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  1. kwolf68

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    Yea the Yoan sucks posts have dried up. I think similar tact should be exercised with Gio as well as any other kids that are going to be called up this year. Yoan will play in many all star games during his career, bank on it.
  2. kwolf68

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    Not a brilliant performance by Gio tonight, but may have been his best outing of the year for him thus far. A nice step in the right direction.
  3. kwolf68

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    Holy crap, they got him? Yep, he was my choice too. He's a beast. Brilliant.
  4. kwolf68

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    Stanton is a DH. They are playing Gardner, Hicks in the OF right now. Gardner is pesky, but you could move him to CF, Judge to left and Harper to right, Hicks to the bench. I just think the Yankees have more flexibility in the OF. Their IF is totally set for a long time....Gleber-2B, DD-SS, Andujar-3, Sanch-C....Bird at 1B is the only question mark and that's only because he always is injured, but if healthy that is a hell of an infield.
  5. kwolf68

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    Yea, but A-Rod was willing to move to third. There is no spot to move DiDi too. I know DIdi isn't ARod, but he is still a player no sane team should be considering replacing and if he's going to the OF, then the Yankees should probably just go for Harper instead. I just know the AL sucks this year...we already know Boston, NYY, Cleveland and Houston are in. LAA is probably in too while maybe Toronto or the Twinkies fight it out. the rest is cannon fodder.
  6. kwolf68

    White sox could be dark horse for machado

    You would think they'd pass on Manny given that lineup.
  7. kwolf68

    Alec Hansen

    Maybe there is no information because they have none. What would there be to gain by withholding injury info about a top prospect?
  8. kwolf68

    Cease or Hansen

    WoW. Tough call. I am very high on both, but I am leaning Cease having seen him more and his performance in Spring was lights out.
  9. kwolf68

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    Yea I mistyped Hansen for Dunning. As far as Shields, yea you're probably right.
  10. kwolf68

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    Doh! Yea. I guess Dunning and his 10+ K/s per 9 and one walk every 2 games is just a victim of numbers.
  11. kwolf68

    FS: Dylan Cease focus feature w/ video, quotes

    Another guy to watch is Ian Hamilton, AA relief pitcher. He is a candidate to close down the line. Early returns here in 2018 is he looks damn good.
  12. kwolf68

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    The Calvary is coming. I saw this early on...this team would be brutal the first half, mainly because of reliance on junk starters, but...by the middle things would take shape... -Gio and ReyRey more innings under their belt -Fulmer finally decides he's a starter or not -Kopech arrives -Rodon gets healthy -Miguel is jettisoned -Shields is traded for a low prospect -I also think another player will make the a spot start in the show. I predict the sleeper is Ian Clarkin. Not spectacular, but I have a feeling with his command he could get a look at some point. -And for god's sakes get Alex Hansen out of high-A....if there is no spot for him in AA, put him in AAA....Hansen is a future LEGIT middle to top of the rotation starter.
  13. kwolf68

    FS: Dylan Cease focus feature w/ video, quotes

    I think he's a pure winner. I believe he sticks as a starter. But there is certainly a lot of arms, the very best of the bunch are Rodon, ReyRey, Kopech, Hansen, Gio, Clarkin, Dunning and Cease. That's 8 there, not considering Puckett, Stephens or Hamilton (or someone else) doesn't develop into a rotation type. Of those 8, I think only Clarkin and maybe Dunning does not have "top middle to top of the rotation" stuff. However, I think Dunning and Clarkin, while not having high ceilings have great floors and I think will pitch in a big league rotation.
  14. kwolf68

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    Yea hope that gets Eloy going. Still thinking he gets to AAA at some point this year, with a slim shot of a late season add to the big club