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  1. kwolf68

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Or you could just root for them as players. Players have as much right as anyone to express themselves. Why is it ok for major corporations to flood our national airwaves with politics, yet some guy playing baseball should be quiet? If the guy is right, left, middle or whatever I don't care. I support my players period. I am left of center on most issues and would support like hell Curt Shilling had he been on the White Sox. That's where it ends for me, but I'd never say Curt shouldn't speak his mind. This idea where "entertainers" shouldn't speak out is fascist thinking. So since I am against that ideology I support anyone's right to speak their politics no matter their profession. I am a big boy, I can deal with Curt's right wing ramblings and am able to survive. It's not really that hard.
  2. kwolf68

    Pro Tony La Russa Hiring Poster Here

    Maybe that means we can get Blake Snell, since they obviously don't trust him to throw 74 pitches.
  3. kwolf68

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Nothing inspires participation like angst.
  4. kwolf68

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Figured it'd be a full on riot in here. My view is this backfires, the Sox flail away badly and Tony is gone in one year or the Sox become a dynasty. This move has ALL or NOTHING written all over it. I am a Sox fan, I am used to dumb shit, but next April I'll be ready to go.
  5. kwolf68

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Marte was dealt from Pitt for two prospects, both in very low minors. They are nice prospects, but A ball kids still. If Sox get Marte the deal should be no better than that. I'd give a higher minors prospect for Marte, but he can't be a top guy.
  6. kwolf68

    Trade Watch Rumor

    If the control doesn't develop he's a bullpen piece. I love the kid, but his game fell apart yesterday, simply not able to repeat his delivery, got totally out of whack. Yesterday's game was as down on Dylan as I've ever been. A crap lineup that he just couldn't hit the mitt where it was placed.
  7. Going to the dentist also more fun.
  8. Incredible pick, big time talent. Main issue will be getting him signed. If Hahn is able to do so then this draft is looking good with serious potential.
  9. kwolf68

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    If Kansas City has more picks they won't be.
  10. kwolf68

    White Sox 2020 Draft Day discussion thread

    I still like Miller from UCLA, but he's falling. This pick has great upside, but also some risk given his limited track record.
  11. kwolf68

    Which Team Was Better? 94 or 05 White Sox?

    What a sore subject. 1994 is precisely why I walked away from baseball for a period of time. The 1994 Sox were a great team, it felt like they were also getting into a groove. Then the season gets canceled. Unreal. I came back when the Sox made it in 2000 and they were quickly dispatched in the playoffs, but I at least got the buzz back. A few years later 2005 happened, all was right in the world.
  12. kwolf68

    Can the 20s be the best decade in Sox history?

    That would be remarkable.
  13. kwolf68

    Here’s A Laugh

    Translation: This is what I hope happens with the white sox. In the end, who cares what some fool says on a message board. It will be decided soon enough.
  14. kwolf68

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Needless to say 2020 is going to be an interesting year in Chicago for the Bears. I am NOT a fan of Trubisky in the least. Seems to be a good guy, but I think a below average QB. But they really have to give it one more go. Cutting bait on Trubisky would amount to Pace admitting he made one of the greatest draft day blunders in Bears history. The fact is he has to ride out the storm with this QB and hope beyond hope Trubisky can figure it. That's the ONLY option for Pace. If it goes well then Pace can peacock all around Halas Hall. If he flames out then it's time to scare up a few U-Haul trucks. The Bears fail to make the playoffs next year with anything resembling the shambles of an offense they had this past year and a whole bunch of pink slips will be delivered. However, you have to find a competent backup to stick in there if Trubisky falters. The window on this defense is open to make a great run.
  15. kwolf68

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Where do you see their salary? I thought Betences would have been a heck of a pickup.