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  1. Texsox

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    X2 I'd also like to see some draft revisions to reward teams for being the best of the rest. It probably isn't workable but an earlier FA but only if the player goes to a team that didn't make the playoffs the previous year.
  2. Texsox

    2022 Hall of Fame ballot

    I'm with Balta.
  3. Texsox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    If he flames out and fails I will be the first to say, I thought he was a very good pick. There are a couple areas that are concerns, but overall I think they did as well as can be expected. He could be the guy for the next thirty years. But I doubt it. Lol
  4. Texsox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    You can't keep a roster together for six years in the NFL. Most teams build in three or four. I can think they are better than their record. At all least two but more likely three wins better.
  5. Texsox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Do we have a word for something between full rebuilding and super bowl contender? This shouldn't be more than a two to maybe three year division championship caliber team.
  6. Texsox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    This biggest decision of his career and he's going to make it on day 1? There is a blue ribbon committee there, use them.
  7. Texsox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    So let's make this a committee of six and hire a head coach.
  8. Texsox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I'm not certain if I want this to be his first and sole decision.
  9. Texsox

    2022 Catch All

    Wow. Cool.
  10. Texsox

    2022 Catch All

    Carjacking is a national problem 'It's a disturbing trend.' Cities see large increases in carjackings during pandemic https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/23/us/carjackings-rise-major-cities-pandemic/index.html
  11. Texsox

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    Do we really want the Sox to sign a top tier or even a middle tier free agent? The sport needs those guys to go to the bad teams so they have a chance. It's what the player's want also. Force those cheap teams to open their checkbooks and sign some talent away from teams that are contending.
  12. Texsox

    Cease hired Boras as agent

    The owners are making too much money. The sport needs more agents like Boras.
  13. Texsox

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf. 74
  14. Texsox

    2022 Catch All

    Take the NRA sticker and put it on your car. Let's folks know you're armed and won't play the victim. 🖤 You could hire yourself a bodyguard for a couple days. Cheap insurance.
  15. I look at the Hall of Fame as the place that baseball celebrates all that is great about the game and honors people that advanced the game forward. I don't see why they should honor anyone that shit on the game.