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  1. bigruss


    Before you remodel/renovate, make sure the infra are good in the house (electrical, plumbing, structural, etc). Invest in those things first, then do the more fun things. Save money where you can by doing things in your wheel house, as mentioned there are great videos for things like tiling, basic plumbing (toilet installs, faucets, etc), painting, replacing switches/fixtures. I've also had buddies come over to help with drywall and I learned a ton from them, I paid them but now it's something I can do some basics with. But don't be afraid to pay for the expert when you're uncomfortable or if it's a big job that would take months. Of course you'll pay for it, but I've found paying someone to do some things were just 100% worth it. For example, I've always done my own painting but I had a stairway and kitchen that needed new paint, and I had just done my cabinets and didn't want to screw them up. I had a guy who helped install my flooring who does a good job at a good price and he came over to do those two painting jobs flawlessly and I didn't have to disrupt my kitchen or whatnot for an entire weekend, trying to do ladders on narrow stairs with paint, etc. Worth the money to me to get it done right without the stress.
  2. bigruss

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    Even though I love Doug Kramer the person and as an alum of Illinois, I would much rather take a flyer on a WR like Justyn Ross, I'm shocked that dude hasn't been picked yet. Not sure if Kramer is ever going to be strong enough to play in the NFL, but love his heart.
  3. bigruss

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    Dang was hoping we’d snag Butler, thought he was great value here.
  4. bigruss

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    I like the pick, tons of upside.
  5. bigruss

    2022 NFL Offseason thread

    I like both of the picks, they make sense. Still so many holes though and there are some great guys on the board.
  6. bigruss

    War in Ukraine

    Is there any other way to accomplish actually changing out Putin/KGB without nuclear warfare than their own people making the change?
  7. bigruss

    2021 College Football

    Great win for Illinois, big statement for Bret and a horrendous start for Scott Frost. let’s get a bowl game fellas!
  8. bigruss


    I haven't been able to watch much this year, but tuned in for my first full game in a long time and man that was fun.
  9. bigruss

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    https://twitter.com/rapsheet/status/1419097524028252162?s=21 Miller traded to Texans
  10. bigruss

    Marvel Entertainment Thread

    Had the same thought, he shouldn't have known those details since he didn't live through them. The Loki that did was killed by Thanos.
  11. bigruss

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    Yes, college seniors have always been low balled by orgs as they have no leverage anymore. Their choice is sign, or be blocked from the minors and go play independent ball for years (and make diddly there too).
  12. bigruss

    NIL Policy Coming to NCAA

    Name, Image, Likeness Essentially, they can profit for them being...them.
  13. bigruss

    Market/Financial Thread

    Do you mean Schwab? I didn't like their trading platform at all. When I moved off of Robinhood I moved into Fidelity, I wanted a broker that wasn't relying upon another clearinghouse (etrade, which I used to use years back uses apex). Fidelity is a pretty stable platform, but like most brokers their tech still looks like it was created in the 90s. I'm still amazed that not one of the big players hasnt found a way to develop a better UI.
  14. bigruss

    Market/Financial Thread

    Huge day for the meme stonks. AMC up huge. GME up pretty well. RKT up big. Nok, PLTR, BB all with strong days. Not sure if shorts got margin called or what, but yea some got squeezed today.
  15. bigruss

    Automobile Thread

    Nice congrats! I like the CRV quite a bit, it's really gotten better through the years.