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  1. shipps

    Ian Happ

    The Cubs aren’t trading an asset at a low point. They still value him greatly I’m sure. He’s just getting some time down there as a swift kick in the rear to work on some things like Schwarber did.
  2. shipps

    Sports Media discussion

    If they replaced that hour of Bernstein and McKnight with someone who was not analytical, which you implied you would be missing out on, then I could see your point. But they didn’t, that hour is replaced with Laurence who is also analytical.
  3. shipps

    Sports Media discussion

    Laurence is no slouch when it comes to analytics.
  4. shipps

    Eloy officially got paid

    It’s not just them though. Even the guys like barstool Dave who was ready to riot at the Rate the day Machado signed with the Pads now sits and has a nice friendly conversation with Hahn and is all back on their side. It’s not just him though it’s everyone. Even Laurence Holmes plays nice. It’s fine, it’s their livelihood and they want to make sure they don’t jeopardize it by making enemies.
  5. shipps

    Eloy officially got paid

    Optimism keeps media members in good graces with the Sox. Apparently they are always worried to not be in good standing with them. One thing a guy like Cowley never seemed to care about.
  6. shipps

    Eloy officially got paid

    Just to keep it positive I will say that this signing is at least one small step on a mile run for the Sox to win back my full interest and financial investment. As of today they still don’t have it. They may never will but if they can make a collection of moves that work out then it’s possible. If you are going to be cheap then you for damn sure better be smart.
  7. shipps

    New Banner

    Can we fit a Tatis/Shields combo in there somehow?
  8. shipps

    New Banner

    I wish we can just have a banner of my defeated spirit and hopeless outlook but the graphics probably wouldn't blend well.
  9. shipps

    Have we hit bottom?

    No I think there could be worse times ahead. As this "rebuild" plays out it has the potential to get even uglier. It may be a total an epic failure but even if its not there are going to be some failed prospects along the way that will leave a lot of us doubting. There will not be much patience from the fans that are still left. Have a nice Tuesday.
  10. shipps

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    It’s the kind that sucks.
  11. shipps

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    Those two might happen to work out fine actually but yeah it will still be a constant reminder of the embarrassing strategy.
  12. shipps

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    Not sure I will ever bother with a FA wishlist again. Hahn and company will definitely have to blow me away with some shrewd moves before I have any hope in them again. I still can’t shake this disappointing off season for the life of me. I would really like to be excited as I usually am this time of year but it’s not there. I’m pissed off.
  13. Kevan Smith never struck me as a permanent major leaguer. A really good minor league player that could be called up when needed in emergency but nothing more. Actually I didnt even think he was that much when I first watch him play and practice in person at ST a couple years ago. I didnt think he should even sniff the majors. He proved me wrong in that sense.
  14. shipps

    3/2 vs Rockies, 2pm, whitesox.com

    I wouldn’t be mad if the Sox wound up with a better record than the Pads and Phils this year. It wouldn’t change how I feel about management but it sure would be nice to laugh at those teams after all the hoopla of their offseasons. Very unlikely to happen tho.
  15. shipps

    3/2 vs Rockies, 2pm, whitesox.com

    Either it’s because we are an irrelevant team or just an honest mistake but since I am still butt hurt I’m gonna go with irrelevance.