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  1. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING. One run game and LaRussa allows Hasely, Garcia and Reese McGuire hit in the 8th and 9th innings with Tim Anderson, Eloy, Jose and Robert in your stable? Someone tell me I just dreamed that
  2. kwolf68

    What music have you bought lately ?

    While working I stream various songs/albums on Youtube, even picking up artists I had limited familiarity with just to get another perspective and variation on music Some stuff I've been playing of late off the top of my head: The Count Five-A 60s band, love their song psychotic reaction and wanted to dive deeper. Results were not great. Their other music wasn't bad, but just didn't live up to that one song I liked Listened to some afro-beats music-Artists I can't recall, it was more a mix play list. The music was exclusively from either 1 or 2 African nations. It was different, but I thought pretty cool Old Crow Medicine Show-A roots act. Much like The Count Five, one song by this band (Wagon Wheel) drove me to dig deeper into their material. Unlike Count Five, I was excited and impressed with this band's overall depth of quality music. My Chemical Romance-An "emo" band from the 2000s. Went there by a recommendation from a Youtuber who is into heavier music. Much to his shock he liked their music. Same as me, I think their album Black Parade is pretty brilliant. I dug into their first two records, the first was more hardcore sounding, the second was very poppy/emo, but still good Arrested Development-Decided to hit this act up deeper. They are a 90s hip hop group. I recall liking their one song "Tennessee" off their first album. I went back and listened to that in its entirety. Just sensational. Also checked out their follow up Zingalamaduni. While not near as ground breaking as their first one, some quality tracks on there, like Afrika's Inside Me and United Front Overkill-Taking Over. Thrash band from the 80s. I was more into Hello From the Gutter and Years of Decay. I do not like their first album Feel the Fire, so I guess I sorta skipped over Taking Over. It rages. Way heavier, better playing and song writing than on the very bleh first album. If you need to demo a room, this is a good album Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon. I have never liked Pink Floyd all that much. And I have tried to get into them. While I still won't put them as my favorite band, my subsequent listens to this very classic album seem to be going down a lot better these days. It's innovative music as I always knew, but there is also an excitement to their music that I originally did not capture Also, as an aficionado of rock music and rock history I once again TRIED to get into rock between 1959 (after the Day the Music Died plane crash) and 1963/1964 when the Beatles broke. I hate it, can't find jackshit. NOW, Motown was bringing the goods, but rock music was really dead at this point. I am sorry but Pat Boone, Fabian, Paul Anka and the like do nothing for me. This was house-broken watered down pop. The only remotely credible of these "so called rockers" were Ricky Nelson and perhaps Bobby Darin. The rest were a flotsam.
  3. kwolf68

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    And why shouldn't they? Proven Super Bowl coach, still in his prime, former Bears player and the Bears don't even take an interview with him. Back to the wonderful world of the unproven assistants. Really thought the Bears would go big this year, but not to be. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  4. kwolf68

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Yep Jim Harbaugh is in the cat bird's seat. To me, this is choice 1A and 1B, then we talk about other guys. He is a proven coach, not a retread, not a mystery coordinator. After hearing that Bears apparently offered Ozzie Newsome the GM job, maybe it tells me the Bears are going to play big this off-season. Get it done. 12 years since last playoff win is a travesty.
  5. kwolf68

    Soxtalk Member Age Range

    I remember watching the Tito Landrum homer on TV. That ages me.
  6. kwolf68

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Heard the same stuff about trying to leverage Harbaugh for more money. Until that happens, press forward on him.
  7. kwolf68

    Ethan Katz

    Cease's performance last night was almost mind boggling. I could care less who it was against, until that game he couldn't consistently throw strikes against ANYONE. So I hold almost no regard for the (lack of) quality of Detroit. This, to me, was all about Cease. He started off pounding the zone, left a couple heaters over the middle for solid singles. All good. But you knew somewhere in the back of your mind the wheels would come off. I remember a 3-0 count. Ace! He's gonna walk this guy. Nope, fought back and got the out. I think he had another maybe two 3-ball counts and made pitches to get outs. SEVEN innings, 0 WALKS. That performance was one of the most amazing games I've seen by a White Sox pitcher in a long time, because it was SO unexpected. Yet because of Cease's talent, we have BEEN expecting just what we saw last night. While it won't be 0 walk shutouts every game and there will still be bumps, I think the kid is on the right path.
  8. It's Spring. Move on. Need to see less wildness moving forward. A 2020 Cease is not an option for this team. But Rome wasn't built in a day and Dylan has electric talent.
  9. Ok I was just checking GameDay and saw 2 DPs, only 1 K. Can't go forever without hiccups in baseball. Would love to see him mow through these guys next time through the order.
  10. Not watching, is Cease getting weak contact?
  11. kwolf68

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Certainly a good point on Stiever, I agree, 2020 has to be taken with a grain of salt on some level. I think Musgrove is better than Richards. Richards lost his starting role in San Diego last year. For a cheap, depth option as potential protection against Cease/Rey failing off I wouldn't oppose it even still. And to answer your question about if it's better to keep those 3 players instead of getting Musgrove in my view no it's better to move them if we can get a sturdy entering his prime SP for them. There is a really high probability only 1 of those guys will actually make it given the fact most prospects don't make it. I do like Thompson and I like Stiever, but the Sox can strike now and may need another arm to do it. So I'd move any of them. The Sox are still trading from the "depth" of the system and the top talent remains. They still have Crochett and Kelley so it won't be like the farm system will be empty.
  12. kwolf68

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Certainly would not be a bad comparison. Bundy was a more ballyhooed prospect (Joe was still a very good prospect), but arm injury destroyed his velocity. He routinely sits 90 on the fastball. He got a change of scenery and really took off with LAA. The Orioles got 4 prospects, but none really all that great to be honest. The highest ranked one is Kyle Braddish and he's not even Top 20 in the Orioles system. Looked like a bunch of young spare parts for a capable SP. So it appears what I think the Sox should offer is a much better package than the Bundy deal. Some would suggest a similar package of low minors lotto tickets should get Musgrove because of the return Baltimore got for Bundy. I don't agree. That was a crap return and I argue isn't a good comp. Bundy should have gotten at least one top 10 system prospect. None of those guys were even close.
  13. kwolf68

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Yea you and I both are it seems. I am just not sure about Cease right now. Love the arm and yes he needs time with new pitching coach, but my fear is he'll have to parse his arsenal down to two pitches and move to the pen. That's what many had projected of him a while ago. Which is a shame, because he does keep his velocity after 100 pitches so he has the physical tools to be a quality SP who can throw innings. But his command has gone from below average to dreadful, though 2020 was an outlier for many players and I am certainly not opposed to rolling with him this year given his ceiling.
  14. kwolf68

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    It would be completely worth it. I'd throw in a third piece, lotto type to get a guy like Musgrove. Not every guy is established by 28, some take time, for various reasons. Musgrove is a high character guy with a highly competitive motor. He'd be another bulldog in our rotation. Yes, I like the guy, but I also think he could be a huge help. I think he's a solid, legit SP-3, but the Sox would have him slotted SP-4, which is value. Stiever is a really nice story, but all those reports of him throwing 97 in A advanced ball in 2019 didn't seem to pan out as he wasn't approaching that velo in his time with the Sox this past year. Thompson is still a bit of a mystery but he has interesting potential, the Bux may want him, if so then fine. Adolfo is expendable with Cespedes coming on board. I didn't think about Zach Collins. He'd maybe be a piece the Pirates would be intersted in. Collins/Stiever or Thompson/Adolfo would be a decent package for the Pirates and would really cause very little pain to the White Sox.
  15. kwolf68

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Good post. I live in Pittsburgh and the real concern here (and maybe a good thing for us White Sox fans) Is there is an industry belief that Musgrove has yet to even reach his peak. He started demonstrating his potential after he came off the IR last year. He was downright unhittable over his last few starts as he has really started to pound his ++ slider more and more. Musgrove has elite secondaries, what keeps him from being a TOR is he doesn't have a dominating fastball even though he can push it to 94. Joe just turned 28, so he is now entering his prime. Put a better team behind him, one that can score runs and this big guy can consume innings ala Lance Lynn. Having him in the 4 hole behind Gio, Dallas and Lance would be a big bag of riches and would assist our bullpen having 4 guys who can carry the mail. If you can get Joe, GET HIM. That said I don't want to trade Nick and I don't think we'd have to. I think the Pirates like their MI prospect base especially with Nick Gonzalez looking like a potential star at 2B down the line. If anything the Pirates probably would be interested in a power hitting corner outfielder, catcher or even pitching. I think a package of Stiever or Matthew Thompson and Adolfo plus maybe a lotto ticket could get the Sox in the park. Talk is that the catching prospect for Toronto, Kirk, was the headliner of a potential trade deadline deal involving Musgrove. He's a bit higher rated than Adolfo, Thompson or Stiever. I don't know what else was involved, if anything. I seriously doubt it was just Musgrove for Kirk.