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  1. quickman

    Spring training broadcast schedule

    Sox will be on mlb network on Monday against the Dodgers.
  2. quickman

    I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year

    I am going to completely agree with you. I will not get caught up in game threads or hung on pitches , this is the best team I have seen in a long time . Very excited about the young players and pitchers and how they handle things . Very bullish on the season and I will admit as I age I try to enjoy things more than being a bitter whitesox fan calling for the heads of people whether owners or managers or players. I think they did a nice job getting this team aligned and although they have A few gaps I believe if someone significant goes down with a year end they will go for getting someone if they are in it , of course this board will always protect their precious minor leaguers thinking all will come through. I am really going to enjoy and root for success.
  3. quickman

    Spring training broadcast schedule

    They have Already explained this , even the cubs are limited based on covid issues , only televising home games in the spring. different than the Sox excuse but kind of related based on crews. The Sox also have the app broadcast which I enjoy. It’s enough actually and I will catch some radio stuff.
  4. quickman

    Spring Training thread

    So anything new in spring training despite everyone hating larussa, JR and Hahn? I mean all those people probably have there own thread .
  5. quickman

    Spring training broadcast schedule

    You can add the cub game from Mesa as being televised as marque will broadcast it. So at least one more we can watch .
  6. quickman

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    I am not insinuating that I like the hire in fact I don’t but I think bitching about it for months while rooting for the team you love is a waste of time and energy. Let’s see what happens I am not rooting for him to fail because that means the team fails.
  7. quickman

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    Ok so everyone hates larussa I get it, he has a couple of DUI’s which apparently nobody on this board has ever got or won’t admit. We are all angels here, let me ask this in your hatred are you going to go as far as to not want him to succeed? I want to win , he is the manager whether you like him or not, but damn JR is old and will die soon then we will all get his cheap kid running the show , we’re not getting Mark Cuban or jeff bezos. Let’s just focus on the team and win.
  8. quickman

    Spring training broadcast schedule

    Is it fair to assume that the cubs/ Sox games in spring training will be covered on the Marque network? Also mlb tv might carry a game or two during spring training.
  9. I have been searching but cannot find any info on spring training broadcasts. Anyone have any info on this?
  10. quickman

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    I actually think the Sox are saying Collins is not very good and we need a back to the back up. I don’t think they trust Collins at all.
  11. quickman

    Andrew Benintendi traded to the Royals

    Well I would give up all those guys who will probably never make it for him . Anyway doesn’t matter cause it didn’t happen, Engel is a nice back up player the rest are nothing.
  12. quickman

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Sorry for the late reply I suppose I was alluding to colome and they also picked up Ian Hamilton. I realize the later needs to prove things but he does have chance to be effective. My main point is they did things pretty quietly and they are still the team to beat.
  13. quickman

    Giolito Working on a New Pitch..."The Downer"

    Sounds like a Bruce Sutter split fingered fastball
  14. quickman

    So a Giolito extension...

    Who cares if they want to keep him they will keep him . Pretty simple, I do think they intend to keep lynn he is older and won’t command anything like Giolito. Sox need to decide. Up to them but we have him for a couple more years and if we win then great. Job done .
  15. quickman

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    The Collins love on this site is incredible. The guy is not exactly a front line player. He is not great defensively and what we’re his stats in the minors? He is not that great. Neither is lecroy but he probably knows how to handle pitchers and is a smart catcher. Good depth for sure , nice sign. That’s it no all star no starter just good damn depth.