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  1. joejoedairy

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Brees isn't retiring. He needs 19 TDs to set the career record.
  2. joejoedairy

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Todd Bowles would be my top choice
  3. joejoedairy

    2018 Fantasy Football Discussion Thread

    Samuels is eligible at TE because he played TE in college. Or more accurately might be H Back. He did get 182 carries over his career there.
  4. joejoedairy

    2018 Fantasy Football Discussion Thread

    I missed the playoffs. My team wasn't that bad but I always found ways to lose. Had plenty of weeks in the top 3 in points where I would lose. But I also lost to the team who had 0 other wins 80-67 a few weeks ago, so I probably didn't deserve much. Still have my work league I guess.
  5. joejoedairy

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    It's crazy we've had two different Jim Boylen's as replacement coaches.
  6. I'm likely moving to Portland next year so this is great news to me.
  7. joejoedairy

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Every way? Barkley and Beckham are pretty good.
  8. joejoedairy

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    My Brother in Law just got season tickets this year (well only half the season). He got on the list when he lived down the street from the UC in 2010. Whoops
  9. joejoedairy

    Davidson is Super 2

    Davidson is eligible for arbitration after only 2+ years of service, rather than the usual 3, since he was in the top 22% of service time for those between 2 and 3 years. He was at 2 years 145 days. The cutoff this year was 2 years 134 days. It means he'll get more money than the set pre-arb value (~$575K i think)
  10. joejoedairy

    2019 MLB Draft Picks (Running Thread)

    So the bigger market teams get a worse compensation pick when they lose a free agent? I didn't know that. That is pretty crappy.
  11. joejoedairy

    Davidson is Super 2

    Not sure this is threadworthy but Davidson acheived Super 2 Status so he'll be eligible for arbitration. Probably why Hahn is downplaying his pitching prospects!
  12. joejoedairy

    Am I only the only 1 uneasy about this off season?

    Having an 80-85 win team with a bunch of talented, high end developing prospects seems like a great place to be. I can understand a bit of trepidation with free agent signings given Hahn's history though.
  13. Ya I'm in both of the recently started soxtalk dynasty/keeper leagues. The 30 teamer is huge but it ran pretty smoothly last year. That being said, I'd be interested in joining this league as well, especially with the auction.
  14. joejoedairy

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I would be surprised if Klay ever played an NBA game for a team other than the warriors.
  15. joejoedairy

    Midterms 2018

    I have the opportunity to vote for former Oakland Raiders linebacker Napoleon Harris. Thats actually listed on his Bio on BallotReady.