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  1. The problem with this format is some really good content gets flushed by the next post.
  2. 38 years ago Hawk thought Fisk should be an outfielder. Who knew he'd be a freak of nature?
  3. Weird, I have what looks like a white film over the picture. IPad, TV, phone.
  4. The stream picture on YouTube really sucks or is it my phone?
  5. Ahh the days when there were clear choices in Sox message boards. We went from the "parents aren't home and we're in charge" upstart to the largest independent single team baseball fan site. Along the way some truly great content was created and is continuing to be created. Sometimes by assholes, sometimes by others. Lol I was always the old guy, now I'm actually an old guy.
  6. That's often the case. There are also a number of posters who really enjoy these forums, care about them, and feel a sense of stewardship. When someone has been a member here for five or ten years and reports a post for the first time we take notice.
  7. Absolutely no contest. Just based on reported posts and messages we receive.
  8. The owner of the site ultimately sets the standard, often with a lot of input from the admin/mod team. Seems like the most logical way for it to work.
  9. Did you read where I said you're not those things and I was offering an example? You asked a question and I answered it. Nothing more. The owner of this site would prefer there not be any asshole posts and as an admin I try to help out with that. What I prefer really isn't important, I'm not paying the bills here.
  10. Collins will be part of a trade deadline package for an aging veteran brought in to fill a hole. We'll regret the trade next year. I'm hoping the backup gets about 40 starts. I'm thinking going to church and watching the Sunday lineup.
  11. Texsox

    Leury Garcia

    He's a Sunday kind of guy.
  12. Back when I could use that feature I never had the discipline to not "peak" when I knew their trigger was pulled.
  13. You're just fucking stupid, perhaps the most illogical, misinformed, idiot who has ever posted here*. Oops I'm sorry. See I can apologize so it's all cool. *you're clearly not, but using this as an example. Now anyone reading this had to endure one poster calling another poster fucking stupid. I'm not being an asshole to them, but it does affect people even if it's not directed at them. They become emotional as well. Either they agree with you which prompts them to join your attack, or they disagree with you and attack you. They don't stay on the sidelines when someone is being an asshole. Even if it is in response to someone who was an asshole to them. Basically we don't want asshole posts on the board.
  14. Except anyone can read your post. So when you post like an asshole you are being an asshole to everyone.
  15. Texsox

    WTF It's Seriously &^$%^ Cold Outside

    Because basically anyone can add anything to the Texas power grid now we have Musk fucking with it. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2021-03-08/tesla-is-plugging-a-secret-mega-battery-into-the-texas-grid Everyone experiments here. Solar, wind, now AA batteries. Just winterize the coal and natural gas plants like the rest of the country.
  16. We just spent over 24 hours below freezing and it's getting worse. I've seen forecasts of it getting down to 9 by tomorrow afternoon here in south central Texas. I can't believe I would be out ice fishing in this shit. I'm huddling in my upstairs staying warm. Holy crap y'all must really be suffering up nort' I did buy a new shirt. It's a big ol Texas flag with Secede? Y'all Better Hope We Don't Invade across the front. Now I realize you'll stop us with this cold weather crap.
  17. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Remember flattening the curve and working to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed? Good times.
  18. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    As soon as teachers were up next in the protocol my district announced they had partnered up and we have an express lane for teachers starting next week. I've already had round one but I was impressed that there was obviously a plan in place, they were just waiting until teachers and support staff were next in line.
  19. Texsox

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    Philly ranks last?? No focking way Philly is the lightest drinking fans in baseball.
  20. Texsox

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    Now the TLR hire makes perfect sense!! He's our leader!
  21. Anyone know any of the other non majority owners and do you approve of them? Last I read JR owns about 20% of the team.
  22. Texsox

    2021 Catch-All

    I'm using two Renogy 100W panels. I was really close to installing flexible panels like RV with Tito has on his YouTube channel. Instead I'm going rigid with Z brackets that I will hold down initially with 3M VHB tape and screws then Dicor over everything. I'm still torn between a solar gland for the cable entry or a box. I really don't see myself running a WeBoost or anything else so the gland is probably easier. The gland will be held down by eternabond tape with Dicor oozing everywhere. Any advice on getting through the floor, my sealed underbelly, and up to the battery?
  23. Texsox

    2021 Catch-All

    I'll be drilling a 1/2" hole in the roof of my travel trailer to install solar panels. Despite having woodworking and general handyman skills and experience, I cringe each time I think about it. Philosophically I believe cutting any holes in something that is suppose to keep out water is a bad idea. But I just don't like any of the alternatives. I practiced with a circuit that has been powering my landscaping lights the past six months.