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  1. bobryansson

    Ed Farmer out for little while.

    No explanation, which is fine. Hope he’s OK. Sounded a little frail, maybe? He’s a White Sox guy and I’m pulling for him and his family for whatever. Good wishes only here, please. (Don’t think I’ve ever started a topic before. Hope this is OK.)
  2. bobryansson

    Quintana should be kept

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jul 9, 2017 -> 04:22 PM) It's not pessimistic it is realistic. This team isn't competing now, if they go for it again then they are right back to trying to keep their head above water. Signing Melky, Frazier, keeping Quintana is short sighted and stupid Nobody said anything close to keeping/signing any of those people other than Q. Nobody said go for it now or even next year. With the current players & prospecs, it is reasonable to be a competitive team in 2019. Pitching is the most important thing in baseball and, wherever he is, Quintana will pitch well for a really reasonable price in 2019 & 2020. Should be the White Sox.
  3. bobryansson

    Quintana should be kept

    Yeah, I understand that side of the discussion, just disagree. He's 28-1/2, so has some years left. Can't plan on injuries, really. Certainly always possible, but he's been the opposite of injury prone. Presuming a decent return can be gotten for Robertson and others, Q as anchor of the rotation would be better & less uncertain option than even a couple really good + a couple reach prospects for the 2019 & 2020 teams and their needs.
  4. bobryansson

    Quintana should be kept

    Watched him live last night. Given the prospects already here, drafts, and others for players that can go, I think the "start to be good" window opens at 2019 and "compete for titles" at 2020. I think Q can contribute in those years more than can whoever the White Sox can get for him. You/we/I all know the arguments both ways and that it's been discussed here a lot already. I just had to put my $.02 in here. He was impressive. Working the curve in Coors? Crazy.
  5. bobryansson

    4/16 Game thread: @ Tampa Bay, 5:10pm, WGN/WLS

    Well, Hawk & Stone have justifiably given up on this one.
  6. bobryansson

    2016 Opening Day Thread

    QUOTE (RaySox @ Apr 4, 2016 -> 09:50 PM) That is the most White Sox bunt if I've ever seen one Nah. Bunting into a triple play is the "most White Sox bunt."
  7. bobryansson

    LAA VS CWS 7:10CDT (Heaney vs Danks)

    QUOTE (fathom @ Aug 12, 2015 -> 09:38 PM) Sanchez just missed that one Stretch!
  8. bobryansson

    6/7 vs Tigers

    QUOTE (harkness @ Jun 7, 2015 -> 02:56 PM) 1. Robin Ventura is nice guy, great sense of humor - not a MLB manager. 2. Melky... WTF is going on. 3. Abreu... decent but his last two bats today were jokes. 4. .145 avg 2nd basement. 5. Shark... I really hate him at the moment he was great against the sox ... now we get him and he is a steaming pile. 6. Danks and Noesi are meat... 7 Avi has potential... but his approach is childish at the plate like many of our hitters. We don't coach like pros, we don't play like pros, we don't look like pros.. From top to bottom. Nice summary. #1 Easily fixable. A manager can make a difference. See Minnesota. #2 should be on the bench and #7 should go over there. #3 I think is hurt more than we know and also "sophomore slump." #4 Don't see a fix. Decide if Micah can ever play the field of Sanchez can ever hit and then ride out out with fingers crossed. #5 Gone in July (I hope.). #6 Tough fix. Lower end starters look worse with top end not living up to expectations and with no offense. Not enough MLB pitchers anywhere. #7 See #3 above. #8 I don't see an answer at catcher. Maybe they'll draft the guy Stone wants. That'll help in 2019. #9 I don't see an answer at third. Maybe... Er... Ummm... Beckham until Davidson?
  9. bobryansson

    5/3 - Sox @ Twins

    Done. See ya' for the Blachawksgame in 3-1/2 hours. Hope for, but won't get, a new manager for the next White Sox game.
  10. bobryansson

    5/3 - Sox @ Twins

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ May 3, 2015 -> 02:54 PM) Well, I think we actually have, we did develop the Twins starting SS for example. Ditto the A's. Ouch.
  11. bobryansson

    5/3 - Sox @ Twins

    Really want to stop watching. It's like I just have to see what terrible thing the White Sox will do next. Mayer to hit the second grand slam of the day?
  12. bobryansson

    5/3 - Sox @ Twins

    The bottomest for me was the bunt into a triple play a few years ago. http://m.mlb.com/video/v13427417
  13. bobryansson

    5/3 - Sox @ Twins

    But how bad do they have to get to get Hawk to reconsider going part time or retiring?
  14. QUOTE (Soxfest @ Apr 30, 2015 -> 08:54 PM) Glad that s*** sandwich is over. Go take a nap RV . Have to wake from hibernation to take a nap.
  15. Terrible, terrible line in CF.