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  1. BearSox

    Sox vs Tigers Game Thread 6-3-11

    Ok, I dont necessarily agree, but I can understand where you are coming from.
  2. BearSox

    Sox vs Tigers Game Thread 6-3-11

    You want to ride the hot hand yet you say bench Pierre, who has actually been hitting for the past two weeks? Don't get me wrong, Pierre sucks. But he actually does give us a better chance to win than Dunn right now.
  3. BearSox

    Sox vs Tigers Game Thread 6-3-11

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jun 3, 2011 -> 02:11 PM) I assume your YAY is sarcastic? Dunn needs to hit his way out of this slump, sitting on the bench after an off day isn't going to help anything. And how will looking completely lost vs a lefty help? It's gotten past the point of letting him play through the slump, plain and simple. We need to win ball games now, and until he fixes his approach and starts hitting the ball, he can't be playing everyday, and especially not vs lefties. I'm not saying outright bench, but no more blind faith that he will snap out of it eventually.
  4. BearSox

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    Gotta bring back the grinder rules. This all in stuff sucks.
  5. BearSox

    Slumps and Adam Dunn: they've met before

    It would be so much more encouraging if those slumps took place at different parts of the season. Right now those stats seem to back up the assumption of him being out of shape and having no passion for the game, IMO. Dunn will almost undoubtedly improve, you gotta really try to keep up his level of suckage. However, the one thing those stats don't account for is bat speed. His bat is so freaking slow and he is having trouble catching up to fastballs in the low 90s. I don't know who has less bat speed, him or Beckham.
  6. BearSox

    2011 Video Game Catch-All Thread

    A hacking group claims to have hacked psn again and taken info from around a million users. And if the details from the hackers is correct, it sounds like Sony half-assed it. It just seems to keep getting worse for Sony.
  7. BearSox

    2011 Pre-Draft thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 05:47 PM) I'd be down for Purke if he somehow slides to 47. Sox would obviously have to dish out some cash though (4 to 5M). Which they won't. There is a shot Goodwin could be there too (drafted by Sox before, repped by Boras, kicked out of UNC and now playing for Miami Dade CC). From everything I've read, it sounds like we shouldn't touch Purke with a 100 foot pole. I read a recent scouting report saying his fastball has dropped 4-5 mph since HS and he tires real fast. There are some serious injury concerns with him too. Couple that with his asking price, I have a feeling he will fall a lot and wind up returning to TCU.
  8. BearSox

    2011 Pre-Draft thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 03:12 PM) It doesn't matter for a second where they are ranked. The Sox in 2000 had the top ranked farm team in the country... How'd that work out? The Royals have had tons of prospects in recent years, very few of them have come close to their hype. It still doesn't change the fact that the Royals currently have the best farm system in baseball. Will the prospects pan out or not? No one knows. For all we know the Rays current farm system will wind up busting, and the White Sox system is gonna shock everyone. Unlikely, yes. But no one can predict the success of prospects. But what we do know is that the Royals current system is f***ing stacked.
  9. BearSox

    2011 Pre-Draft thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 02:30 PM) Isn't that really the only question? Trying to predict which prospects succeed and which fail is like trying to pick the winning numbers for the lottery.
  10. BearSox

    2011 Pre-Draft thread

    I think the Royals whole top 10 or close to is in most top 50 prospect lists. That's unheard of! Whether they pan out or not isn't the question. They easily have the best farm system in baseball right now.
  11. BearSox

    Lilly flower

    QUOTE (The Baconator @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 08:50 AM) With so many people clamoring that moving Beckham around would hurt his bat (not to say that you are one of them, I don't know), how can it be a good idea to move Lillibridge to three positions each week? I don't see the logic behind some arguing that moving Beckham away from 2B would destroy him at the plate, yet having Lillibridge playing as a full-time player with no full-time position is a good idea. Any player who consistently let's his fielding affect his hitting, or vica versa, is too weak mentally to be in the Majors.
  12. BearSox

    Thomas "had a lot of teammates involved" in steroids

    QUOTE (That funky motion @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 01:01 PM) Frank has become a different person with the media now. If he was like this back in the day, who knows what kind of a household name, he would have been. This.
  13. BearSox

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (chw42 @ Jun 1, 2011 -> 04:17 PM) Masterson's a good pitcher who will keep getting better. You gotta wonder about his health though, his mechanics are sketchy on the elbow. With the win today, the Sox are 18-12 against teams above .500. 9-19 against teams under. It makes no sense. I can't believe anyone would group Masterson with Declarmen. Both were highly thought of back then, but I gotta assume Masterson was on a higher level. Injury concerns or not, masterson for Dye would have been awesome! Does Declarmen still throw in the mid to high 90s? If so, he'd be worth the risk.
  14. BearSox

    Sox vs BoSox Game Thread 6-1-11

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jun 1, 2011 -> 03:21 PM) That is true, but the gap from Paulie to Frank is the size of the grand canyon. Considering Paulie led the team to a World Series Championship, I'd say the gap is closed a bit.
  15. BearSox

    Wow, Humber. You fo' realz?

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 1, 2011 -> 02:53 PM) How are you quantifying "Little movement"? You're correct on his average velocity, however, I'm not sure how I can quantify movement. For example, I just picked Roy Halladay as a guy who I think has a lot of movement on his standard pitches, and checked the standard fastball movement (not his 2 seamer). For the standard fastball, Halladay's pitch breaks 4.4 inches left and 5.8 inches down. Humber's fastball breaks 6 inches left and 8.8 inches down, so if nothing else, relative to his release point, Humber's fastball actually moves more than Doc's. I'm happy to concede that I'm not reading these numbers right and there's something else to relative release points that I'm not understanding, but please, quantify your little movement part for me. I'm going strictly based off what I have seen of him this season. His fastball moves, all do. But his just doesn't have the life on it that's gonna make it tough for hitters to hit. Maybe below average was too critical, especially with his curve and he has a change up to. I guess average to a tick below would be more fair.