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  1. bigruss

    Job Thread

    How are your development skills? If you're a QA software engineer I would imagine you have a pretty decent tech background. Go do some temp/contract work, that market is so insane and Chicago is a great market for it. If you want to be your own boss you could pick up freelance work, there's always someone trying to build something and looking for a freelancer and now there are specific sites out there for those jobs. Get good at mobile dev, java, front end, something then do some projects to build up a portfolio (maybe do a local hackathon or something). We pay somewhere between $60-80/hr in the Milwaukee area for seasoned testers (that's to the vendor not sure what the tester makes). We pay java devs between 60-100/hr, and specialized product devs upwards of 200/hr (Sailpoint IIQ). You could look at becoming really good at a product like that and you can make BANK as a contractor.
  2. bigruss

    Automobile Thread

    My dad loooooves his A6, it's a pretty smooth ride.
  3. bigruss

    Job Thread

    If you're salaried: You get paid to get the job done. Work less hours but still productive? Not in trouble but don't expect much with your annual increase. Work less hours and less productive? Really expect less with annual increase. Work more and deliver more? Congratulations, you got a bigger paycheck. If you're hourly: Take a 2 hour lunch, I don't care as long as we have coverage during business hours. But if you bill for that time, you and I are going to have a chat.
  4. bigruss

    Job Thread

    I don't think that's just a millennial thing, I've seen other generations abuse WFH policies as much if not more than my millennial peers. I don't know how many times I've seen 40 year olds "work at home" only to really be kid sitting, and they should have taken PTO instead. I've hired amazing millennials and I've hired bad millennials. Some would go to the extreme of working crazy to learn so they can make an impact, others I will have a coaching conversation and 5 minutes later it's like it never happened. WFH should always be treated as a privilege and not a right, if you abuse it it will be taken away. I actually ask my employees and contractors to coach each other more on these types of things, have that chat with them first to course correct so it doesn't ever get to a point that it's totally taken away.
  5. bigruss

    Job Thread

    Good luck man, hope you get an offer! And don't worry about it man, if they are worried about coverage they could act on it now.
  6. bigruss

    Job Thread

    Jack I have no idea what you're going through from a personal standpoint with autism, but I will say as a manager I would find it infuriating if I had to break down every task for an employee and essentially micromanage their day. I have like 20 people working for me right now, when I feel that I have to micromanage I know it's going to fall apart because I simply can't afford to do that with my other responsibilities. Hopefully he/she gave you expectations and job training, but after that I personally would expect the employee to take it from there and hopefully feel empowered with that. What would help in your situation to avoid that?
  7. bigruss

    Job Thread

    Eh, sort of. Even when opportunities were limited, this situation is about someone having the opportunity to move to another role. Even during those days, one should always be looking out for themselves and should choose the situation that is best for them. Staying at a company may be the best most in that situation, but I've also seen people put 30 years into a company and get tossed out without hesitation (and they were not ready for that). You should always look out for yourself first, because a company very very rarely will.
  8. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    Did you really just link to an article with no picture of the water bottle?
  9. bigruss

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    Illinois DE Bobby Roundtree had spinal surgery after a swimming incident. Sounds like he dove into too shallow water or something like that. He's a class act kid, really, really hope he's ok. Those injuries can be scary for his life much less football.
  10. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    Sam tried to rep you.
  11. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    Chernobyl has been solid so far as well. His Dark Materials looked amazing.
  12. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    Yea some parts were frustrating, but whatever I wanted to enjoy it and did to an extent. Can't believe it's over, super excited to some day, in the far far future, read the books and the deeper detail in the story. This was and is a huge part of my life, there were highs and lows but it's been a journey I would do again and may still do all over again. Probably going to take a break from the series until the book comes out.
  13. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    Ah Dubrovnik, beautiful city. They haven't filmed at that "King's Landing" for a few seasons now fyi, not excusing it but they've changed location a lot.
  14. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    Don't stop him now, he's on a roll. But in all seriousness Chili, if you're going to start questioning so much you should probably just watch the show and see why people got so into it. Picking apart a battle scene is just silly at this point, even with actual faults their fighting scenes are not what made this one of the most popular shows ever.
  15. bigruss

    Game of Thrones

    That seems like a very StrangeSox answer lol