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  1. joejoedairy

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Ties would make it less likely that two teams end with the same record, wouldn't it?
  2. joejoedairy

    2018 Travel Thread

    I'm less than a month away from my trip to Europe. We're doing 3 days in Munich, for the end of oktoberfest. 3 days in Amsterdam and 3 days in Prague. Any recommendations?
  3. joejoedairy

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Surely, you can't be serious.
  4. joejoedairy

    Your 2019 MiLB POY is....

    Takes 2 to tango. as they say
  5. joejoedairy

    For the Coop Haters

    I also like to go to the Reposado during a game.
  6. joejoedairy

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    Wild that we could have the batting title, and rbi leader.
  7. joejoedairy

    2020 RF options

    I like these options. I think Conforto might be out of reach since we won't be trading any of the top guys this rebuild has produced. Something like Dunning/Adolfo/Basabe I'd do but they probably wouldnt. Damn injuries. Winker is a great call, but he only bats against righties. 443 OPS against lefties this year in less than 50 ABs.
  8. joejoedairy

    Ball players used to be so much better

    that flip to the CF didn't count as an error?
  9. joejoedairy

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    The minor league season ends Monday. Charlotte is in the playoffs but there just isn't time for this. Not that they should send him down anyways, he is up to develop. Hopefully he'll learn from this year and have a good year next season.
  10. joejoedairy

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    What would it take to get Conforto? He's only got two years left of control so hopefully walker/rutherford/basabe/gonzalez will be ready after that.. Edit: I know step 1 is the Mets being willing to trade him
  11. I'd like to see a good game from Cease. I'd really like to see the lineup with TA, Yo and Eloy all in it. When's the last time that happened?
  12. We got rid of kickers this year and added a second qb for our league. Should be interesting.
  13. joejoedairy

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    All right. Nothing past what I would call left center tho