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  1. Queen Prawn

    How can anyone...

    QUOTE (TheBigHurt @ Sep 5, 2010 -> 11:22 PM) So after all these posts .... You still won't address the point I'm making. At this point it's probably best to agree to disagree and let it go. It's less painful that way.
  2. Queen Prawn

    September Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (Chet Kincaid @ Sep 5, 2010 -> 06:05 PM) What a chicken s*** call by the 3rd base ump that cost the rangers a comeback win against the twins. Firstly I will say that I haven't seen the actual play. But when the Twins own thirdbaseman actually says no, it didn't help him get back to third and the one quote of the rules states it must help the player (it could have been a misquote not saying the quote I saw of the rule is accurate) it sounds heinous to me dude.
  3. Queen Prawn

    The Manram Thread

    QUOTE (TheBigHurt @ Sep 5, 2010 -> 10:58 PM) Can't believe we've only gained a half game since then. Ugh. Let's just keep winning is all I can say. I can't either. I was so happy and so disappointed at the same time when I left church this afternoon. First thing I see is the Sox win ( ) next I see the Twins win on a questionable call ( ).
  4. Queen Prawn

    Catch All Anything Thread

    We finally ordered the fridge and oven we need (oven is 16 years old and possessed whereas the fridge is just old and nasty). It's supposed to be delivered Tuesday but that depends on the time frame they give us as my husband has to be gone by 1 for work. Here's hoping they both arrive on Tuesday and work lol!
  5. Queen Prawn

    Announcing the arrival...

    Congrats both of you!
  6. Queen Prawn

    Sox @ Indians

    QUOTE (TheBigHurt @ Aug 30, 2010 -> 09:55 PM) Post of the night. Seconded
  7. Queen Prawn

    Sox @ Indians

    QUOTE (TheBigHurt @ Aug 30, 2010 -> 09:26 PM) I understand, but... do we really want Linebrink out to try and close? Honestly, I dunno. Maybe he only gives up two, maybe he doesn't. I guess it is the devil you know vs the devil you don't situation?
  8. Queen Prawn

    Sox @ Indians

    I want to know why Guillen insists on leaving Jenks out there when he either doesn't have it or have anything left. What is he trying to prove?
  9. Queen Prawn

    Coach Tex

    That is cool Tex! My cross country coach in HS was a big inspiration to me, not just running but life in general.
  10. Queen Prawn

    8/12 White Sox vs Twins

    QUOTE (knightni @ Aug 12, 2010 -> 09:18 PM) GODDAMNIT!!! CMON YOU GUYS! What he said.
  11. Queen Prawn

    Game Thread 8/10: MIN v CWS, 7:10pm

    Why do the Sox always wet the bed when they play the Twins? Or is this the Sox coming back to earth?
  12. Queen Prawn

    Game Thread 8/10: MIN v CWS, 7:10pm

    WTF is the deal with this team all of a sudden?!
  13. Queen Prawn

    Game Thread 8/10: MIN v CWS, 7:10pm

    I haven't mentioned it lately, but I really hate the freaking Twinkies.
  14. Queen Prawn

    Game Thread 8/10: MIN v CWS, 7:10pm

    C'mon Oz, be a manager instead of an observer tonight.
  15. Queen Prawn

    Soxtalk Pets

    QUOTE (lostfan @ Jun 19, 2009 -> 09:16 AM) The only thing that really terrifies her anymore is thunder. Thunder and fireworks get Pooka every time. That and Spanky the dog from down the street lol.