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  1. There's a difference between second chances and an active case.
  2. This isn't about if the Sox will win, this is about ethics.
  3. Stone was taking a similar stance, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I think we all (or hope) agree with that. But that's also why organizations DON'T hire someone who is under investigation or charge, because there is risk that there is guilty. You would wait until that person is cleared and then hire them. So what happens if Tony has to serve a sentence, do the Sox really hold onto him at that point? I'm not sure how MLB doesn't intervene if that happens.
  4. Received an email back from Reifert, asks for continued support for what should be a fun team and acknowledged my concern but never actually responded to the DUI topic. A very PC email which I can understand but it's frustrating still.
  5. I sent an email to a sports organization for the first time in my life, never thought I would actually do that but here we are.
  6. bigruss

    2020 College Football thread

    The Lovie era needs to end.
  7. bigruss

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Did they kill anyone? I think you're teetering on freedom for security and that can be dangerous too.
  8. bigruss

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Look, if you're asking if I think this is a bigger problem on the right side I would 100% agree. Not to say there aren't issues on the left side (not as bad, not as often, etc but there are issues).
  9. bigruss

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I do think there are valid concerns on how some leftists have approached some of the protests, or have engaged with people in a way that's not healthy for either side. But the videos I've seen of those convoys and crap from Trump supports is absolutely abhorrent and the police's reaction to them is just as appalling if not more.
  10. bigruss

    2020 Election Thoughts

    And there are Trump supporters literally caging in voters by corralling cars around them, wearing tactical vests, pulling guns on folks, etc. There are crazies on both sides and we should be doing everything we can to calm those extremists.
  11. bigruss

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Really seems to be coming down to MI/WI and NV/AZ.
  12. bigruss

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I love the data these guys have and what they can do now, it’s awesome for us nerds.
  13. bigruss

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    So it's not about friendship but the owner is doing a joint statement with a new manager hire? Why wouldn't they at least have Hahn make the statement?
  14. bigruss

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    So my new company in New Hampshire announced they are welcoming people back to the office in April, and here I am in Wisconsin thinking there's no way that's going to stick. It just doesn't make sense to me, why bring people back until the country is in better shape or there is a vaccine being distributed? I'm definitely biased as I want to buy more time before I have to move but it literally doesn't make sense to me.
  15. bigruss

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    This defense has been outstanding today, HUGE play.