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  1. joejoedairy

    Am I only the only 1 uneasy about this off season?

    Having an 80-85 win team with a bunch of talented, high end developing prospects seems like a great place to be. I can understand a bit of trepidation with free agent signings given Hahn's history though.
  2. Ya I'm in both of the recently started soxtalk dynasty/keeper leagues. The 30 teamer is huge but it ran pretty smoothly last year. That being said, I'd be interested in joining this league as well, especially with the auction.
  3. joejoedairy

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I would be surprised if Klay ever played an NBA game for a team other than the warriors.
  4. joejoedairy

    Midterms 2018

    I have the opportunity to vote for former Oakland Raiders linebacker Napoleon Harris. Thats actually listed on his Bio on BallotReady.
  5. joejoedairy

    2018 Films thread

    The Hate U Give was very good, powerful. Some of the actors were weak but it didnt detract from the movie too much.
  6. I think 23 is historically on the older side for women's gymnastics, but Aly Raisman was in her 20s at the last olympics and she did well. Simone will definitely be there in 2020 and I'd expect her to win everything again
  7. joejoedairy

    Guys we should target on shortterm deals

    Donaldson and Keuchel or Morton. I still think Brantley makes sense still but he probably can't play CF anymore, even for 1 season. So I guess he's not as good of a fit.
  8. joejoedairy

    Filibuster - Closed

    He did say there would be election threads. So at least there should be some discussion about whats going on. I thought the midterms thread you started was very good and informative. (i never post in buster but i did read it every day)
  9. I see Basabe starting at AA. Hopefully he starts like he did in A+ last year then they can move him to AAA. I also think Steele will start in Kanny.
  10. So, the Birmingham OF will have Gonzalez, Rutherford, Basabe, Adolfo, Call and Booker to start the year with Robert close behind. Its good to have a lot of talent but it'll be interesting to see how they handle the logjam.
  11. joejoedairy

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Its crazy that the hawks have had 5 overtime games and yet none have gone to shootout.
  12. joejoedairy

    Sox have "flexibility" to add "long term pieces"

    What is the anticipated salary for Arenado, considering his career OPS outside of Coors is right around .800, but knowing he is still a great hitter and probably an even better defender?
  13. joejoedairy

    Jason Benetti

    I watched the statcast broadcast and thought he did well. One moment made me cringe though and it is something he does often. When Contreras's knee started bothering him during one of his at bats in extra innings Benetti goes: In a city known for stars winning championships, feeling sick...notably in a bulls uniform...Contreras though has a more emergent issue... What does that have anything to do with anything, and why be coy with the reference? I dunno, cut out some of that meandering nonsense and he'll be fine.
  14. joejoedairy

    James Shields

    It's time to let him go. Tip your cap to him for being one of the few guys this year who threw 200 innings and find someone better. My suggestion is still Morton but I know that most think that's a long shot.
  15. joejoedairy

    9/24- Indians vs Sox, 7:10

    I'm going to this game! ...