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  1. joejoedairy

    When will the White Sox be good?

  2. joejoedairy

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    They are aren't going to fall below pick 5 and arent going to rise above pick 3 (most likely) so we may as well root for them to win every game from here on out.
  3. joejoedairy

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Engel? Edit: It's Yolmer isn't it.
  4. joejoedairy


    Who ya got?
  5. joejoedairy

    Wayne Rooney

    Ya, that was one of the better plays I've ever seen when you include everything he did and the time/score situation.
  6. joejoedairy

    8/15 Games

    Ty Greene is hitting 316 with more walks than strikeouts so far. 21 year old Catcher in AZL. 16th rounder this year
  7. joejoedairy

    8/13 Games

  8. joejoedairy

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I would buy ahead of time. You can get the $5 tickets and then sit wherever you want. (with a group of 12 you might have to settle for an upper deck location though) The fees for buying them online are annoying, but if you wait until you get there all of the $5 tickets will be gone. Don't buy parking ahead of time, its only $10 on sundays.
  9. joejoedairy

    7/31 Games

    Perhaps another box checked..
  10. joejoedairy

    7/31 Games

    I feel like kubat could be good. Has never really been challenged. Been treated like org filler since he's been here
  11. joejoedairy

    7/30 Games

    Eloy another hit
  12. joejoedairy

    Updated MLB Pipeline Top 100/Team Top 30

    The question was specifically about collins and basabe, so thats what he answered. But I wonder if Hansen was considered close to their top 100 as well?
  13. joejoedairy

    7/26 games

    Charlotte isn't far enough away
  14. joejoedairy

    Escape from LA game thread

    It's not what anyone hoped for, but he's done well enough against lefties in his career that he could be used creatively to get the most out of his power/speed/defense combo but maybe not playing every day. Which ya, means he'll never be an all star.
  15. joejoedairy

    Updated MLB Pipeline Top 100/Team Top 30

    Burr in the top 30 for all of 5 hours.