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    Yolmer left his heart in SF

    He would have started for the Sox at least for two months at second base and then play 2 days a week as a fill in for sure. Seems like a nice cheap option for the Sox and now a nice cheap option for the giants.
  2. I would have liked to see Sanchez with the whitesox on a minor league deal instead of the giants.
  3. quickman

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    It appears everyone has taken the sox stance on nick right now. Nobody signing the guy. As for abreu who cares what the Sox want to pay him. They have proven that if they want to spend money they have it and will spend. They kept konerko too long as well but he gave the Sox great years. Jr is loyal, so what... it’s his money not yours. Let it go. If Mazara does t work out he will be gone and the Sox will move on. Who cares if they gave up some minor leaguer who may or may not make it. They won’t wreck the window. They have a great lineup for the next few years, to me it’s about pitching. Do they have the arms long term? Everyone who is young is un proven Gio needs to prove it again. No stud. Pitching wins.
  4. quickman

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    the love of whitesox crap prospects amazes me. Win in the majors not the minors. Half if not three quarters of these guys don’t make it. The top guys are great the rest who the hell cares. Trade them and get people on the major league roster.
  5. quickman

    Edwin Encarnacion

    I obviously missed the memo on the great Zach Collins that barely Hit 250 in the minors and sucked when he was brought up. His defensive skills have been questioned and now his bat. Yet this board loves the guy. If we acquired Collins in a trade this board would crucify Hahn. I think a lot of people fall in love with minor league junk because they met them at a game or know his girlfriend. The guy hasnt proven a thing. He is a third catcher or a bat off the bench on his best day. He frightens no pitcher in this league and has a giant hole in his swing. I will take the established 30 hr guy with 100 RBI’s. Sandwich him in the middle of the order and let him go back to back with abreu or Jimenez. Your not a winner with Zach Collins as your dh.
  6. quickman

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Thank you for keeping things real. Just read nine pages of depressing comments.
  7. Is this all because wheeler didn’t accept our over inflated deal and actually got input from his family to stay closer to home? If he would have signed does this post go out? We are criticizing him for overpaying on a catcher who we have needed desperately for years but cutting him down for not over paying for a 12 win pitcher? He extended Anderson and Jimenez and the latest trend is to not take extensions and go to the market and get overpaid. Let’s wait to see how the rest of the offseason plays out. We have a hole in right field, the bullpen, and a second baseman for at least this year. I do think we were aggressive on wheeler and if the Phillies or Mets didn’t participate we would all be celebrating. People go where they want to live. I left this board years ago because of hysteria and daily anxiety about how great our minor league players were. I come back to view every hot stove just to get info. Nice to see little has changed. Keep in perspective we have a lot of holes to fill.
  8. Sometimes even if you throw money to travel it’s not the same as living in the area you want. Ball players travel and are away from home a lot spouses and kids want to feel comfortable when their husbands are away.You don’t know health issues or kid issues with the family and maybe she wanted to live close to her family as she might be very close to them. I know I gave up transfer opportunities with more money to stay as my wife wanted to live 20 minutes away from her family. You can also credit his agent for using the Sox and others to help drive up the philly contract to get what they wanted in an area they wanted to live. Think the Sox stepped up here and if the Phillies didn’t enter the fray they would have won based on the other teams in the running. It’s time to shift and over pay to some other slug.
  9. quickman

    Blue Jays vs White Sox 6:07 PM

    QUOTE (fathom @ Aug 13, 2012 -> 09:16 PM) He was brought into a terrible situation there. I think Nate jones is tired and is missing location. He has pitched a lot this year and a few back to back games in recent weeks, but back on to septimo. The guy truly brings nothing to the table. I really don't see what benefit he brings to a playoff run on this particular team. If someone wants to claim him, so be it. When they sent Donnie veal down last time I questioned why not septimo, as usual its about options but if you cannot get a batter out on a lefty/ lefty situation then I would rather have Donnie veal who at least will throw a strike. We are really bad from the left side out of the pen. Right now nobody can get an out.
  10. quickman

    Blue Jays vs White Sox 6:07 PM

    I truly do not know what Ventura and Cooper see in septimo. It makes very little sense to me. I think he has to clear waivers to be sent back, but really the guy purely sucks, could care less if somebody picks him up.
  11. quickman

    Veal sent to AAA to make room for Gavin

    I agree veal looked decent and septimo not so good. Hard to understand.
  12. quickman


    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jun 12, 2012 -> 12:45 PM) Soriano is playing on one leg, if you dont believe me watch a game. I ran that way the last couple of years with a bad knee injury, he's basically worthless. Rock he is playing on one leg and needs to go to the A league to be a DH. Cleveland makes a ton of sense as I believe Hafner is out. The reason I am responding to you is your avatar. I just want to keep watching it.
  13. quickman

    Soxtalk Art Appreciation thread

    Been away for awhile, someone used to post monthly screen backgrounders with the current schedule. Is anyone doing that anymore? if so where are they located?
  14. quickman

    Sergio Santos traded to Toronto

    QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 06:39 PM) It's insane that KW is being allowed to clean up the mess he created. it is fathom, this is JR loyalty getting in the way. When you meet everyday with the same people, you tend to start agreeing with them,never looking around. I was hoping that Larussa would somehow be part of the sox org, to get some different thinking around this team and ownership. It didnt happen. this is a huge mistake. Its like letting Bob Pulford continue to run the Blackhawks after he destroyed that team. JR needs an outsider that reports only to him.
  15. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 06:17 PM) Join the Club!!! The ticket rep didnt sound surprised whatsoever. me too rock, but I started when we signed ventura, that told me we would rebuild. No other reason to sign a guy who never managed anywhere. You know I am actually relieved, having these tickets and Blackhawk tickets were draining. That said, I am very curious to see what we get for these guys. Sox will always have room to jump back in.
  16. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:51 PM) No, as Jim isn't a member of the board. There are no consequences for talking badly about a guy like him. I'm an active member, and personal attacks between active members are not allowed. Nice, hide behind that cape, I am sure you can look jim up if your interested. No need to ask me.
  17. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:50 PM) Personal attack. Take it down a notch. Didnt you just do the same? Hypocrite
  18. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:48 PM) Because the guy sucked and I was just wondering how his life is going. go ask him, you suck too. didnt stop your life from going.
  19. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:40 PM) Where's your buddy Jim? what does it matter to you. why would you ask a question like that?
  20. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:33 PM) Just want to add, according to multiple reports, after Marlins made the insane offer... Mark and agent contacted the Sox one more time to give them a chance to make a contending bid. KW said thanks, can't do it, good luck. If the reports are true, thats nice of that damn Hypocrite. Maybe he kept his word to give the sox the last chance. I am happy Mark is going to an exciting contending team and being paid for it. Unlike what we have here.
  21. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:24 PM) Nobody reads the entire thread before posting. He can do all of those things, and it's good for him. That still doesn't stop him from being a hypocrite. we all need to check ourselves a bit on the hypocrisy front. I am certain every person is a hypocrite at some point. right god?
  22. quickman

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:15 PM) Thank you. So let me get this straight, he is suppose to forego 58 million dollars because a few years ago he said he wanted to spend more time with his family? Maybe his wife said Hey mark play for as long as you want, where else can you make 58 million. Do all you people donate your time to Occupy wall street? Its money, its america, he is a baseball player, I am certian he loves his family, I am certain his kids later in life when he is 50 will love the lifestyle he provides. I am certain his grandchildren will thank the heaven above that he put aside his hypocrisy for 58 million and signed down in florida as they rebuild that franchise with a manager he knows very well. I want to spend as much time with my family, but if Microsoft doubled my pay and said I need to work in london the next 4 years and my family blessed it, I gone. Despite the fact that I want to spend more time with my family. Situations only come to you once in awhile, if you don't bit they may never come again.
  23. QUOTE (Harry Chappas @ Aug 20, 2011 -> 08:15 AM) back up plan to soldier field if the field conditions continue to deteriorate or if they need to rush in field turf there can't NFL has an attendance minimum for stadiums. That is why the bears went to champaign.
  24. quickman

    Rumor: Rios/Thornton to Brewers for Gamel?

    Let me also add, Morel is a better third baseman than Gamel. This to me doesnt make sense.
  25. quickman

    Rumor: Rios/Thornton to Brewers for Gamel?

    I am not sure how any of this makes any sense. Why in the world would the brewers want Rios?