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  1. 35thstreetswarm

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    Amen. Go Sox!
  2. 35thstreetswarm

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    Yes, why would you ever dare make a prediction as to what a player will do in a single game that hasn’t happened yet? That’s pure insanity! Why not just wait until the game is over and just report his stats? This is why I submit a blank bracket in every NCAA tournament pool. Anything else is just unreasonable.
  3. 35thstreetswarm

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    Easy tiger. Just messing with you. Don’t go whipping out your net worth on me 😆
  4. 35thstreetswarm

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    Looking forward to lots of opportunities to list players' names in short, one- to two-line segments. Sometimes with first names, sometimes: what the hell Yelich, Cain, Braun, Bob Uecker Jon Rauch Rocky Biddle, Buehrle, Mike Caruso, Parque, (James Baldwin, the Milkman); even Ricky Henderson/Bobby Bonilla if all goes right Also looking forward to pivoting to lists of unrelated, vaguely esoteric-sounding topics. Monetary theory. World War I. Malcolm Gladwell: Tipping Point? Also links https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/mar/17/as-recession-looms-could-mmt-be-the-unorthodox-solution-modern-monetary-theory Long embedded quotes of questionable relevance and provenance "The most recent indiscretion of sign-stealing, or at least alleged sign-stealing, took place on Monday in a game between the Yankees and Orioles, After the final out of the game was made, Andino yelled at Yankees catcher Russell Martin as the victorious Yankees made their way down the handshake line at midfield, as seen in the video here. He was evidently egged on by Martin, who had something to say to Andino after he believed he was tipping the location of Mariano Rivera's pitches in the final inning. Allegations like this from Martin are nothing new, but more on that later." Starting threads
  5. 35thstreetswarm

    Dane Dunning had Tommy John today

    It's a sad sign of how beaten down we are as a fanbase that news this big has only a couple of pages of discussion (half of which is the usual bickering between posters). This is a gut punch.
  6. 35thstreetswarm

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    Quick, Kenny and Rick: lob over a 10/300 deal before he signs! That way you can brag to your fanbase about how the Sox were prepared to offer the largest contract in team history. #seatatthetable
  7. 35thstreetswarm

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    Got it -- yes, that's true. Interesting that the biggest names after their top 5 are guys they traded away. (Though to be fair, Contreras isn't on this list and he's been pretty good).
  8. 35thstreetswarm

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    I take it from the pithiness of your response that you take the import of your link to be self-evident. But I'm sorry, I'm not getting it.
  9. 35thstreetswarm

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    Did they? That's a serious question. I mean, they won the WS, so who am I to argue with the results, but when you break it down on a player by player basis it seems a little more reasonable. They clearly "hit" on Bryant, who is a superstar. But are the likes of Almora, Schwarber, Happ, or even Russell "hits"? If they are, I feel better about our chances. I don't see a lot of Kris Bryants among our prospects. But Almoras/Schwarbers? 1.5ish WAR players? I can at least imagine those if I squint my eyes.
  10. 35thstreetswarm

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    I'm as pissed about this debacle of an offseason as anybody. But I sense that the board's anger about missing out on free agents is morphing into increased pessimism about prospects who have nothing to do with that process. I have no idea what the future holds for our prospects, but think we should try hard not to change our view of them because Jerry wouldn't up his offer to Manny Machado from 250 to 300.
  11. 35thstreetswarm

    Personal opinions on Sox rebuild pieces.

  12. 35thstreetswarm

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I'm thinking about going to the Ferrari dealership today with 10 grand in my pocket. I think I'll post some Instagram pictures of myself swaggering in (#blessed), maybe buy me one of those Ferrari keychains just to show I'm serious. Imagine that - little old me at the Ferrari dealership. The salesman just called me sir! It's anybody's guess how it will all go down, but when it's all said and done you can't deny I'm kind of a player. I mean, here I am.
  13. 35thstreetswarm

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I think Hahn is in traditional spin mode, Kenny is just dumb enough to blurt out his incompetence to a reporter off-the-cuff
  14. 35thstreetswarm

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Exactly. He's just out there blurting out catastrophically damaging information and whining to the press in real time like a clueless fan. They lack the most basic level of professionalism.
  15. 35thstreetswarm

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    We're at less than zero. We didn't just miss, we beclowned ourselves in the process.