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  1. Texsox

    College Cheating Scandal F.Huffman/L.Loughlin

    Meanwhile parents that will walk a thousand miles, sneak across the border, to give their kids a better life are invaders looking for a handout.
  2. Texsox

    To help your family

    Have a will and a list of accounts, perhaps a whole to do list when you die. My kids are dealing with a horrible mess. My ex died unexpectedly and left a giant mess that will take months to sort out.
  3. At least I have a topic to discuss with my seniors next week. The benefit to society of him getting taken to task is it stops today's kids from publicly saying stupid stuff. There are no training wheels, posting on line is the real world that plays by adult rules. Society isn't going to tolerate I'm just an idiot 17 year old.
  4. Texsox

    2018 catch-all

    Really. For those of us that basically felt TL;DR could you post a synapsis?
  5. Texsox

    The environment thread

    One of the early assignments for my HS English students is analysing straw bans. Until I did a little research I was unaware how dependent some people with disabilities are on straws. There are always unintended consequences.
  6. Texsox


    Time to crank up high school golf. I have a freshman that averaged in the mid 70s for 17 tournament rounds over the summer including a closing round four under 67 to win his age group. It's going to be a good year.
  7. Texsox

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    Even after I wouldn’t pay for the cassettes they sent without my permission, they sold me eight CDs for a $1.00 lol
  8. Texsox

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    Like all of my friends I quit while owing like $100 and no job. Somehow I managed to repair my credit lol.
  9. Texsox

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    Columbia House, I bought 12 cassettes for a penny. Pablo Cruise and the Eagles at Cominsky
  10. Texsox

    Music vids

    I love the lyrics combined with seeing him as the young singer songwriter then as someone closer to my age.
  11. Texsox

    Midterms 2018

    There have been some politicians who really understand and follow through on the take responsibility, Al Franken comes to mind. But most are just as you described above.
  12. Texsox


    The great thing today is how easy it is to keep a video record and go back to compare. I use V1 Golf and created libraries for most of my players.
  13. Texsox

    2018 catch-all

    I’m planning a small bike shed for my backyard. The bikes are getting in the way of my expanding wood working shop. I’m not certain if I like woodworking or buying tools.
  14. https://deadspin.com/big-league-bullying-the-conspiracy-to-humiliate-mlb-um-1820326246 Big League Bullying: The Conspiracy To Humiliate MLB Umpire Steve Fields
  15. Texsox


    Bottom line for me is everyone could be involved in a trade that makes baseball sense. Some players are more likely. I agree that he isn’t on the likely list.