
  3. shipps

    Sports Media discussion

    Update. Good news...
  4. shipps

    Sports Media discussion

    They are great together and I have really grown to love Spiegs over the years. When he first came on at the score he seemed so much like an outsider and not a Chicago guy. Now he is just enjoyable to listen to.
  5. shipps

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    FML why do they have to be so bad at finding a QB... They not only make the incorrect decisions at QB but they make the absolute worst decisions that are obvious to everyone from jump. We wouldnt even need to see it play out to know this is fu***** stupid.
  6. shipps

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Yep, I read that this morning. Hopefully this thing will be overwhelmed by the vaccinations eventually.
  7. shipps

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I swear this nightmare just never ends. Just when you think that we are turning a corner then we get some doomsday news.
  8. shipps

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Yeah I am just hoping what I am reading about it right now is just fear mongering and not actually going to be proven as true. I mean, if its going to be more contagious, more deadly AND cut the vaccine efficacy 50% we are totally f'd.
  9. shipps

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Sooooooooooo is the South African variant going to be our "we might be totally f'd" moment?
  10. shipps

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    What does a vaccine that is 90-95% effective mean going forward? I am curious to know if we will still have covid season with infections and deaths just far less?
  11. Crazy news. Did NOT expect this at all.
  12. I have a meeting from 2-3 today at work but you better be sure I will be checking my phone throughout. Hopefully they don't ask me anything!
  13. Not to mention dealing with all the other symptoms that come with the virus and not knowing if your symptoms will get worse for days and sometimes weeks. People that down play the virus are almost always people that have have not had the disease. They wouldn't have the same perspective if they would have had to face the reality of how menacing of a virus this actually is.
  14. Your line of thinking is exactly the reason why this country has seen almost 150k deaths from this virus. It should have been half that if we only would've operated even partially like many of the other countries that have limited the spread and/or eradicated themselves from it. But no, no, no, we can't show some good ol' self discipline and sacrifice for a couple months. People still have the right to go to Home depot breathing all over everyone else and go to bars and drink next to their fellow American because its the American way.
  15. We don't know for sure if this will be the breaking point to cancel the season but we all know it should be.