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  1. bigruss

    Job Thread

    Start asking yourself one question throughout the day: How can I make my boss successful? Start with that, then once you've solidified your standing a bit on the team and at the company (like legit positive reviews, some tenure, etc) then start to take some ownership on your career and ambitions (which quite frankly I have no idea what they are from your posts since you've asked about changing careers a lot). I wouldn't usually give some of this advice but man, I honestly think based on your posts that you are not an easy person to manage and I think you need to show value before you can start making some demands of what you need out of a job (especially when you are posting that you are having trouble finding a job). Get the stability first, then start having some awareness on where you can push and where you need to back off. Make your boss' job easier, and quantify that. Quantify your value, doesn't have to be exact but keep that ammo ready for when you feel you can start to make a push.
  2. bigruss

    Job Thread

    Jack, you've mentioned you are a QA engineer, if you get an assignment to do some testing then get that job done. If they aren't giving you more work, take that time to work on yourself or on some lean principles to help the team. Maybe create some testing automation scripts, get a new certification, learn that system or the next system you are testing on in more detail, etc. Plenty of things to keep you busy and satisfied without requiring your boss to give you direction or "approve" that work. Of course that is under the assumption you are doing the required work well.
  3. bigruss


    Well, if they want to ruin their site they have the freedom to do so.
  4. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

    I would love that, but not sure how they would do with the uneven floor. I bought some for the rest of the basement and hoping I can install it myself, if I don't like how it looks I'll probably get new carpet for the basement.
  5. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

    I ripped up the carpet to take a further look, looks like it isn't concrete but subflooring, it's not super smooth so will have to add some layer of something to smooth it out in the main part of the bathroom no matter what. Second image has the ramp.
  6. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

  7. bigruss

    2019 Home Improvement

    Couldn't find an older thread so starting a new one. I bought a house (yay!) but have some projects that I'd like to do myself (yay?). But this house has some oddities for sure, like the basement bathroom has carpeting, so that has to go. I actually think the reason they put carpeting in there is because of a concrete stair/ramp that is right at the door. It's not a normal stair, it's definitely more like a gradual ramp. I'm thinking I have 3 options: 1. Tear apart the concrete. But, not sure how that would impact the concrete floor and a bit worried I wouldn't do that well myself. 2. Build a wood step to cover the ramp. I could probably do this without too much hassle, but space is limited and not totally sure how it would look, plus would need to consider the height of the top of the stair and the doorway/rest of the basement floor. 3. Keep it there and install flooring over it, I'm thinking vinyl would be the best choice, but still worried how that would look and it definitely limits my flooring options. Anyone have any thoughts?
  8. bigruss

    Job Thread

    No, his mom probably would have been very angry with him.
  9. bigruss

    Job Thread

    LOL now that is a millenial story right there. Even though I'm only 29, I have to catch myself with some of the interns/new college grads that they are adapting to corporate culture for the first time. But man, I sure wonder how some parents did their jobs at points.... I have a new college grad that started at the beginning of the year. A guy on my team is also called Russ, so I nicknamed him Smarter Russ. The new grad starts to say "so does that make you d..." I cut him off and said, "you finish that sentence and it's a career limiting move." His mom is a VP at the company who is no nonsense, kind of expected him to not be so socially dumb.
  10. bigruss

    Job Thread

    I just had a guy 3 months ago show up for his start date (he was a contractor), he worked the first day. I go home, get a call from physical security at 6:30pm saying his bag and laptop are with them. I'm confused as all hell, but I go in that next morning, pick his stuff up and he doesn't show up at all. I call our contract staff office, they reach out to his vendor and this dude is claiming he lost his luggage on his flight in, so spent Tuesday getting it back. Alright, odd, but I can deal with that. He should have told us he was doing that but first day stuff, whatever. Well, the dude doesn't show up Wednesday either. We reach out to the vendor, turns out he flew back to Dallas (where he's from) without telling anyone, claiming he got fed up with the airline losing his bag. Now, I have no problem with him taking that 2nd day to get things settled, go buy some clothes at Kohls or something, or shoot just tell me you want to start over next week with fresh clothes and everything, totally would be ok with that. But instead that guy did quite possibly the weirdest thing he could do. The joys of managing contractors....I just had to fire a guy for travelling and working from China without telling anyone. I work in IT Security, you think we won't catch that or that it's ok to take company property into a country that will absolutely tinker with your machine?
  11. bigruss

    Job Thread

    This has been going on for years, but typically someone would accept a job and then just never show up at the office to start. It's why my team would never have an account go active until the manager did a day 1 activity saying someone showed up. By the way, that rule was in place before I started worked in 2010, for reference.
  12. bigruss

    GRate to get Netting to the Foul Poles

    B>W, pretty sure if the nets aren't effective or seriously impact sales of tickets they can be brought down. But until a better safety measure can feasibly be installed, doesn't it make sense to do so?
  13. bigruss

    Job Thread

    How are your development skills? If you're a QA software engineer I would imagine you have a pretty decent tech background. Go do some temp/contract work, that market is so insane and Chicago is a great market for it. If you want to be your own boss you could pick up freelance work, there's always someone trying to build something and looking for a freelancer and now there are specific sites out there for those jobs. Get good at mobile dev, java, front end, something then do some projects to build up a portfolio (maybe do a local hackathon or something). We pay somewhere between $60-80/hr in the Milwaukee area for seasoned testers (that's to the vendor not sure what the tester makes). We pay java devs between 60-100/hr, and specialized product devs upwards of 200/hr (Sailpoint IIQ). You could look at becoming really good at a product like that and you can make BANK as a contractor.
  14. bigruss

    Automobile Thread

    My dad loooooves his A6, it's a pretty smooth ride.
  15. bigruss

    Job Thread

    If you're salaried: You get paid to get the job done. Work less hours but still productive? Not in trouble but don't expect much with your annual increase. Work less hours and less productive? Really expect less with annual increase. Work more and deliver more? Congratulations, you got a bigger paycheck. If you're hourly: Take a 2 hour lunch, I don't care as long as we have coverage during business hours. But if you bill for that time, you and I are going to have a chat.