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  1. shipps

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The numbers will speak for themselves even before Easter that for the most part Trumps efforts to open back up will fall upon deaf ears, if he still is singing that tune. But again, for the most part. There will still be his loyal base that doesn't care about numbers. Ever. And will side with him no matter how many are dying.
  2. shipps

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    Thats pretty crazy that one fake random tweet gained traction like this. Usually it may get some talk on a message board but to have so much of twitter talking about it with no others jumping in as well, I just don't get it. Is it all because he guessed the Mookie info before others reported it as official?
  3. shipps

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    What would have been his remaining controlled years if he didn’t sign this deal?
  4. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    What is so terrible about Puigs stats that have people ripping on him here? He also has a cannon in the outfield, correct? If you don't like the guy because of his personality then I get it but to say "he sucks" is disingenuous.
  5. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Yes we know that but the Sox could also be feeding the three knuckle heads as well and it could be with a motive we aren't aware of. The off season is fun again so I am happy for that.
  6. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Bruce doubles down.
  7. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Hector has always operated like he cared about his credibility. It doesnt seem like he would throw anything out there that he wasn't fairly certain on. He retweeted Bruces tweet from yesterday debunking Sox interest yet he came right back today regardless of Bruces source saying that they are interested? I would trust Hectors inside info over Bruce any day regarding latin talent.
  8. You gotta be f'in kidding me Hector.
  9. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    I’ve listened to Bruce for years. I honestly think he is like that because everyone gives him a hard time for either being wrong or uninformed , including his colleagues. So he is defensive and tries to over compensate.
  10. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    LOL at all the condescending comments from everyone towards Bruce on that tweet. People do not respect him at all. Ahahahaha
  11. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    So our boy Hector Gomez shared an article linking the possibility of Puig to the Sox. Then added to a comment from a different post about the Sox possibly adding even more to their lineup after the EE signing. It seems as though he thinks that Puig is a real possibility. I just dont know why Puig would choose the Sox situation. Maybe just wants to win?
  12. shipps

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Why would a platoon role improve Puigs stock for the future?