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  1. Bears passing numbers were actually really good...if it was 1938, but they won so I am happy.
  2. Yea BS call, but they got 2 BS calls for their favor earlier so it kinda evens out, but yes the "tackle" on Trubisky was a horrid call.
  3. I miss Parkay. LMAO. I generally HATE kickers, but I think I love this one.
  4. TWO of the worst "roughing" and "roughness" calls I've seen in a long time. A total joke. At this point are we playing tackle football? The Floyd penalty in the first half was horrible and that "roughing" the passer was as bad. Just brutal officiating today.
  5. kwolf68

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Hard to argue it. He's also a better player now than even as a younger player. His style of play means there is a good chance he's going to be productive well into his 30s.
  6. kwolf68

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Man, you nailed it. A great warrior, but an albatross contract.
  7. kwolf68

    Machado do-over

    The dead horse thread. Let Johnny Hustle make his mark elsewhere.
  8. My wife is set to beat me this week. I started David Mongomery over Tarik Cohen, started Moncrief over J.Brown and had that Andrews TightEnd on the bench for Baltimore, though I have the Raiders TE left to go, as if that's anything for me. And the Bears defense did great, but the scoring in that league really doesn't count defensive numbers worth a damn, as kickers generate more points that even good defenses.
  9. kwolf68

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Kane's 88 will be in the UC rafters some day, and well deserved as if there was a bigger understatement. Kaner deserves a lot of credit for how he grew as a person and a player.
  10. Heaney has settled down now, likely won't score anymore off him. Embrace the tank.
  11. With 2 potential starters (Kopech, Rodon) and another pretty good prospect who was getting close (Dunning) down for the count in what was still a rebuild year that would not see the Sox take on any high profile UFAs, the Sox were going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel as it is. After Lopez, Gio and Nova it was going to be a ton of mixing and matching. Sadly, Covey was part of that equation. Next year he won't be. I don't even think he'll be in this organization next year.
  12. Covey just illustrates how volatile even first round picks are in baseball. He's truly awful, this player should NOT be a part of 2020 plans in any way, shape or form.
  13. Covey is not good at this game.
  14. Good lord, how could he not take responsibility for that throw? He was pretty good over last two years stepping up and being accountable.