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  1. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Forget about modern medicine, let's bring back bleeding by barbers and leeches to cure disease.
  2. Texsox

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    I'll worry a week from now.
  3. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    For anyone still waiting on more data. Last night I attended the visitation for the father of a former player. A formerly healthy fifty-two year old whose family was able to spend 35 days watching him slowly die from COVID. In memory, the rest of the family who weren’t already vaccinated, went and got vaccinated. I guess that was data enough for them.
  4. The suspense was killing me.
  5. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Sadly, to stop the spread, the most likely to spread it need treatment.
  6. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I really wish “personal responsibility” had a different name. I see being responsible as getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, quarantining when appropriate, avoiding risky behaviors, etc. that’s being responsible.
  7. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I want people being tested and quarantined as quickly as possible. Any barrier compromises that.
  8. Cheap Trick was disappointing in concert. Ted had an amazing special effect infinity mirror for his Stranglehold encore. I’m feeling hungover just thinking about it.
  9. Texsox

    Wright, TLR suspended

    It would seem if they don't want to face him they would be careful not careless.
  10. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    It requires a history of crimes while not on medication so not really subjective.
  11. Texsox

    Romy our 2nd baseman of the future?

    Crafty veteran manager with a convincing story. I like it.
  12. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Here's the best example I can come up with. Someone has a mental health issue that is controllable with drugs. While medicated they are no threat to themselves or others. As long as they are taking their meds they can live and move about like anyone else. If they decide to not take their meds they are confined to a location that prevents them from being a threat to others. I am uncomfortable with the government forcing those meds into their body. I support someone's right to not be vaccinated. I also support them not being allowed to cross state lines, being restricted from certain occupations, not allowed in public buildings with occupancy rates over six, or pretty much any other measure that protects the general public. We've always balanced rights in this country.
  13. Texsox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    And I'm fine with the government saying no, you can't spread coal ash. I'm against (using your analogy) the government requiring you to store coal ash. Which is why your analogy is awkward to work with. The closest I can think of is "ok you can decide to live with coal ash but you must be 60 miles away from anyone" or whatever safety rules need to be in place to keep your decision to spread coal dust from harming others.
  14. My daughter and her husband are a house divided. She'll be at the games wearing black, he'll be looking in 'stros gear
  15. Concerts, oh my - one of the best days - Black Foot, White Snake, Def Leopard, and REO Speedwagon.