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  1. Leagalize13

    Sox sign Toby Hall

    Another great move by KW. Dont stop there.
  2. Leagalize13

    Ross Gload Traded For Andrew Sisco

    Anyone here the KW press confrence? He had said that they were going to announce another move later in the day but I havent seen anything else. It sounded like maybe he would be moving a minor-leaguer or something.
  3. Leagalize13

    Would you trade Buehrle for Andruw Jones ?

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Dec 15, 2006 -> 05:28 PM) Quality Young Pitching. Draft it. Trade for it. Develop it. Just get it. KW and the Sox have found this out now from the current market. If Buehrle is dealt, it'll be for quality young pitching. Yup. It amazes me how many times KW has said that if he traded a pitcher it would be for young quality arms but yet people still come up with trades for position players.
  4. Leagalize13

    Would you trade Buehrle for Andruw Jones ?

    NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! If we trade pitching we DAMN well better get pitching in return. If we dont no we have BMc moved to the 4th spot in his first full season as a starter and the 5th spot would end up to who? Haegar/ Floyd? Is it necessary to add a big bat to a teamthat is already powerful? NO. PITCHING, PITCHING and more PITCHING!
  5. Leagalize13

    My Speculation: Trade with Yankees?

    QUOTE(rangercal @ Dec 15, 2006 -> 02:54 AM) everyone from dpbl knows that hughes will have a 25-4 record come 2014. I think it's a good deal for the sox. That would be a phenominal deal for the Sox. It's a shame theres no chance in hell that it happens.
  6. Leagalize13

    Top Ten teams of All-Time

    QUOTE(whitesox1976 @ Dec 14, 2006 -> 05:26 PM) I agree with your list 100%, but let me make one correction. The 1917 White Sox didn't throw the World Series, they won the series. They were the last Sox World Champions till 2005 came along. It was the 1919 team that was the Black Sox team that threw the World Series. I'm not trying to critical in any way but just wanted to point out the error. you beat me to it.
  7. Leagalize13

    My Speculation: Trade with Yankees?

    Yeah, the Spankies love Hughs so much that I'd doubt they would him trade straight-up for JG. The kid is only 20 and tearing up the minors. With a good season in AAA he will probably be the 5th starter in 08. Cashman has already said he could get called up some time in 07. Thats how high they are on Hughes. I like the idea though and would make that trade in a second.
  8. Leagalize13

    Williams: Sox not cutting payroll

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Dec 14, 2006 -> 10:26 AM) Pretty much its been a one to one relationship with how profits have turned and how the payroll has turned. As Mike has shown in years past, pretty much you can look at the Forbes report and say that whatever the profit has been, you can see payroll increase at the same step. Anyone who thinks that this organization is cheap with a 100 million dollar payroll is a moron. And for those using the Garland example, just stop. That is called getting the most for your trade. What will bring you more back, a pitcher in their walk year, or a pitcher with 2 years on the contract. KW thinks he can get an impact pitcher that can front line our rotation with Garland he will ship him off. Plain and simple. And for the love of God its Jon Garland, not Cy Young. He is a durable 200 innning pitcher. Batters hit .294 against him, so lets stop like if we trade him we will be a 5th place team for 10 years. We as fans need to stop falling in love with the names on the back. Because there is no loyalty for the most part either way. FA's want to make the money, and the clubs want to keep a product on the field that can make them money. Why is this so hard for everyone to see. We get silly threads about players being selfish, or the owners being selfish. They are all selfish. Its called human nature. If the cubs would pay me 126 million dollars, as much as I hate them, I would put the hat on right now and smile for the camera. And laugh all the way to the bank later as I bought my Island in the pacific. Every thing you just said took the words right out of my mouth. Look at Texas, they signed ARod to that huge contract and got so desperate to get rid of him because he tied up so much payrole they couldnt field a competitive team around him. Now they are paying him 9M a year for the rest of his contract to wear a Yankee uni. Is that what some Sox fans around here want KW to get stuck with? One of many reasons I've had pride in being a Sox fan is that we (Sox fans) as a whole are far more intelligent than the idiot Cub fans. Some people around here seem to have the same mentality that Cub fans have and its sick. Wait and see when Soriano has enuff with the Cubs orginazation he will be demanding a trade and when he gets traded the Cubs will be eating his salary just like Texas. Is that what some the Sox fans around here want KW to get stuck with? Not me, I still have faith in whatever it is KW is doing. QUOTE(CanOfCorn @ Dec 14, 2006 -> 11:36 AM) Give me a f'rinstance. Lugo, no thanks. Abreu, he wouldn't come here to leadoff. Guillen, maybe, but doesn't solve our leadoff problem. With the way these contracts are, $10 million for Garcia is a drop in the bucket. This wasn't a White Flag trade. It was a, "we aren't going to be able to re-sign all of these guys" trade. I mean, c'mon, we haven't even signed Cintron or Crede yet and they are going to get raises. Do we REALLY want to be the Red Sox, Yankees or Mets? I don't.
  9. Leagalize13

    Garland bizarre list

    QUOTE(klaus kinski @ Dec 13, 2006 -> 03:12 PM) The only thing worse than reading a bad post (and yours arent) Is reading someone complaining about a post Exactly.
  10. Leagalize13

    Sox offer arbitration to Crede & Cintron

    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ Dec 13, 2006 -> 01:16 PM) The fact that Juan dropped Boras as his agent and then signed an extension with the Sox shows that he cared more about playing here than making more money. And yet, Joe Crede still has Boras as his agent...and some people still believe Crede when he says he won't let his agent get in the way of re-signing with the Sox. Oh come on, theres a logical explination for that. Crede is full of s***!
  11. Leagalize13

    Garland bizarre list

    If we did trade Jon we could probably sign MB to an extension. Im sure Jon still gets all over Mark about that HR.
  12. Leagalize13


    QUOTE(WHITESOXRANDY @ Dec 13, 2006 -> 11:16 AM) There's no way that kenny would do this. This is not the Devil Rays. We are not rebuilding. Kendrick could probably provide equal offense to Iguchi this year but he won't turn the double play as good so that will hurt. And, Wood is probably 2-3 years away from being a quality major league SS. So, for 2007 we would have no shortstop and only 4 starting pitchers. We could compete with KC for the basement in our division. Not to mention, why the the hell would we trade pitching without getting some back in return. How do we know these cant miss prospects work out and like you said we are not rebuilding. If we were rebuilding than we would probably send a power hitter or two to LAA since they are desperate to give Vlady protection in the lineup.
  13. Leagalize13


    QUOTE(CanOfCorn @ Dec 12, 2006 -> 09:57 PM) 2 out of 3 proctologists prefer Astroglide... I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. Not that theres anything wrong with it.
  14. Leagalize13


    QUOTE(kwill @ Dec 12, 2006 -> 08:47 PM) They have swung and missed twice and i think they need some starting pitching. how about howie kendrik, and brandon wood for uribe, iguchi and garland. Sounds like a deal. You wouldnt happen to be an Angels fan would you? I dont know of any Sox fans that would trade a proven #3-4 starting pitcher along with 2 solid position players for 2 would be prospects. Ive heard alot of great things about both prospects but come on. Now if you add Sheieds and Santana to go with Kendrick, Wood and the K-Y, I think this deal could happen.
  15. Leagalize13


    Revised trade: Wood, Kendrick and a tube of K-Y and you could be onto something.