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  1. Texsox

    Leadoff Man going forward - TA or Robert?

    Oh for so many years we had none, now we have two, possibly three. The real beauty here is Lois could go anywhere in the lineup and be the best at that spot. As someone mentioned the manger has an option here to hide a slumping hitter, a luxury that hasn't been available for a while. I know I loved batting 2nd in the order instead of 7th or 8th. I knew I would be seeing a pitch in the first inning and have a chance to contribute right away. I also knew my strengths fit in well to that spot. Low K rate, high walks, excellent bunting, could move a runner, make contact on a hit and run, and absolutely zero power. I'm certain most MLB players have that same feeling you just fit somewhere and expect what is expected from that position.
  2. Texsox

    Suspensions in As Astros Brawl

    Coaches are held to a higher standard
  3. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    https://news.gallup.com/poll/317018/one-three-americans-not-covid-vaccine.aspx Vaccine isn't going to be a savior.
  4. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29640280/source-astros-hitting-coach-alex-cintron-suspended-20-games Cintron deserved at least 20 days.
  5. This will be a catastrophe for the bowls and the towns that they play in.
  6. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Which lobby is bigger? The restaurant lobby or the beach lobby? Which one donates more to political campaigns? Which one generates more tax revenue? As Deep Throat famously said "follow the money".
  7. Texsox

    Tyler Skaggs has died

    I've been told that the plot of North Dallas 40 wasn't far off in the day and is still true today.
  8. Texsox

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    That makes so much sense
  9. Texsox

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    Let's get the series split. As far as I'm concerned we swept them up nort'
  10. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Just a billion dead in a year or two would be significant, it doesn't have to be the end of mankind. Dividing up their stuff will be a challenge.
  11. Texsox

    Old Friend Alert

    Playing for the Marlins in one game after their roster has been decimated tops being on the US Olympic team and winning a medal? Hyperbole IS THE GREATEST THINGS EVER! Cool story though.
  12. As the Cubs say -- wait until next year
  13. Free if you have T-Mobile.
  14. Trades will be interesting this year. I can see a whole lot of teams thinking why bother for this season and keep their roster focus on 2021. With so many teams in the playoffs, it's going to add some unpredictability into who you might be playing and how you will match up.
  15. Texsox

    The Bullpen

    It has been a pleasant surprise.