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  1. 35thstreetswarm

    Sox vs Minny 7/4/22 game thread Sweet Home Chicago, without Tony

    Yeah “hopefully” that happens. 🙄
  2. Single digit gamethread page count? Something may be happening here…
  3. 35thstreetswarm


    To the contrary, watching the Sox shut the Yankees offense down by sweeping a DH in Yankee Stadium made me realize the Yanks simply can’t play with the White Sox….no wait, I meant to say neither one matters bc basing playoff predictions on any one day of the first half of the regular season is fucking idiotic, sorry got mixed up
  4. 35thstreetswarm

    Notice: We're about to get hot

    On behalf of the 20% of the board that wants you to be right…LFG.
  5. 35thstreetswarm

    GT 6/22: TOR @ SOX, 1:10, NBCSC

    Just realizing that I'm so conditioned to expect and accept injury that I find myself almost grateful when the inevitable injury is not to a star. Like: "that's nothing, Robert could've broken his neck..." That said, feel horrible for Mendick and hope it looked worse than it is.
  6. 35thstreetswarm

    GT 6/22: TOR @ SOX, 1:10, NBCSC

    Fine with this, and I say that as a frequent critic of TLR's lineups. TA clearly needed a day, half our lineup is injured/unavailable. The only one who could be there to upgrade is Pollock but I imagine he needs a day too.
  7. 35thstreetswarm

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Suck it
  8. 35thstreetswarm

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Hahahahahaha suck it, Soxtalk
  9. 35thstreetswarm

    Is There a Good Loss?

    Definitely a marked improvement over last year's series in Houston, where we got absolutely blown out. Could easily have won this series. We've played a lot better against good teams than we did last year despite the worse overall record. It was the failure to hang in with good teams that folks around here elevated in importance over all other factors last year. I guess by that measure we've improved.
  10. 35thstreetswarm

    2022 Bold Predictions Thread

    Feeling pretty good about my trajectory! Paragraph 2 arriving in T-minus 20 days.
  11. Damn—10 page game thread. Don’t need to check the score—congrats everybody!
  12. 35thstreetswarm

    That's a we own Verlander White Sox Winner

    Wait what
  13. 35thstreetswarm

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    No Eloy tonight, again. Tim leading off and playing SS.
  14. 35thstreetswarm

    And that’s, FINALLY, a white sox blowout winner!!!

    Yes, I was fully expecting The Cooler to rest all regulars and get us a nice momentum-killing loss today. Holding my breath for him to bench Moncada for failing to stand during one of the "Salute our Heroes" segments or something, but who knows -- maybe we'll be allowed a real, unfuckedwith winning streak this time!
  15. Yes, this is definitely a job for...The Cooler