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  1. quickman

    Actually Realistic Vaughn Trade Ideas?

    Not trading him there is no reason to do so.
  2. quickman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It’s obvious that JR wants his buddy, it’s his team and JR is getting old ands wants one more title before he passes. So he is reaching to his friend who is a hall of fame manager, used stats big time, speaks Spanish and a guy he regrets every firing. This is just about JR doing what he wants cause it’s his last hurrah. I also think there is little window room for error so they just might spend to make this all happen. Hope it plays out soon.
  3. quickman

    Mazara and Right Field Thread

    Cease stop using the curve. Use the curve.
  4. quickman

    Tony La Russa

    Great post and dead on. I wasn’t a fan about going back words but larussa was a never a run of the mill manager he is a hall of fame manager like a bobby Cox. Something else to consider larussa speaks fluent Spanish and back in that day he was all about stats and match ups. We could do a lot worse. I still think larussa will be hired in the same capacity as he is now.
  5. quickman

    Tony La Russa

  6. quickman

    madrigal has shoulder surgery

    So Romeo did mine ( same guy that did peavy) I had mine done at 50 years old and was torn in three places including bicep. Mine took 6 months with therapy but am completely healed. I am sure nick might be able to shave that off being young and having the best med care around. Hoping for the best.
  7. quickman

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    I actually think the time to strike is now when other people are cutting. The market will be lower at least for short term. Good business organizations can strike while their competition can’t or won’t. The Sox can go into a potential negative for a year or two and come out great because the bulk of their talent cost little . Now is the perfect businessman’s time to strike . Get your pitcher and your right fielder .
  8. quickman

    Mendick to Schaumburg, Jose Ruiz up.

    The bullpen could get taxed with striever pitching today, Keuchel coming back from an injury and tbd on Sunday. They thought they needed an extra arm. That said Mendick has been a good solid player in a role hopefully he has the next 5 years. I hope it’s nothing more than that. He is a nice player.
  9. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Actually I am not a hater at all. Personally I think the whitesox keep him because he is cheap and the biggest need for them next year is a starting pitcher( veteran) and a closer. Personally that is my thought. I don’t hate the team I have followed them since 1970, that stated I do think right field is a hole but they certainly can get away with it because everyone else is so good. Hope that clarifies.
  10. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    I hope your right
  11. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    I hope you right
  12. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Sorry folks did bill Melton retire? Just wondering if he is sick or retired ? Anyone know ?
  13. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    They need a right fielder, veteran starter and a closer next year and we win. I am also including keeping McCann . Long shot I know. But you want to win it all that’s the need .
  14. quickman

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    So your saying they won’t keep him or they will cause he is cheap. I am betting they keep him because he is cheap and they are hoping for a comeback year .