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  1. bigruss

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    The Lions just can't win vs the Bears, unbelievable how they fall apart against us.
  2. bigruss

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I've gone to a few places, honestly they are more spread out than a grocery store and way more diligent in sanitizing. Not every place is like that though, if I feel uncomfortable with the setup I won't stay. It's definitely a risk, but the little bit of normalcy is really nice. One thing that irks me to no end though, people are still just oblivious as ever when in a store, standing in the middle of the aisle or letting kids run around touching everything and everyone (wish that was a joke), whole families blocking access, etc. I really do try to keep 6 ft apart as much as possible and these jokers are coming right up on you or don't pick up on any clues to move.
  3. bigruss

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Real piece of work
  4. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

    Nice that they are covering that but I'm sure it's been a pain working with them. I couldn't believe how much fences were to put up when a friend mentioned they were doing that.
  5. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

    For sure! One of the hardest parts is A) coming up with the design B) trusting through the process that its going to be what you wanted. I am very much looking forward to not making a design decision for awhile lol.
  6. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

    So I ended up hiring a contractor to help with the basement, it was up to 3 inches different in floor level in some places, so we jackhammered out some of the highest ends and poured new concrete and leveler. And with the bathroom floor being so much lower, decided to just rip everything out and start from scratch so we could start with a floor totally leveled with the rest of the basement. I've also started to redo my kitchen, painted the cabinets, got new appliances, put in a new backsplash, new countertops, and new flooring is coming in tomorrow. The house feels totally different now. https://imgur.com/gallery/1eOZw8M Old: New: Old: New: Old: New: Still have some pieces to be done, but most of the major pieces will be all done by end of the weekend hopefully.
  7. bigruss

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    LOL and you believed that?
  8. bigruss

    2020 Celebrity Death Thread

    Man that came out of nowhere, he kept that so private. Fuck cancer and fuck 2020 already.
  9. bigruss

    SOXTALK Discord Server?

    So if we put the Soxtalk name on something, it would need to follow board rules. Moderating a chat like that is hell, so we're not looking to support this kind of model officially as affiliated with Soxtalk. That said, if someone wants to setup a discord server and invite Soxtalk members, especially during say game threads, we won't stop anyone from doing that. We just ask that advertising is kept to a minimum as we've had people go overboard with ads to their blogs, facebook pages, etc in the past.
  10. bigruss

    2020 Catch-All

    They've actually been pretty reasonable up to this point, for a condo building it's pretty necessary. But yea you have to be careful with who/what you are signing up for.
  11. bigruss

    2020 Catch-All

    So I'm selling my condo in Chicago, and the HOA is charging $500 for a disclosure form that is required by Illinois law. Apparently there have been lawsuits related to this as companies gouge people since you have no choice but to pay it if you want to sell. I've asked my HOA how they can justify charging as much as an attorney charges to do an entire house sale just to send a basic, digital document.
  12. bigruss

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    So first of all, what data are you using to support the claim her businesses and philanthropy has done more than anyone in government? That is a wild claim. Second, you wouldn't call this a pandemic? What in the world? What is your definition of a pandemic and how does this not fit it?
  13. bigruss

    Hamilton on Disney +

    I’ve watched it twice since Friday, man it’s so good.
  14. bigruss

    Automobile Thread

    Just buy a Ridgeline, you'll get plenty of hate from people.
  15. bigruss

    Automobile Thread

    I went from driving small sedans/hatchbacks to a mid size SUV a few years back, it's been huge to have especially since buying a house to lug bigger purchases home in and such. I would love to get to a point where I have a cheap pickup truck for house projects and then a normal smaller car, but not at that point yet.