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  1. Best of all there are so many to choose from.
  2. Australia is looking mighty good. I've researched ex-pat communities in Mexico.
  3. Texsox

    2022 Catch All

    No. We should actually be doing something about it. I'm working on electing officials willing to tackle gun control. I'm discussing it with my fellow gun owners. Where on the list of doing something about it would you place posting links to crime stories on a baseball message board? (Again, this predates today's tragedy. ) Also, We closed the Filibuster because of complaints.
  4. Texsox

    2022 Catch All

    Greg has been telling everyone how bad Chicago is for years and years. How much better it was when he was a kid. Hundreds of posts on car jacking, murders, purse snatching. Of course events prove him right on a semi regular basis.
  5. Texsox

    2022 Catch All

    G7 what's your goal? Laying plans to run for mayor?
  6. Thank you. I use to think we were a middle of the pack franchise. Then last year I was shown just how horrible historically we actually are. After that it's just been down hill. Isn't it always the Twins to crush our season? Here's hoping for the best.
  7. I'm feeling a sweep so we can finally forget about winning anything this year. Hopefully it's bad enough for Tony to leave the dugout for the last time in his long and storied career.
  8. Texsox

    Joe Kelly couldn't pitch back-to-back before 7/1

    I'm wondering what Kelly gave up for that clause. $500,000? $1,000,000? But we signed him. Good franchises have their pick of quality players. They are everywhere, you just have to pick one. The easiest job anywhere is being a GM for a baseball team.
  9. Or pitchers look at some of our scrubs and pound it right at them.
  10. Texsox

    Joe Kelly couldn't pitch back-to-back before 7/1

    Worst franchise in baseball. Perhaps in all of sports.
  11. Texsox

    Notice: We're about to get hot

    Sox getting hot means: A. The temperature at game time will be warmer. B. The players will unbutton their shirts and flex. C. The team will win more games. D. None of the above. I'm going with A and a 2-8 stretch with Giolito going on the IL after Tony leaves him in to pitch the 6th.
  12. Texsox

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    This organization just sucks. From the lowest level to Tony and JR. About the only title they can win is worst franchise.
  13. Texsox

    Door County

    Dipped my toes in. While I grew up in Illinois and swam the lakes from Michigan to the Fox Chain. Surfing the Golf of Mexico has turned me into a wimp. It was too cold. And oh my God were in the UP by Pictured Rocks and damn that water is crazy cold.
  14. Texsox


    I think you need to look beyond one game. Based on the season to this point the pathetic AL Central isn't beating Houston of NY. Perhaps a Central All Star team.