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  1. 35thstreetswarm

    Sox vs Guardians 9/24 game thread 6:10 first pitch

    Wow, pitching staff. Have yourself a night. And 6-page game thread!!
  2. 35thstreetswarm

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    Yeah, well you can put this in the "let's shut down the whole board, then" file. You can say that about every aspect of team decision-making, and if you believe fans have no basis to discuss or form opinions about the direction of the team you're probably in the wrong place.
  3. 35thstreetswarm

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    Ah well bad on me, then!
  4. 35thstreetswarm

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    That is helpful, thanks. Seems to me, though, that he could potentially be pretty effective, and work multiple innings, at far fewer than 100 pitches. I’m really excited to see him as an X factor in the playoffs. I guess I just don’t see a huge problem with the way he’s been handled given the innings limit he was facing. Any further “stretching” seems likely to have come at the expense of his availability at the most crucial part of the season. I love having a well-rested Kopech for October.
  5. 35thstreetswarm

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    Why? Penn State does it regularly. They're called the White Sox. I mean, I think I know what you're getting at, but if you're being serious I don't think it would be controversial to have alternating blackout/whiteout games given that those are the team's colors.
  6. 35thstreetswarm

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    I'm not talking about what it takes to get ramped up to be a starter for an entire season, though. I totally agree that it takes substantial conditioning to ramp up to pitching 180 to 200 innings. (Sidenote -- if we had done that this season it might well have compromised his availability effectiveness in the playoffs). I'm talking about the playoffs -- and in particular I'm responding to the suggestion that it is somehow too late for Kopech to fill a multiple-inning relief or even starting role if necessary in October because he's not "stretched out" enough. I'm not totally convinced that is the case.
  7. 35thstreetswarm

    Blackout is Back for Soxtober

    I'm all for alternating blackout and whiteout games. I generally don't think we make enough use of the "white" color in our color scheme and name. I think whiteouts/all-white jerseys etc. would be a pretty cool departure.
  8. 35thstreetswarm

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    Honest question here - what exactly is the magic to being "stretched out" (setting aside the question of whether such a "streching" was even possible given his innings limitation)? He has innings left and seems to be healthy and not terribly fatigued. Isn't that what we want? Is there a rule saying he can't go more than 2 innings if he's on fire in the playoffs merely because he's not sufficiently "stretched"? Seems to me they were ready to ride Crochet last year if he hadn't gotten hurt and the guy was like three weeks in the bigs. It wouldn't shock me to see them ride Kopech in similar fashion this time around.
  9. 35thstreetswarm

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 5:10 PM Game 2 of Doubleheader

    Why about Hendriks? Crochet? Having a hard time with the short relievers
  10. 35thstreetswarm


    You could be forgiven for suspecting this team kicks ass exactly, and only, when it matters.
  11. 35thstreetswarm

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 12:10 PM Game 1 of Doubleheader

    I think this is right on. We experience the season as as this long, day-by-day journey and it's easy to get caught up in the results of each at-bat. But having a successful season is really just a three-step process. We've done step 1 for the first time in a long time. Knock on wood we're close to step 2. Here's hoping for step 3.
  12. 35thstreetswarm

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 12:10 PM Game 1 of Doubleheader

    Usually portends a homer. Hopefully not this time
  13. 35thstreetswarm

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    Cool. I hope he does well in a meaningless game played shortly after clinching our first division title in 13 years.
  14. 35thstreetswarm

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    ...I'm going to say---a reason to give a shit. (Good for one day only until 10/7/21)
  15. 35thstreetswarm

    9/23/21 White Sox @ Cleveland 12:10 PM Game 1 of Doubleheader

    Love me some "Lou-EE Ro-BEAR"