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  1. kwolf68

    Which Team Was Better? 94 or 05 White Sox?

    What a sore subject. 1994 is precisely why I walked away from baseball for a period of time. The 1994 Sox were a great team, it felt like they were also getting into a groove. Then the season gets canceled. Unreal. I came back when the Sox made it in 2000 and they were quickly dispatched in the playoffs, but I at least got the buzz back. A few years later 2005 happened, all was right in the world.
  2. kwolf68

    Can the 20s be the best decade in Sox history?

    That would be remarkable.
  3. kwolf68

    Here’s A Laugh

    Translation: This is what I hope happens with the white sox. In the end, who cares what some fool says on a message board. It will be decided soon enough.
  4. kwolf68

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Needless to say 2020 is going to be an interesting year in Chicago for the Bears. I am NOT a fan of Trubisky in the least. Seems to be a good guy, but I think a below average QB. But they really have to give it one more go. Cutting bait on Trubisky would amount to Pace admitting he made one of the greatest draft day blunders in Bears history. The fact is he has to ride out the storm with this QB and hope beyond hope Trubisky can figure it. That's the ONLY option for Pace. If it goes well then Pace can peacock all around Halas Hall. If he flames out then it's time to scare up a few U-Haul trucks. The Bears fail to make the playoffs next year with anything resembling the shambles of an offense they had this past year and a whole bunch of pink slips will be delivered. However, you have to find a competent backup to stick in there if Trubisky falters. The window on this defense is open to make a great run.
  5. kwolf68

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Where do you see their salary? I thought Betences would have been a heck of a pickup.
  6. kwolf68

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Bullpen is my choice to tidy up now.
  7. kwolf68

    Nomar Mazara Speculation

    Lets just sign Floyd Bannister and get ugly.
  8. kwolf68

    Nomar Mazara Speculation

    Walker IS a very good hitter. How much his power plays is the big thing as he projects on an OF corner, though he has played some CF. In fact some scouting services thought his hit tool was bested by only Madrigal in his draft class.
  9. kwolf68

    Nomar Mazara Speculation

    Is it possible this is a perfect time to buy low on Mazara? He was a top prospect at one time, yes higher regarded than Steele (who I do really like). Dunno, but buying low sometimes is a good deal. If you think the guy just sucks that's fine, but I am not convinced he does. Obviously, I wouldn't want to trade Steele and Stiever, that's a massive overpay, but one may be fair and then a lottery ticket type.
  10. kwolf68

    Joc Pederson - Is it goin down?

    If the Sox get Joc who platoons with him? He is wretched against same handed pitchers. I'd take him, but hope the Sox don't give up someone like A-Bum for him either.
  11. kwolf68

    Sox in on MadBum

    Madbum or Ryu, veteran lefty added to a young righty heavy rotation. I'd be good with either. Sox have a plethora of young pitchers, need a workhorse leader in the rotation. MadBum would maybe be rejuvenated in Chicago. The dude is a pure winner, even if the skill has regressed some. That said, 100 MILLION? Dunno about that.
  12. kwolf68

    Angels acquire Bundy

    Bundy is a great buy low candidate, still young with a very good arm, buried in Siberia for years. A perfect change of scenary guy and the Angels gave up nothing but spare parts to get him. A low risk play by the Angels. If they do land Cole or Stras a rotation of Cole/Stars, Heaney, Ohtani, Canning and Bundy is potentially a very impressive lot. It's easy to "figure out" that Gerritt Cole is good, what wins big is finding those diamonds in the rough, late bloomers, change of scenary types. If I were an Angels fan I'd have NOTHING to complain about with this move, UNLESS it was the consolation prize to Cole or Stras then yea I'd be bumming.
  13. kwolf68

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Mitch is done. I bet he starts no more than 15 more games in his NFL career. He's terrible, can't read defense, no instincts, nothing. Whoever the scouts are who suggested this guy should be gone. total joke
  14. kwolf68

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Haha really. Luckman was about it. The Punky QB was credible for literally a single year, Kramer was a nice QB in an era of trash, since then complete laughing gas, Rex, Cade, Cut, and now Mitchy poo.
  15. kwolf68

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    This offense is expansion level bad.