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  1. quickman

    Mendick to Schaumburg, Jose Ruiz up.

    The bullpen could get taxed with striever pitching today, Keuchel coming back from an injury and tbd on Sunday. They thought they needed an extra arm. That said Mendick has been a good solid player in a role hopefully he has the next 5 years. I hope it’s nothing more than that. He is a nice player.
  2. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Actually I am not a hater at all. Personally I think the whitesox keep him because he is cheap and the biggest need for them next year is a starting pitcher( veteran) and a closer. Personally that is my thought. I don’t hate the team I have followed them since 1970, that stated I do think right field is a hole but they certainly can get away with it because everyone else is so good. Hope that clarifies.
  3. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    I hope your right
  4. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    I hope you right
  5. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Sorry folks did bill Melton retire? Just wondering if he is sick or retired ? Anyone know ?
  6. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    They need a right fielder, veteran starter and a closer next year and we win. I am also including keeping McCann . Long shot I know. But you want to win it all that’s the need .
  7. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    So your saying they won’t keep him or they will cause he is cheap. I am betting they keep him because he is cheap and they are hoping for a comeback year .
  8. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    I totally respect you we are long time sox fans but I really think they will keep him one more year for money sake. They don’t want to admit they made a mistake and feel he will get back to. 20 hrs next year. I hope your right though .
  9. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Ok so i am late to this hate but Mazara really does suck. Unfortunately , we will keep him next year and give up McCann. He actually sucks .
  10. quickman

    Should we be worried about the Tigers in the future?

    The issue with rebuilding is everyone tries to create a Windows when all comes together at once. Sox are doing it, cubs did it,Padres etc. when you do that you then heavily rely on free agents to fill the gaps, but once you bring all your guys who you wanted in the window very little is left . Now you could be Tampa who obviously puts a boat load of emphasis in scouting and very little emphasis on free agents. We will see what tigers and others do. Tigers will eventually be a very good team but I think our whole division will be very tightly matched in the next couple of years. And I agree whit merrifield should have been traded that was real dumb especially in a covid year where you don’t have fans coming to the ball prk to see their favorite player.
  11. quickman

    White Sox @ Royals - 9/6/20 - 1:05 CT

    Seriously This McRae guy we have nobody else in the minors. This guy wasn’t even good in college.
  12. quickman

    White Sox @ Royals - 9/6/20 - 1:05 CT

    Who is alex McRae and is there nobody better ? Who was sent down to bring this guy up?
  13. quickman


    Sox are winning against bad teams which is very good. They need a true veteran starter to stabilize the rotation. Next year hopefully they get one and a new closer. They are exciting and good enough to beat mis tier and lower end teams but come playoffs which team do you want to face that doesn’t have better pitching than the Sox?
  14. quickman

    Just put Moncada on the IL already....

    Well it’s 11-4 take him out and let him rest on games like this if your not going to DL the guy.