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  1. To LA from Chicago

    Trade RUMOR

    QUOTE(winninguglyin83 @ Jan 15, 2007 -> 10:54 AM) somebody better tell Gammons Crede is not a free agent until after 2008 Did anyone see on the ESPN rumors page (I don't have that 'In' subscription) that Dye might get a long termed deal? I just checked and its still on ESPN.com. Maybe KW was clearing out some money for JD in case he gets Konerko-like deal next year. I just wish Crede would get that too..
  2. To LA from Chicago

    Chris Stewart Traded to Texas for RHP John Lujan

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Jan 12, 2007 -> 01:33 PM) John Lujan: R/R, 6-1, 200, Born: May 10, 1984 A 22 year old at high A ball last year, it's another one of those big arm guys who throw in the upper 90's with NO control. He's a damn good defensive catcher but his offense is pretty putrid, this is still a major surprise. There's absolutely no depth in the system at catcher behind Hall now. I suppose Gustavo Molina moves up to the #3 catcher spot now. I was thinking the same thing about the #3 catcher. We have enough pitchers for 3 teams now..
  3. To LA from Chicago

    Chris Stewart Traded to Texas for RHP John Lujan

    QUOTE(CanOfCorn @ Jan 12, 2007 -> 01:23 PM) Chris Stewart traded to Rangers I thought the Sox were high enough on Stewart as a possible A.J. of the future that they'd keep him. I didn't see that one coming. Blindsided by K-Dub again!
  4. To LA from Chicago

    Spring Training Moved To Glendale!

    QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Dec 22, 2006 -> 09:11 AM) Either way it sounds like the Dodgers will be sharing that facility with the Sox (either immediately when its built, if the Sox can get the Reds or another team to come over) or in 2013 when there lease is up. Please let someone come sooner so I can stop making that drive to Tuscon before 2013. Yeah, I don't so much mind the drive from L.A. to Phoenix, but the trip to Tucson can get tedious. Plus, there's so many other games to catch in the Phoenix area too. It's where its at, two turntables and a microphone.
  5. To LA from Chicago

    true or false

    QUOTE(GoSox05 @ Dec 21, 2006 -> 10:48 AM) I think the Twins are gonna go backwards this year. I know there underachivers and always play tough, but losing Radke and Liriano for this year will really hurt them. Thats 24 wins from the two pitchers that they loose. They really didnt add anyone either. They re-signed Big Bad Rondell White....lol. Scary!
  6. To LA from Chicago

    Spring Training Moved To Glendale!

    That would be GREAT if they moved to Glendale. The drive from L.A. isn't too bad but its that extra hour and a half or so south to Tucson that drag on because I know the Sox are there waiting! Tucson Electric Park is a gorgeous place but with friends in Phoenix it would make it a LOT easier. For those of you who haven't done the Spring Training thing, its really great. Its a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Plus, there are a lot of teams within a 20 minute drive so you can catch a couple games a day.
  7. To LA from Chicago

    Sox offer arbitration to Crede & Cintron

    QUOTE(toasty @ Dec 12, 2006 -> 12:01 PM) oh wouldnt it be nice if crede's statement that he'll sign where he wants to, regardless of what his agent wants was true? That would be very nice, but when was that statement made? I haven't heard that one... QUOTE(heirdog @ Dec 12, 2006 -> 12:11 PM) Crede is not overrated, he is underrated...did not win Gold Glove?!? Boras is doing his job. Agents are around to maximize money, incentives, etc for their clients or else players would do it themselves. You can hate the institution of the "agent" as a job that has become very important in sports but how can you say someone that gets the most for his clients is a "jackass?" If you are an investor, you look for the best returns and find fund managers that can get you that so why wouldn't players do the same? I think Crede will be around in 2007 with another 1 year deal but will be gone next off-season. Cintron will be back as expected and our bench will be as strong as ever (Cintron, Mac, Ozuna, Gload back-up catcher, back-up CF/4th OF). If players didn't have agents, you can damn well bet that owners and GMs would undercut the player and incentives and do everything possible to save money. One way or another, one side is trying to undermine the other side.
  8. To LA from Chicago

    Winter Meetings Thread

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Dec 4, 2006 -> 03:40 PM) Wasn't the case with Brian Anderson this season. Young hitting takes time to adjust and produce at the major league level, unless you're an Albert Pujols or Miggy Cabrera. With young pitching, if it'sgood enough, then yeah it can be successful sooner IMHO. Has anyone ever thought about 'IMHO'? I mean, have you even known anyone to have a dishonest opinion? Just asking..
  9. To LA from Chicago

    Merkin Article - Ref: McCarthy

    QUOTE(RibbieRubarb @ Dec 1, 2006 -> 01:16 PM) As soon as Zito and Schimdt sign, KW's cell phone will be ringing 24/7 That's for sure. I'm sure he's loving it that he's got what they all need and doesn't have to do a thing. I would LOVE to hear some the trade proposals that will be and that have already been pitched to K-Dub.
  10. To LA from Chicago

    Scott Podsednik Re-Signs with White Sox

    QUOTE(Wanne @ Dec 1, 2006 -> 12:18 PM) Nah....me neither. All I want is for Scottie to SWING THE BAT! He strikes out WAAAAAY too many times looking... [