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  1. joejoedairy

    Service Time

    He has no incentive to sign an extension, he already got a $26 million signing bonus
  2. joejoedairy

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    It might be past time to be taking "flyers" but Nick Williams on the Phillies is hitting well at AAA and doesnt really have a spot. Wouldn't give up much but he could be an interesting trial out in RF.
  3. joejoedairy

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    If Colome can't net a top 100 prospect, then I'd keep him.
  4. joejoedairy

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Colome to the Braves for Waters or the Cardinals for Dylan Carlson.
  5. joejoedairy

    All Star Lucas Giolito

    Verlander is going to start and be followed by Tanaka. Would be cool if Giolito comes in at the same time as McCann.
  6. He'll probably put up good numbers at charlotte, considering everyone from Paulo Orlando to Matt Skole have OPS over .900.
  7. Moncada is awesome
  8. Whoops. Then I wonder if the FO has considered it.
  9. I think he's had TJ twice so probably not. I would be interested to see it though
  10. They had to know a squeeze was coming. Is there any way to defend that if the bunt gets down? Catcher would have to stay home so as long as the bunt is far enough away from the pitcher its a run?
  11. He's better than Giolito
  12. I have one at home.
  13. I might have to dip into one of those reddit streams at work for this one. My PS Vue doesnt get WGN.