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  1. If nothing else, all of Manny's family and friends on the team can keep us up-to-date about his performance. What a laughable off-season. Honestly, I really am not a huge Machado fan, but the Sox were and looked like frolicking jesters in pursuing him. He was always going to where the money was most. Sox failed to understand that.
  2. kwolf68

    Yankees sign Adam Ottavino: 3yr/27m

    Translation: I like your offers but I want MORE.
  3. kwolf68

    Mike Trout, 2020? Better strike next year, though.

    True enough, but he's a great player who does things the right way. I get it, Machado is really good, and yea his Johnny hustle comments are probably overblown but I honestly won't kill myself if we don't get him or Harper.
  4. kwolf68

    Yankees sign Adam Ottavino: 3yr/27m

    This is pretty much it. Have him setup and if it looks good let him go...if not get his ass out. His slider is freak level shit, dude is 33, where has he been the last 10 years?
  5. kwolf68

    Yankees sign Adam Ottavino: 3yr/27m

    Good take, and agree. Those names all would work to me to various extents.
  6. kwolf68

    Yankees sign Adam Ottavino: 3yr/27m

    Heh. Kinda. Adam Ottavino would have these moments of silliness, but they were very few and far between. His slider is electric. I think it's his command that gets him into trouble that you speak of. I honestly don't trust him as a closer, but he's generally filthy and I'd love to take a shot at him.
  7. kwolf68

    Fifth Starter

    Buchholz would be interesting. I don't know how he did it, but he was lights out for the D-Backs last year. Dude still knows how to pitch. My call for 5th starter is Fernando Tatis Jr.
  8. kwolf68

    Sox still in the running for Harper/Machado

    Reports (and take them with a grain of salt) state both Manny and Bryce neither one like Philly. One reporter on MLB-N stated Harper was yelled at by a Philly construction worker to "do the right thing". Take it FWIW.
  9. kwolf68

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    Seeing a lot of AJP love (he was #2 for me). I think he was the glue of that 05 team, and his rope a dope in the ALCS against the Angels just showed how quickly he could think. He was a fun baseball player to watch, a real throw back.
  10. kwolf68

    Mike Trout, 2020? Better strike next year, though.

    Because we may not get him. Don't know if it's media smoke, but they are saying he wants to play for the Yankees.
  11. kwolf68

    Yankees sign Adam Ottavino: 3yr/27m

    When Ottavino was on last year he was simply unhittable. I'd take him.
  12. kwolf68

    Mike Trout, 2020? Better strike next year, though.

    I like Yolmer a lot, but Arenado is my main target and would be totally fine losing out on Machado and Harper if we could land Nolan. He's a brilliant 3B, plays the game like a man possessed, and would solve one of our positions we have in question.
  13. kwolf68

    White Sox Christmas Gifts

    Oh I like this one.